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4 More Important Shield Life plans for PAP gahmen to implement/ consider.

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4 More Important Shield Life plans for PAP gahmen to implement/ consider.

4 More Important Shield Life plans for PAP gahmen to implement/ consider.

If compulsory CareShield Life beginning at 30yrs https://www.straitstimes.com/singapo...ll-offer-wider isn't the straw that breaks the camel's back, then let me add 4 more options to the increasingly expanding list.
1) Skills Future Shield Life: to pay to reskill all those retrenched due to expiry of gahmen funding for foreign companies welcomed to set up shop in Singapore and expiry of gahmen funding schemes like innovation grants etc where foreign companies ship out machinery bought with such grants to operate elsewhere where cost is cheaper.

2) Public Transport Shield Life: to pay for public transport renewal after all funds have been exhausted from 'building ahead of demand' https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news...sport-10065898 and to provide for post retirement jobs for the many ex-SAF generals. Premature replacement of MRT trains is expected due to faked maintenance work being conducted resulting in failures ranging from train collisions to rain water flooding due to fake maintenance of sump drain evacuation pumps.

3) Insanity Shield Life. The lifetime risk of mental illness is very high. Both from the lack of freedom of expression either at the poll booth (GRC system of elections has all but eradicated opportunities for by-elections by at least 90%) as well as high stress work environment. Woodbridge hospital already has 2000 beds https://www.imh.com.sg/page.aspx?id=116 which are likely to overflow with increasing demand so 'prefunding' towards mushrooming new mental asylums in every district in Singapore should be in the works. A compulsory insurance scheme, the likes of medishield-life, eldershield, care shield life run by the same generals running both MRT and SAF should keep MRT trains running on time.

4) FT Citizenship Shield Life: Foreign Talents (FT) bring Singaporeans jobs. However, since Singaporeans are so beholden to foreign talents for jobs that they gladly pay higher public transport fares to add new public transport infrastructure 'ahead of demand', then when the new citizen applications dwindle, Singapore will have to advertise a new citizen sign on bonus of say $30,000 (at least sufficient to cover 5yrs of medishield-life (+30% premium surcharge due to late entry), care-shield life, Skills Future Shield Life, Public Transport Shield Life , Insanity Shield Life etc)).

Pls feel free to add more satirical insurance scheme suggestions as u please because insurance is now the PAP go-to solution to help insure the national coffers from ordinary social cost expenses and to provide PAP cronies with high salary jobs.

The Singapore gahmen has become a mega ponzi scheme.
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