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Better FC from 95?

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My car is rated for 98 gas, when I just bought I pump 95 but after like 2 months I switch to 98. When I was on 95 my FC was 13.5km/l on average however when I switched to 98 my FC was 12.6km/l.

I drive a stick shift but don't have a heavy right foot. I seldom zua my car. Is it suppose to be liddat or...

If I decarbon will I get better FC?
Not that $50 decarbon **** again?
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try to drive more with 98. your ecu need time to relearn.
if you want it relearn faster then reset the ecu (you can unplug the battery cable for 5min)
when relearning don't WOT, you need to drive in "open loop" in order for the ecu to learn
This is more or less the correct hypothesis.

When TS car is 'spec' to use Ron 98, but go pumping Ron 95, over time, the ECU can't use temporarily measure to prevent knocking but will apply permanent bad fuel map (super rich AFR,) and super retarded timing ignition.

Overall effect is to reduce the power of the car in other to safeguard the engine due to inadequate fuel is used. Transforming more power from fuel through AFR (air fuel ratio) optimization to control burn rate and ignition timing to spark to control best position of crank shalf to generate higher torque.

Back to topic.

The ECU is not super smart, it is deploying a counter to record engine running condition, after counter recorded enough counts over time then the ECU will assume it is now sure good fuel condition and start restoring the good fuel map used and overall restoring good engine power.

The more power is deployed, The lower FC it will be... Energy is not created, it is from your fuel.

Indeed when a car is stuck at protection mode, you will see much worst FC under same petrol grade.

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i also feel that 95 cover more distance than 98
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