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Hi I'm confused why would Sony lousy 10 bucks ear pieces sound so much louder and fanciful than my SGD 400 ath esw9? I really love my esw9 but not sure if its my Xiaomi phone that's unable to drive it well.Tried other phones need to turn up the volume too. I know Sony a25 has a good soundstage. Then what phones should I pair with? My dilemma is not sure to buy a new esw9 or aim for something better. Esw9 sounds very compressed n soft at noisy places. Anybody knows the contrast with senn momentum or HD25? Well momentum here is cheap. Amperior at high ends are very painful to the ears. I need something that plays loud and clear like senn but colourful as in soundstage or details like Sony or AT.

Trying my ESW9 on laptop....sound quality seems pretty okay. Dropped it and abused it multiple times....not sure if this will cause harm to the ESw9.
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