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PS vita cartridge games help

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Old 04-01-2017, 07:47 PM   #1
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PS vita cartridge games help

Hi everyone,

I just bought a PS vita at Gamewerks Clementi. However i realise tt the PS vita physical games they have on the shelf is kinda limited, with some 2nd hand games. Then i went back to jurong point TOG they have very little PS vita games also. Lastly i went to Mega multimedia. They have slightly more games than TOG but they are priced higher, am surprised as MM is retailer of PS singapore.

Is there any shops selling more complete range titles of PS vita cartridge games and cheaper than MM? Or do i have to resort to getting US psn for digital download? Complete title like COD, dragonball z, dynasty warrior etc.

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You can check out play-e at clementi mall (they used to be called zepygames), play-e probably is the most complete one cause they consist of a bunch of previously independent stores combined. Price wise they may not be the cheapest, qisahn should still be the cheapest around.
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Old 04-01-2017, 09:24 PM   #3
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Are you the same person who asked about Vita before?

Ya that's why we asked you to check out local game shops first to see what physical games they have, cos typically they don't stock a lot. There are a few other shops you can check, like Qisahn. Alternatives are importing them yourself from Play Asia (nowadays price not attractive, since no more free shipping) or some of the UK merchants (see the first 2 posts of Game Deals thread for links). And of cos Amazon, which is often quite cheap for older titles, but it's best if you accumulate enough titles to buy together in single order >usd 125 for the free shipping.

Region code doesn't really matter when it comes to physical card games for Vita, so no worries whether you play using SG or US account, and what region the card is. So just get from whichever source (US, UK, HK merchants) that's cheapest. Some exceptions though:

- If you want to buy DLC then your account in the Vita (the one playing the game) must match the region of the game card.

- If you intend to utilise cross-save, then the regions must match. (ie. you have vita version and ps4/ps3 ver of the same game that supports cross-save, meaning you can play on vita when outside, then transfer the save file to ps4 vers and continue on big screen at home, and vice versa).

Whether to go physical or digital really depends on you - whether you can afford the expense of buying new games at full price or prefer to sell after playing to get back some money, whether you want to play Chinese/Japanese games, etc. Can certainly do both. If physical is cheaper, buy that. If digital ver is cheaper, go with that.

Personally I don't buy games on day 1, especially vita games. So I go digital and only buy when there is a good sale; by that time cannot find physical any more anyway. Or I wait and accumulate us$125 and get from amazon (like i did last black friday).

btw, COD only has 1 vita game and that was years ago, probably shldnt get that.
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Old 04-01-2017, 09:27 PM   #4
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true is...vita is fading. No more 1st tier publisher making games... right now is mostly indy titles or those jrpg translated games.

Vita end days are very very near already.
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Old 04-01-2017, 10:18 PM   #5
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Yes because of the limited games in those shops i visited, i didnt buy any. I came back and started my console with a US psn account. Not an easy decision as its my first time. Does TOG sell PS vita memory card? Because if i go digital i have to buy that as well.

So,range wise of the physical games, play-e or qisahn is more complete?
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Old 04-01-2017, 10:28 PM   #6
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Thanks everyone, I have decided to go digital with my US psn account
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