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tremor 14-12-2018 10:38 AM

Nintendo Switch thread
Since there are many repeated questions asked in this thread, I decided to insert an FAQ here. Please send me a PM if you have Q&A that you will like to post here to help other new players.

1. How come it shows "Nintendo eShop is not currently available in your country. Thank you for your interest in Nintendo eShop." when I try to visit eshop on my switch.
A: eshop is tied to your Nintendo account. Change your Nintendo account country to one of the following to visit eshop, you can change unlimited number of times as long as you do not have credit balance in your account. https://accounts.nintendo.com/ Japan, U.S., Canada, Mexico and Australia are a few of the more popular shops depending on the prices of the games.

tremor 14-12-2018 10:38 AM

Reserved for updates.

hwzadmin 14-12-2018 10:38 AM

This is a continuation thread, the old thread is here

RocketBunny 14-12-2018 10:38 AM


Originally Posted by Sainté (Post 118096880)
Anyone knows if Xiaomi 10k Pro powerbank can charge the Switch while 1) sleeping or 2) gaming mode?

No pd no talk

RocketBunny 14-12-2018 10:39 AM

In first page :eek: :s12:

dominicwor2 14-12-2018 10:40 AM

In first page :s12:

mamboeidos 14-12-2018 10:43 AM

n no one bother to sinpe hahaha

runforyourlife 14-12-2018 10:47 AM

Dio hoot lol. Sorry I really dunno odyssey fun not haha.

Game of e year I vote xenoblade!!!

couscous 14-12-2018 11:00 AM

in first page!!

Sent from kthxbye using GAGT

Kitaro9202 14-12-2018 11:07 AM


Might be wols

HexenHeretic 14-12-2018 11:18 AM

subscribe in page 1!!

sumantochong 14-12-2018 11:30 AM

Whah! Part 3 Liao! Switch rocks!

storm913 14-12-2018 12:07 PM

Wow, so fast part 3

Runez 14-12-2018 12:08 PM

keep it going! :s12:

Elysium87 14-12-2018 12:43 PM


Originally Posted by Kitaro9202 (Post 118099062)

can't really believe that ppl are that stupid

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