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Don't think so because he is no longer with URA
He could have left the govt still can adopt his idea.

Singapore is more than 5 million now. It is still going on to take in more.

More foreigners here benefit the incumbent.
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He could have left the govt still can adopt his idea.

Singapore is more than 5 million now. It is still going on to take in more.

More foreigners here benefit the incumbent.
How to sustain...
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How to sustain...
Don't know. The despotic regime not doing adequately.
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If the opposition dont win more seats this election. There will be even more PMET FT coming to spore. My sister whom is working in MOM say the rate at which foreigners coming to spore is scary. Even she herself also pekcek. FT PMETs coming to spore is now earning 18k per month for their starting pay. Not exaggerating especially those angmo. Some of their landed property are partially paid by govt while sinkies like us still struggle to pay hdb.
This is the reason why the PAP MUST be halted in their steps.

Don't be hoodwinked by the PAP that FTs are needed because Singaporeans don't have the talent or skill-sets.

Had LHL allowed more Singaporeans to be trained instead of instant-importing of FTs 13 years ago in 2004, more Singaporeans could have been occupying those $18k per month positions TODAY and more younger Singaporeans could be trained.

The story will repeat for your children 20 years down the road if this current LHL's Administration is not dealt with a reality check at the polls soon.....

Think a lot of Singaporeans are still ignorant of the actual ground situation.

First, FTs on employment passes (EP-pass) earning more than $3,600 per month are not subjected to quota. That's why some firms when you walk in, can only see 100% FTs.

Second, the FT recruit their own FTs situation in Singapore now is endemic, especially in MNCs firms with good skills training and career prospects, where Singaporeans get slim or no chance to get in because MoM almost always approve the FTs' ep-passes application within 7 days!

Even those rejected ones on the surface will still get the Ep-pass approved after ONE appeal, by justifying that they had been looking for Singaporeans in the WDA Job Bank and no good-fit Singaporeans could be found.

Third, Singapore is not with ZERO jobs today.

Just take a look at the WDA Job Banks, there are close to 69,000 vacancies in there everyday - all waiting for the 14 days 'advertisement period' to 'expire' before the companies are eligible to apply for an employment pass for their internally decided FTs.

And these are only for mid-paying jobs less than $12,000 per month.


Many $12,001 and above jobs go to FTs without even Singaporeans being able to see it on the WDA Job Bank.

The cost of operating has been so high... mainly due to commercial rent....

so the only other way to keep costs down is to hire for cheaper....

until the gahmen decides to eat the humble pie and stop operating like a company then the citizens will have hope...

if not... gd luck with the exit strategy
It's a myth that FTs are cheap and they are needed to keep Singapore's economy competitive.

Many $12,001 per month and above jobs go to FTs without even Singaporeans being able to see it on the WDA Job Bank.

Let me give you a few examples I know of my FT classmates, associates and acquaintance that had their EP-pass approved over the last 12 months.

- 34 y.o. Korean, Financial Accounts Manager (VP-title) @ MNC Bank (only bulge bracket with its Asia-Pacific HQ in Singapore) doing Nostro Reconciliation - $13,000 per month.

- 32 y.o. PRC, Ship Broker @ Scandinavian Shipbroking firm, doing shipbroking and ops functions - $14,000 salary + $2,500 housing allowance per month.

- 36 y.o. European, Chartering Manager @ Trading House - $18,000 salary + $6,000 housing allowance per month.

- 33 y.o. European, Regional Marketing Manager @ MNC Commodity Firm, overseeing a few regional markets of which he cannot even speak the languages. - $24,000 per month.

- 28 y.o. American, Consultant @ Big 4 Accounting Firm - USD$9,000 salary + USD$3,500 housing allowance per month.

- 31 y.o. Korean, Marketing Manager @ American Card Payment Firm, doing a brands marketing role - $15,000 salary per month.

- 30 y.o. Australian, Management Consultant @ MBB - $17,000 salary per month.

