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Coolstyle 13-01-2007 05:50 PM

Corbell Product Warranty Policy
Updated info on our product line, warranty policy and some general information. :)

Mainboards : 3 Years Limited Warranty
Graphic Cards : 3 Years Limited Warranty

Note : MSI Notebook, All-in-One, Cubi and Barebones warranty are not under us, please approach :
No. 6, Harper Road, #02-01
Leong Huat Building, Singapore 369674 (next to Tai Seng MRT)
Tel: 6281-1933

X-Series Gold : 5 Years Warranty
*X-Series purchased from Nov'2011 onwards are 7 years warranty.*
SS-500ET(80+ Bronze) : 3 Years Warranty
M12D 750/850 : 5 Years Warranty
M12II 520/620 : 5 Years Warranty
S12II 620 : 5 Years Warranty
X-Series 650/750 (old) : 5 Years Warranty
X-Series Fanless 400/460/560 : 5 Years Warranty

Memory Modules : Lifetime Warranty***
SSD(Solid state drives) : 3 Years Warranty

Gaming Accessories : 1 Year Warranty

Casing : 1 Year Warranty

Casing : 1 Year Warranty
Cooler : 1 Year Warranty
XCP Power Supply : 2 Years Warranty
Tauro Power Supply : 3 Years Warranty
Vector Power Supply : 5 Years Warranty

All Products : 1 Year Warranty

Lian Li
Casing : 1 Year Warranty

SSD : 3 Years Warranty

AOC Monitor
All 3 Years Warranty

Service Center :
R-Logic International Pte Ltd
3, Ubi Avenue 3
#04-01, Crocodile House
Singapore 408857
Tel: 6286 7333

Notebook Adapter : 3 Years Warranty
M88/M8 series : 5 Years Warranty
E2 400W/450W : 5 Years Warranty
E2 350W : 2 Years Warranty
PS2 Series : 2 Years Warranty
iPower & LCD Series : 3 Years Warranty
MATX PSU : 1 Year Warranty

Memory Modules : Lifetime Warranty***
SSD(Solid state drives) : 2 Years Warranty

Parallel ATA Series RAID Controller Card : 1 Year Warranty
Serial ATA Series RAID Controller Card : 2 Years Warranty

*1-1 Replacement subjected to buffer stock availability and physical condition.
**Warranty covers cooling fan. Any other claims will be based on case to case basis.
***Refers to product limited lifetime warranty.

To ensure that you are buying genuine and high quality products & brands represented by Corbell, backed by fast and prompt and good after-sales services, please buy only from our Authorised Dealers and insist on Corbell's warranty cards or spot our warranty sticker on the product within your retail package.

Below are some pics of how our warranty stickers look like :


*Do make sure to double check with your retailer/e-tailer before purchasing.:)
Sometimes, there are certain items which are carried by multiple distributors/traders.
Hence, there might be some confusion. Those items are not warrantied by us. Please take note.

cherryboom 04-02-2008 10:05 PM

how abt acryan fans any warranty???

GH865 06-02-2008 02:13 AM

i have a msi 945p neo2-f mobo (with CT sticker)
May i know wad are the procedures for rma?

_Zahn_ 20-02-2008 10:53 AM

Possible to update this thread, please? :o

Corsair PSU also under Corbell, yes? :s11:

hjx 15-05-2008 02:30 AM

er so no warranty but with the warranty card or the warranty stickers on the products can le la ... is it ??

hjx 30-06-2008 06:37 PM


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u post this for what ??

marcoyeo 28-08-2008 11:30 AM

how abt Antec Earthwatts? A3Q appied?

TrueBeliever_jh 04-10-2008 07:55 PM


if my warranty card got no stamp seal from the shop i bought from.. how ah?:s11:
can i jus mail out the warranty card or i should get the shop to stamp it for mi.. sibei mafan leh:s27:

coloumbiaGames 04-10-2008 07:56 PM

they don't need ur Warranty card /w stamp

as long ur item is with the corbell sticker and ur reciept is keep safe ( in case )

can liao :)

TrueBeliever_jh 04-10-2008 08:22 PM


Originally Posted by coloumbiaGames (Post 32794515)
they don't need ur Warranty card /w stamp

as long ur item is with the corbell sticker and ur reciept is keep safe ( in case )

can liao :)

good thanx.

jhaozz 11-10-2008 10:40 AM

RMA my HX1000w since 20/08/08 and still waitin...is this way too long?

correct mi if this is the wrong thread for this question. thx!

leonaheidern 12-10-2008 12:15 PM

Hi I bought my ACRyan Play on DVR from Carrefour Plaza Singapura.

It did not come with a warranty card or have any sticker outside the box with Corbell's Logo on it.

May I know how many years warranty it has?

Thank you

larrylaw5 18-10-2008 07:30 PM

would like to ask if i cut off the sleeve from thermaltake toughpower, and resleeve again, will that void warranty?

reddevil0728 18-10-2008 08:54 PM


Originally Posted by larrylaw5 (Post 33111311)
would like to ask if i cut off the sleeve from thermaltake toughpower, and resleeve again, will that void warranty?

usually ppl sleeve over... by removing the original sleeve u voiding the warranty

larrylaw5 19-10-2008 11:24 AM


Originally Posted by reddevil0728 (Post 33113217)
usually ppl sleeve over... by removing the original sleeve u voiding the warranty

haha i trying to sleeve individual wires.. not going to sleeve the whole bunch together.
like bianco over at VR

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