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Do you have special requirement for your DSLR ?

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Do you have special requirement for your DSLR ?

I do and I do it with a little differently.
I used to have a Canon DSLR and the pro of lens changing feasibility.
But the cost of lens are so much expensive compare to the camera itself, I end up spending so much on lens and accessories that I decided to stop.
Then I decided to work on videography instead of photography, because while a picture paints a 1000 words, a 25 fps video paints 25,000 words in a second.. HAHA !

Video is pretty normal, shoot, upload. But I wanted to do it differently.
I didn't wanted a mediocre video that everyone can do, or usually do.
So I set my criteria right before i made my first video DSLR.

Good slow motion capability
Good zoom lens ( optical , not digital )
Simple to use no need for more lens
Ended up with a narrowed search for a Panasonic Lumix

Here are some of my slow motion works..
Comments welcomed. Dozo Yoroshiku !

This video is taken with a mix of slow motion. The advantage of filming all the girls in slow motion is, which I find out later during editing is , it took only 2 seconds to record everything I wanted to, without having the girls trying to smile at the camera for too long. Look at their smiles, I only have to cue them to pose, and then I would sweep my camera from bottom to top, or left to right, and then click STOP. Job done. But the slow motion would make their smiles last 5 seconds in the video and they still look great !

In this video, I zoom in with my lens ( optical zoom ) from the stadium's seats, panned the players as they played. Because of the high frame rate of slowmotion capture, any shake is not noticeable when viewed at 25 fps because there isn't enough shake registered to our eyes. That's one advantage of slow mo feature.

Go karting event, comprises of zoom advantage and slow mo, because I wasn't allowed to get near to the track. I had to stoop beyond the fences. And while you would know, trying to zoom and shoot , always result in shakes. The high fps during slow motion recording would take care of the shake. You can notice there is a quite a major shaking at the beginning of this video, but in slow oscillation. If you would had done so in regular 25 fps, it would shake your eye balls off.

And so my opinion is, whatever you want to buy, really depends on what you want to use it for.
If you wanted certain features one camera can offer, I think you should just go ahead and get it. Don't compromise with another model that could be probably cheaper , or higher end, or favourite brand etc, yet doesn't provide you with what you want to achieve, because camera is just a camera.

Great Leader Mao says, black cat, white cat, as long can catch mice is a good cat.

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What would be important to us is who is going to watch what we produce.
The ability now, with cheaper gears like camera phones and DSLRs allow us to keep our memories with us.

Lenses can keep for like 10 years while we upgrade our cameras after like 5 years.
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Old 13-10-2017, 12:19 AM   #3
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We used to develop prints from 35mm films and then years later we either lost them or they get moldy or faded.

Today's digital prints and internet allow us to store our photos and video indefinitely, or until Google & Youtube is dead.

Today's 4K may be good, until future technolody surpasses 4K.

In many, many will argue that 4K is so high resolution, we don't need higher bit rate 4K video, since our eyes can't distinguish more than 8K I suppose ?

But the future is not about 8K.
It is probably going to be Augmented Reality in 4K or Virtual Video with user manipulated video scenes, possible.
These will definitely take up MEGA data.
Big data will be obsolete and we will advance to more than triplefold of data in near future.

Prepare for more mind boggling video that might put you into unreal realism.
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