Counsel sought a fine or a community-based sentencing and said his client's employers have plans to relocate him to Singapore after the birth of his firstborn in April. A jail sentence would throw his young family into a state of disarray, resulting in dire consequences, he said.

so drama, why he punch that time never think like that? maybe even cause taxi unkle die or disabled more dire

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Many mgmt jobs have gone to foreigners. You mean no locals want to do in such jobs and have no capacity for such jobs ?
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actually why does the Govt wants SG workforce to be flooded so immensely by FTs? how does it benefit the govt, i dun understand.

once i had a heated debate with a female fren over this. she is those typical
brainless SG chick who only knows how to support pap.

i ask her do u agree there is an overwhelming number of foreigners in SG and many of them appears to be grossly overpaid, living luxuriously and doing jobs which i believe many S'poreans are capable of doing.

she agrees there is a problem. then i ask her, do u know why the govt is doing this. she say she dunno what is the reason... but since the govt wants to do it, then it must be correct. she say the govt is made up of clever and capable people... so anything they do there must be a brilliant reason behind it. so even though we dunno what's the reason, we shld still believe and support everything the govt do

i just sip finish my coffee, muttered a curse under my breathe and told her i going off to have dinner, chat again next time
Hahaha, let me attempt to craft the rebuttal for your next coffee session with her.

First, why LHL's administration allowed high-paying FTs to replace equally capable or even more capable Singaporeans unchecked?

You should reframe the question in your mind and you will have the answer very clearly.

To the LHL's administration, it DOES NOT matter if it's a Singaporean or FT who is working in that highly paid MNC job. If it pays say $240,000 per annum, the LHL's administration will still get that $28,750 in income tax, regardless.

Better still the FTs get that job!

The Singaporean he replaced can be the Uber/Grab driver to fetch the FT around. Temasek gets a return from their Grab investment and LTA gets revenue from COEs. And goods and services consumed get to pay GST.

Then when this FT needs an underling, Analyst/Associate; he or she can easily gets one of their own FTs into Singapore since the LHL's Administration does not impose any limitation. And IRAS still get a tax of $3,350 from the young FT's $80,000 per annum salary.

And the Singaporean fresh graduate who cannot get the opportunity to get into the MNC for apprenticeship for his/her future career training gets to become the Food Panda delivery boy/girl to meet the FTs' dietary needs.

So even in this simple illustration, you should get the drift.

In the short-term, it doesn't matter to the LHL's Administration who - a Singaporean or an FT - is paying the tax to the IRAS as long as the amount is received.

With this understanding now, can you now think about the FUTURE issues that may arise in Singapore and to Singaporeans 5, 10, 25, 50 years down the road?
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Dear fellow comrades,

I would like to seek all of your help to register on Glassdoor and add a 1 STAR review on my current company HYDROGEN GROUP SINGAPORE. Once 1 STAR review is successfully uploaded, PM ME AND I WILL TRANSFER $5 for every successful review uploaded.

On my belt I have more than 10 years of working experience in Singapore and this is probably the most ****ed up company I’ve came across throughout. I witnessed how management of the company goes around harassing employees and showed utmost disrespect to Singaporeans/Asians. They are lead by a group of English lads who thinks that they are the king in Singapore and all Asians better bow down to them. I personally witnessed so many people being asked to leave without warnings or reasons. Some of these people were surprised about the decision and they have to scramble to look for another job because of their work visa. Some even had problems putting food on the table/pay for rent commitments after unfair dismissal.

Though it’s ****ed up, but frankly the location is rather convenient. The consultants there are generally kind and friendly.

I have prepared some comments for you guys to just cut and paste so you don’t have to think of what to write. By the way, the comments below are 100% true to my bloody bones.

Had to deal with inappropriate behaviors and comments from TOP management in Singapore Office. Usually towards female colleagues who are slightly better looking or Asians. Feeling harassed yet no proper channel to highlight incident.

Everyone in the company has the same KPI for promotion. People with 10 years of experience has the same sales target with people with just 2 years.

Recently people are asked to leave the business without any warnings nor valid reasons. Team and personal incentives promised were not delivered. Team moral at all time low.


The management team in Singapore which I was exposed to is disappointing. During my stay in the Singapore Office, I was gutted by how a great company were being lead by a bunch of white men who take things into their own hands. Management showed little respect to Asians. I even witnessed multiple occasions of harassing and bullying. And recently, I witnessed someone with good billings being asked to leave the company without any prior warnings. Minimum guidance or support showed by management. No HR in Singapore office to voice displeasure.

Head office have no clue on how Singapore team is managed.


Cut throat boiler room environment in Singapore
Ladish men’s club (Top Management) usually belittle women and borderline sexual harassment.
Constantly lying to clients and candidates.
No punishment to managers who makes mistakes.
KPIs are set for show, people got asked to leave despite performance and good attitude.

