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Elderly Singaporean lives out his last days alone in the two months he has left to live

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Elderly Singaporean lives out his last days alone in the two months he has left to live

If you are already in your 50s, telling you to go get married sounds more than a tad silly. Your thinking is so set already, it's really hard for two such people to still "give and take" and spend a life together where this "give and take" is a chore, and a daily one.

But if you are still young, say under 40, I get worried when - as many of you here who seem to be in your 20s do - boast about what a wonderful YOLO life you are having here, so why marry?

I do understand the fears on the part of the men, fear that if the marriage turns sour through no fault of yours, you will be punished unfairly by the Women's Charter if it ends up in divorce.

But reading the article below is depressing enough.

There's a short videoclip in the link. For some reason, I am unable to c/p pictures, so if you want to see those, click on the link below.

Good luck to all the bachelors and spinsters here. Girls...do not be too choosy. I am very sure some bbff would make good fathers for your children. Boys...do not be too picky. Even if she is a little fugly, it is OK, if you are yourself a 2b2f.


An elderly Singaporean is living out his last days alone, after doctors told him he has only two months left to live. Heartbreakingly, the retired taxi driver who appears to be in his 60s or 70s told the Chinese daily recently that he has come to accept death as inevitable.

Speaking to reporters in a video interview, the elderly man Yu Pei Lai said: “Everyone dies. No matter how healthy you are, you will still die eventually. So there’s no need to think of it as a big deal. Us dying is the same as ants and birds dying.”

Yu has been suffering from diabetes for a long time, after having been diagnosed with the disease some 30 years ago, but his health took a turn for the worse when his kidneys began failing a couple years ago.

Sharing that he did not see any visible improvement among his friends who underwent dialysis, Yu revealed that he decided to forgo treatment and only uses medication to manage his condition.

To make things worse, Yu suffered while he was working seven years ago. Yu had just dropped off a passenger in his taxi and had been accepting payment when the cash slipped from his hand. He described that though his eyes registered the movement, he did not sense the money slipping from his hands.

Today, Yu leads a lonely life. Having never been married and not having had children, Yu lives out his last days alone.

Further, things that most other people do with ease is difficult for Yu, like buying food since he can only walk about ten steps before he needs to take a rest.

Yu added that although he thinks death is part and parcel of life, sometimes he can’t help but feel lonely. The retiree added that he feels loneliest when he visits the doctor on his own.

Sharing that he has made preparations for his inevitable death, Yu revealed that he has decided against having a funeral after his death since there he has no one, other than some friends and relatives. Yu added that even the dead are unable to see their own funerals and so, there is no point to hold one.

Instead, the elderly man plans to donate his body after his death for educational and research purposes.
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So sad to read this
Peace y'all - be nice to everybody! - FW
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This is the reality of life. Even if you have family, you have to suffer the pain of sickness on your own.

Even if you believe there is a life after death or hell or heaven, you go there on your own after death. If you think of it this way, you won't feel so bad.
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Getting married doesn't guarantee a different ending. How are you so sure your spouse wont lose feelings for you halfway, or walk out on you 20 years down the road? That feeling is much worse compared to being on your own.
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