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iceman9396 29-07-2020 03:05 PM

University of Stirling - SIM
Hi all,

I realized that isn't much information about this university prior to my admission into this university. Thus, I decided to contribute some information about this university and share my experience. (Recent graduate)

I hope that the information would be able to help potential students and students that are deciding on whether or not to enter this university to have a better informed choice.

This is the website to the courses offered by the University:



During my time, there were only 3 programmes. Each programme had only 1 class that consist about 20 students.

There is now an additional course, which is the Marketing programme.

Each semester, you would take up 3 modules. You will not be able to select timetable as the timetable will be set by the school subject to the lecturer and tutor's availability.

In this university, there is an Advisor (local based & Singaporean) that takes care of the student's adminstrative & assist in contacting and liasing with lecturers for academic matter. So you could imagine that the person is like 60:1. Meaning to say, he is like the form teacher for all the students.

Do note that due to the time difference between SG & UK, there are times that require you to skype your professor's at night for consultation (Especially for dissertation module). Email's might take some time too.

Bad news for students who wish to enter as part-time students. This course is not very friendly to part-time students. Please continue to read to understand why.

Delivery method:
5 x lecture (6 hours each lecture)
5 x tutorial (3 hours each tutorial)

Lecture - Fly in faculty:
The lecturers who teaches the modules (Via lectures) are flown in from UK. These lessons typically starts at about 12pm - 6pm (Most of the time) or 3pm to about 10pm. They are conducted over the weekdays only.

My class & I had experience lecturers who fell sick last minute... So a replacement would then fly in. This can be a bad encounter as there were lecturers who fly in last minute are were not confident or know what content they are delivering. This can be because it is not their expertise and the content were not prepared by them.

It has happened and the encounters were bad.

For part time students, if you see that the lectures are often conducted between 12pm - 6pm, that means you have to apply for half day leave or take an MC... They do conduct lectures from 3pm to 10pm (but it doesn't occur often)

Tutorial - Local tutors:

Local tutors conduct the 5x tutorials.

Tutorial timing - 8-11am, 12-3pm or 3-6pm (most of the time).

For part time students - 7pm - 10pm. Weekends (rarely) 8am - 11am.

The experience with local tutors are not very positive for me & my class (Surveyed and gathered feedbacks from classmate & other courses). Instances whereby not giving constructive feedbacks or smoke you are common. Local tutors also tend to have quite a bit of break time or dismiss early. (We had a local tutor who dismissed us 1 hour early every tutorial. 1 hour x 5 tutorial = 5 hour early. 5 hour = 1 tutorial+ worth of money free for that tutor. Can you imagine? :) )


There is academic referencing and quoting to be done for every project and assignment. It is relatively easy to score a 2:1. A second upper class for your degree.

Would I take it again if i could rewind time?

Nope, I felt that the course is rather expensive ($38,520) and not robust enough. If you actually compare it to universities such as RMIT or UOL, they are actually more robust and slightly much more affordable. Why isn't it robust? Each semster you only take 3 modules (Which is honestly very manageable because, one month one mod). Modules are not that in-depth too in my opinion.

Scenario: If you were to hire an employee that graduated from Stirling vs RMIT or UOL, who would you hire? For me, I would hire someone from RMIT or UOL as there are more modules that are being taught as compared to Stirling.

Here is an example of RMIT courses: https://www.simge.edu.sg/programme/b...ess-marketing/

If you take a look at it, there are actually more modules that are much more helpful and looks better for your resume. Also, you need to know that there is a difference between:

Bachelor of Arts (Honours)


Bachelor of Business

Feel free to PM me for more info if you need! :)

Sorry if the structure isn't good and for the terrible english.

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