Please ensure 0 tolerance on harassment. Your managers are animals.


Top management has no buy-in from the employees. CEO doesn’t care about the Singapore Office at all. Singapore Office is managed very poorly, verticals are not properly defined. Net Fee Income reports and Commission payouts are always inaccurate. Management showed very poor leadership, all the billers are gone. Almost the entire team is new, very high turnover. Surely not a place I will work for again.


Hydrogen Group has shady beautiful hires who doesn’t have relevant experience for the job (eg. Hired a model in HK for contractor care who can’t speak Cantonese?) So damn obvious she will be hired so they have someone new to harass. Quite a depressing environment to work in. People are fired without a professional reason and moral was low in Singapore Office. Top management openly hates the smell of hawker food in the office and yet will be unhappy if their employees eat out. Ruthless place with disrespect for females and openly making inappropriate sexual comments.


Average base salary for locals. Expats will always get a big fat paycheck. Very UK centric workplace environment and if you are an Asian, you will never rise up the ranks. There are no Asian leaders in the company and minimal efforts to embrace Asian culture. Just because they usually will have salads and it doesn’t give out any smell, they openly making “vomit” noises whenever Asians are having their lunch at their desk because of the smell. Absolutely disgusting lad culture.


Complaints made to managers are always buried and ignored. Managers had the tendencies to piggyback on the success of their consultants. One manager even shamelessly fight for splits when she had did nothing during the process, outright stealing NFI from consultants and management approves. I had friends who had commented their feedback during the exit interviews, but my guess is that Manager holds the authority to cover any bad comments from Head Office.


Only doing this to warn people who is joining Hydrogen Group. Company is managed by a group of English men who takes things into their own hands because they are in the company long enough and they know how to cover their tracks. Verbal sexual harassment is common on the sales floor. People can be asked to leave without a valid reason. Witnessed multiple cases of backstabbing amongst colleagues and managers. Poisonous culture. I served 3 years in Hydrogen Group and I feel that we are having a very immature management.


I am an active employee in Hydrogen Group Singapore. It is a pity to see a great company like Hydrogen Group evolve to who they become today. The promise of effective managing has diluted along with time and leadership team seems to be having fun rather than building the business. Senior managers are working on permanent deals despite that their focus should only be on contracts. The team’s moral running low because a colleague was made to leave despite having good attitude towards work and good billings. Till today people in the company are still unclear of this decision and it has caused much insecurity within the team. As those who had worked with successful teams will know, the sense of being in an effective dynamic unit is a rewarding one. But unfortunately you will never get to experience it in Hydrogen Group Singapore.


There are a lot of industry best practices that were missing from Hydrogen Group Singapore. Formal training is minimal which makes it very hard for fresh graduates to succeed in the business and hence, the manager is extremely important. Unfortunately, they are just a bunch of animals who are bias, subjective and a fan of office politics. Guns are commonly pointing at one another instead of their competitors. Join at your own risk.


Wrong people are put on leadership roles. There is also a real culture of bootlicking in order to stay in the business. Any issues raised were simply brushed under the carpet. Didn’t have a concrete direction for the company and team moral at all time low. People are ask to leave without a reason leaving them scrambling for new jobs.


There is a disconnect between the management team and the consultants. They have no idea about the real reasons why people are leaving the business and will always look to blame external conditions other then themselves. There is a big push of contract recruitment but they are without proper recruitment strategy and managers being a big fan of politics, it just makes things worse. People will be more successful elsewhere.


In desperate need of management training. Management has very poor people management skills. No avenue to resolve conflicts between consultants. Harassment is a common thing in the company, usually towards female colleagues. People are asked to leave without reasons. Team moral is very low now. As those who had worked with successful teams will know, the sense of being in an effective dynamic unit is a rewarding one. But unfortunately you will never get to experience it in Hydrogen Group Singapore.

I have said these in Singapore before.

Seemed like after EIGHT years things in the SG LABOUR MARKET are still the same or even getting worse after 15 years of LHL's FT-policy.

The adage, "you have made your bed, now lie in it" sounds ever so right NOW as it was 8 years ago.

At the high rate these low-ability, low-quality and low-productivity FTs are flooding Singapore, it's a matter of time Singapore's economic growth will be affected, or has it already?

Was recently back in Singapore after being based overseas for many years. Chanced upon and subscribed to the EDMW forum when I was abroad and read many rants about the Government's 'Foreign Talent' policies.

