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exent 17-11-2017 01:25 AM

Just Dance 2018 - PS4 JDU subscription

A question to anyone who knows the answer, I main a US PSN account on my PS4, and have Asia/Sg PSN with some bought games as well.

I recently bought Just Dance 2018 from local stores, Region 3. It somes with JDU 3 months subscription, but apparently it's not in a code or anything and supposedly will auto subscribe when I play the game.

Of course, since my main account is US PSN and I intend to use that account to play, how will this JDU subscription thing work? Will I lose the subscription upon entering in a wrong region? Should I perhaps log into my Asia PSN account first and after it is succesfully activated then I log into my US account to play? I believe if I do it this way the subscription won't carry over..

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