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rockstarz 12-02-2008 09:04 PM

MO / Group purchases NOT allowed
Dear Members,
Due to the ongoing waves of high potential risk and suspicious activities revolving Mass Order threads. Please be informed that with effect from 6th February 2008, New Mass Order threads are NOT allowed to be created in the MarketPlace Classified/Garage Sales and associated sub-forums.

All existing Mass Order threads will be moved to this Mass Order Sub-Forum with effect from 6th February 2008. Existing members whom are involved in any Mass-Order will still be able to post a reply and contact the MO organiser as per normal.

Q: What will happen to my orders in one of the existing MO thread?
A: The thread will be moved to the MO Sub-Forum which will allow the orders to be fulfilled and concluded before it will be closed. If you are involved in the MO, you are still able to discuss and reply in the thread.

Q: From 6th February 2008, I will not be able to create a new MO thread anymore?
A: Yes, no new MO thread/s will be permitted in the MarketPlace Classified/Garage Sales and associated sub-forums with effect from 6th February.

Q: Does this involve only Technology products such as computer components, gaming consoles and accessories? Or it appicable to all products of various platforms.
A: The new changes is applicable for all products of all platforms. All existing Marketplace/Garage Sales threads will also be monitored.

Q: What will happen to a thread that created on or after 6th February in the Marketplace Forum with intention to organise a mass order related activity?
A: Any new threads that suggest a collective effort to sell/buy mass quantity of product/s will be considered as a mass order. They will be closed without prior notice.

Q: I'm an existing MO organiser with an existing thread (created before 6th February) that is not moved to the MO Forum, what should I do?
A: If your existing thread is created before 6th February, kindly inform any adminstrator or Moderator to move your thread to the MO Forum.

flapdoodle 22-06-2008 12:11 PM

All posts that have advertising and promotion content nature ARE NOT allowed with the forums. They will be removed with prior warning by our Moderators.

Repeated offence by any member will be deemed as an act of purpose violation of our Terms of Use and www.hardwarezone.comŽ reserves the right to ban offenders from using this forums without prior notice.

www.hardwarezone.comŽ aims to build a knowledge base of valuable information contributed by our community.

Parties who are interested in reaching out to our community should contact our media sales. Our media sales executives will be most happy to craft out an effective marketing campaign best suited for your needs.

You may send in your advertising enquiries at the below mentioned URL.


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