Felt then that people were complaining for the sake of complaining. Could not reconcile with all the anger and frustration until I landed back in my beloved Singapore. The online scenario painted by many an exasperated netizens held much truth.

Everywhere on the island is now much more crowded than before. Uncouth and anti-social behaviours by foreigners are more evident. The general level of cleanliness around the city has also dropped. General service standard and productivity have also dropped noticeably.

Beyond the physical deterioration, I have also observed a disturbing trend emerging. Singaporeans are being pushed out of the labour market by unfair practices across all job-levels. Blue-collared workers have their wages depressed and in some cases, even employment denied because the foreigner foreman chose his own countrymen over a deserving Singaporean worker. Entry and mid-level white-collared workers are denied deserving job-promotions and career-advancement opportunities because of unfair advantages that their foreigners colleagues enjoyed.

Even top level executive-positions are not spared as foreigner bosses/HRs/CEOs choose to bring in their own kind and/or network instead of hiring/promoting a deserving and in many instances, better-qualified Singaporeans. Heard plenty of stories from friends and head-hunters. A large oil & gas firm bringing in foreigners to fill regional management positions that capable local Singaporean managers could and would want to do. A Swiss bank parachuting executives from Zurich and Geneva into Singapore to fill management roles yearned by the local employees because the market in Europe is depressing now. A French company choosing a 60-year old French citizen with a mediocre track-record ahead of a top-performing Singaporean in his mid-40s to be the regional CEO.

Having lived and worked in different global cities, I have seen my fair share of discrimination in the labour market. American banks and financial institutions on TARP not allowed to employ non-Americans, companies in Europe are incentivised to only employ EU citizens, international banks in Japan only employs Japanese natives and even fluent-Japanese speakers are denied the opportunity to interview, only native-Spanish speakers will ever be employed in Latin America etc. These discriminatory labour practices that favour the natives are not unexpected. Afterall, it's their country and their rules. But, seeing deserving Singaporeans being discriminated in his/her own country is really shocking to say the least.

Singapore has always made meritocracy as one of our main pillars for nation-building and progress. It's a real shame that this value is being eroded by the relentless influx of foreigners, who valued kinship and people of their own skin-colour more. The Government, with its liberal foreign employment policies, knowingly or otherwise, become the perfect accomplice. This even despite the massive outcry from the populace during the GE2011, that prompted the Prime Minister to apologize on national television no less.

Alas, words are not backed up by actions. Worse, hard figures published recently showed the contrary as more foreigners are allowed to work in Singapore in the past year since GE2011. In Leadership 101, what is worse than incompetency is insincerity and betrayal. It's no wonder that this current Government is losing its credibility and whatever residual goodwill that 60.1% of the populace has decided to give it a last-chance to redeem itself.

So herein, I lay down the challenge to all EDMWers. To stop being a keyboard warrior. Instead of ranting and complaining only online, take one step further to let fellow Singaporeans see the real challenges that the country is facing.

Ask fellow Singaporeans constructive questions to trigger their logical thought process:

- Government has always emphasized that we need more foreigners for the country to stay competitive and achieve higher GDP growth. Yes, the Singaporean economy has stayed very competitive globally and our GDP at US$56,532 per capita is the highest in the world, (US$5,300 more than second-placed Norway!) according The Wealth Report 2012. Several questions to ask. How have you personally benefitted from all these economic progress? And is this US$56,532 the median income for Singaporeans? If not, why is the Singaporean's median income at US$29,500 so much lesser than the mean GDP figure?

- Economic progress and high GDP growth have a very low correlation with the quality of life of the populace. So why does the Government keep on insisting on maintaining high GDP growth? Is the Government's raison d'ętre (reason for existence) to improve the people's quality of life or to achieve high GDP growth? Which is the mean and which is the end? So really who benefits from the high GDP growth?

- Government keeps on emphasizing that foreigners are needed to safekeep jobs for Singaporeans. Then why is that the case that 7 out of 10 jobs created in 2011 goes to a foreigner?

- Government keeps on saying that Singaporeans do not possess the necessary skill-sets for certain jobs that MNCs in Singapore need, so foreigners need to be imported. Ask the critical question that if we keep on importing foreigners, then how can Singaporeans ever be trained to have these skill-sets? And this argument become circular the next time round in the future. Since the MNCs do not take in and train local Singaporeans in these skill-sets, it'll forever use the lack of necessary skill-sets excuse to keep on demanding for the Government to allow more foreigners in.

