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How they did it!

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How they did it!





Customer: Exxon Mobil Singapore Olefin Plant (EMSOP) in Jurong Island.

System: Quench Water / Dilution Steam System

Chemical Involved: EC1405A (MEA)


How did they managed to manipulate the consistent high usage of EC1405A since the early days when Nalco held the account from year 2005. EC1405A is just an alkaline (MEA) and yet it accounts for a big portion of the total revenue of sales.

EMSOP cracker engineer-in-charge will understand and catch the ball immediately from what I am going to share on how the ďHEISTĒ was done.

All these years, I suppose some of the cracker engineers tried their very best to solve the puzzle but to no avail and yet being treated like fools. Imagine the sales guy, knowing the truth and yet pretending to * lie in front of your eye balls all these years.

The ANWSER is:

1) They purposely OPEN to some extent, the valve for the EC1405A injection to EKT30 bottom which leads to PGC which was supposed to be remained SHUT at all times. (Yes, there is a check valve downstream, but malfunctioned with no follow up, thinking the supposedly shut valve was sufficient) The valve mentioned here IS NOT ACCESSIBLE on normal times as its location is out of reach hence no one would have thought it was being manipulated! The only times this valve is accessible is when EKE 31 (EKT30 reboiler) goes for a shutdown cleaning, and thatís when you have scaffolds being erected and now this is when THEY have the GOLDEN opportunity to manipulate the valve (The RED valve in this simple diagram). At all times, they will make sure they are the first person there to shut and the last person to open when the scaffolds had just been erected or going to be taken down, prior to other people as in people that matters except the scaffolders as they canít be bothered. *


At site, climb up to first landing level of EKT 30, look for the amine injection line and you will know which valve. Now, perhaps you can solve the puzzle of Amine and Ammonia usage for QW/DSS. Also, the chemical pump skid has big issues, the pumps are inter-connected as well as the chemical tanks. Numerous manipulations were done there as well, including filling up EC1405A tank with Ammonia. Do you believe? As for ELD 01 water samples, most of the times the PH is not in the range. PH numbers in the reports are mostly polished. The operators are spoilt as Nalco personnel are always there to hand in a site report hence it is TRUSTED and taken to be true. EC1405A injection to ELD 01 was always done blindly. Lastly, how many times had SOP QS/DSS experienced high PH instances whereby no neutralizers were required for say 6 to 12 hours or longer and have extreme upsets? How much money was lost? Do you know why? You should be able to solve this puzzle by now. *(Referring to Cracker Engineer-In-Charge)

In summary, these culprits shall face the LAW immediately after so many years.

This kind of incident is just like crude oil being stolen from Bukom and only realized after so many years.

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