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Cycling (health, environmentalism) on Singapore roads is hazardous, and near impossible- here's why.

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Smile Cycling (health, environmentalism) in Singapore is hazardous, and near impossible- here's why.

Cycling (health, environmentalism) in Singapore is hazardous, and near impossible- here's why.
SMRT bus-drivers bitten by bed-bugs: a national road safety hazard?
"With regard to complaints from PRC drivers that there are bed bugs at the dormitories, which were provided by private operators, SMRT said that fumigation works were scheduled at the Woodlands dormitory but have not been carried out yet. SMRT acknowledged that swifter action could have been taken to improve the conditions of the dormitories." [Source: 'SMRT: We continue to value services of PRC drivers' (TR, 28Nov2012)]

[Bus crashes into traffic light at Woodlands(July2010)]

I think that something needs to be urgently done about this matter (amongst many other issues)- a bus driver who didn't sleep well the night before (bitten by bed-bugs) might not concentrate properly on driving his bus and thus might meet with an accident causing both fatalities and severe property damage- especially where SMRT bus drivers have to work 6 days a week and do not have guaranteed inflation protection on their salaries (e.g. if inflation is 5-10%, their salaries should be increased accordingly just to be fair).

That said, perhaps Singapore is really going for broke regarding GDP- once, bullock carts, hand carts, rickshaws and even horse carriages traversed our streets without hindrance, currently, with bug bitten bus drivers and the 'tail wag the dog' give way to buses scheme, even cycling on Singapore roads is now DANGEROUS.

Instead of striving ever harder each day to own a car buy only to scrap it when one's condo car-park floods due to global warming causing erratic rainfall and global sea level rise- wouldn't it be better if every Singaporean could be proud of his/her right both exercise and transport oneself by using cycling as a mode of transport- regardless of whether one owned a personal car?

Now foreigners will hate Singaporeans for exploiting them for cheap labour whilst having to endure inhumane living conditions whilst Singaporeans fear sleepy bus drivers as well as each other since everyone considers roads an F1 racetrack, getting full worth of the COE paid by burning up as much fossil fuel as humanly possible so as to accumulate the most money possible.
Singaporeans fighting each other and exploiting foreigners just to obtain a private car and the glamor of personal wealth.

Ultimately, all humanity will suffer, as Singapore leads the way,
cart before horse, tail wagging the dog, lipstick on the pig, all over, everywhere, Singapore aggravates global warming as it seeks to lead the way ['Singapore's dirty accolade: Asia-Pacific's biggest carbon footprint' (CNN, 06Mar2012)],
And all the $$$ will print/ own will earn no one a place in heaven.
Land of damnation, here we come.

[Millions in exotic cars go swimming in flooded Singapore garage(Jun2011)]

[1923 Hyperinflation in Germany: A woman burns German marks in the furnace to heat the home during the peak of the Weimar Germany hyperinflation. ]
As punctually as Sun rises, God's Love shines brightly over all Creation, at all times of a day.

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