- The official unemployment figure is 2%. How is this figure calculated? What is the under-employment figure for Singaporeans? What is the real cost to the nation of educating Singaporeans to such high international standards and have him/her under-employed because of unfair labour practice promulgated by foreigner bossess/HRs/CEOs?

- Why did the Government allowed in an addition of 1.5 million foreigners without adequate preparation of the transport and housing infrastructure? Complacency or incompetency? What's is the real cost to the country with such high housing cost? If people are spending a high proportion of their income on housing, the amount of disposable income left for other consumption and retirement planning would suffer. So what's the ultimate cost to the country in the long-term? And why is S$1.1 billion Singaporean tax-dollars used to increase the nation's bus capacity, subsidizing the 40% non-Singaporeans in the process?

- And the million dollar question (no puns intended). Have your life become better or worse off since the last GE?

There's an estimated 20,000 EDMWer and 200 weeks more to GE2016. If everyone of us were to share with a different fellow Singaporean these perspectives every week till the next election is called, we could in all reach out to 4,000,000 Singaporeans (not physically possible because there are only 3.285 million Singaporean). Given that there will be overlaps and that there will be Singaporeans who will not be convinced and/or converted; it will sure make a difference in shifting the 60.1% majority that the current Government scored in the last election.

So make the difference today. Take action, ask constructive questions, make your fellow Singaporeans think and be aware.

Finally, I would like to state for the record:

I am not xenophobic, I just love Singapore and Singaporeans more.
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No, asking is a sign of curiosity. You criticizing this is doing damage to the nation.

You're making the assumption that there are Sinkies to actually learn and do the work. I know someone whose company cannot find a Sinkie to operate a specific program. In the past year, they can only find guys from Myanmar to do it and they won't hire those. So, what happened is that the company has had to turn down projects.

And, when the crisis is over, you just bring those FTs back. Duh!
I am Singaporean and love Singapore more than any other country in this world, and, exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize its Administration or the lackthereof perpetually.

So you have just said that the Singaporeans, educated through our expensive, taxpayers' paid and world-class education are inferior or incapable compared to "guys from Myanmar"?

"when the crisis is over, you just bring those FTs back. Duh!" ==> This sound so wrong on so many counts.

With such mentality and comments, I bet you are not even Singaporean to start with....
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Many mgmt jobs have gone to foreigners. You mean no locals want to do in such jobs and have no capacity for such jobs ?
the irony is sometimes, singaporeans are the ones that do not want to step up to management roles thou. being individual contributor is easier and less stress. thou i would say many singaporeans are definitely qualified and have the capacity to take on upper management roles
Pray Eat Drink Live
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In 2012, there was a question asked by the opposition in the parliament to forced the LHL's Administration to reveal this piece of data.

The Ministerial answer should be captured in the Hansard.

Since then, this piece of information published in the Straits Times no less, in 2012 - that 38% of foreigners paid in excess of 50% of the income tax collected in Singapore - was scrubbed clean from ST's own websites.

Now, this piece of fact that foreigners in Singapore earned more income and paid more income tax in Singapore (than even the likes of DBS' Piyush Gupta) is only easily accessible in academic pieces from that era.

The LHL's Administration had not published this piece of information since their first mistake in 2012.

I have said this before; Singapore cannot have an economy consisting of 40% foreign labour who accounts for 55% of the income tax paid year-on-year.

Whilst, spin doctors under the LHL's Administration would declare proudly that HALF of Singaporeans DO NOT NEED to pay income taxes, it simply means 50% of Singaporeans are either jobless or earn less than S$20,000 per year (circa $1,700 per month).

Last checked, compared to a Singapore citizen, foreigners in Singapore do not need to pay any extra income tax given the same earning power, nor do foreigners need to pay any National Service / National Defence taxes on their income earned in Singapore.

Then why is it that foreigners in Singapore account for a much bigger percentage of the Singapore's total income taxes collected vis-a-vis local Singaporean income taxpayers?

So if foreigners are earning more than Singaporeans (since they are paying proportionately more income tax than Singapore citizens); do they also spend more of their disposable income in Singapore to create a bigger wealth-creation effect in the larger domestic economy?

Singaporeans as a whole need to think about the answers to such questions.
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