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Eve_LHL 27-11-2019 12:37 PM

Q&A for Polytechnic (Ask Questions)
Hello there! Just a mini self-introduction, I am a current Year 3 student from Singapore Polytechnic studying Diploma in Engineering with Business and I am on my last semester. I have created this post to allow anyone who is interested in studying Full-Time Diploma in our 5 local Polytechnic to be able to ask about some of the questions about Polytechnics that keep you up at night. These questions must be more specific questions that are not answered in the respective Polytechnics' websites or FAQs.

Heads up:
1. I am studying in SP School of Engineering and a Student Ambassador of my school so I will be able to give better answers for questions regarding SP Engineering courses.
2. I am still open to answering questions about other polytechnics and courses. I will try my best to answer.
3. You may ask questions outside of academic courses. (e.g. CCAs)
4. I will not be able to answer specific questions about JAE as I was admitted through EAE. So if you have any questions about EAE you may ask me too!

**Note that there may be some changes that I may not know about so there is a chance that my information is a little off. So the best is still contact the Polytechnic directly or visit Open House (2nd week of Jan) and JAE Course Counselling (3rd week of Jan)**

Wonderstruck 19-12-2019 03:07 PM

That's really nice of you to start a thread to share your knowledge or experiences. BUMP for awareness. I grad SP too and will help to answer if needed:)

Eve_LHL 20-12-2019 02:31 PM


Originally Posted by Wonderstruck (Post 124223505)
That's really nice of you to start a thread to share your knowledge or experiences. BUMP for awareness. I grad SP too and will help to answer if needed:)

Ahh yes. I was afraid that after I graduate I will not be able to be much of a help anymore as the system changes really fast (almost every year). So I hope that I could help while I'm on my last year. Plus I will be helping out for JAE 2020 and if any of the students have any more questions I would be able to ask them to come to this thread to ask and I can answer them here. It helps to answer many common questions and others can look at it too! That is the main reason why I created this thread.

xintung 17-01-2020 01:21 AM

hi i am a secondary student waiting to choose my course for poly, am i still able to choose the course that i want even tho my l1r4 doesn't meet the cutoff, its a 1 pt difference

Eve_LHL 17-01-2020 08:33 AM


Originally Posted by xintung (Post 124641951)
hi i am a secondary student waiting to choose my course for poly, am i still able to choose the course that i want even tho my l1r4 doesn't meet the cutoff, its a 1 pt difference

Hello xintung. Usually I would suggest you to try to apply if it is 1-2 point difference. I've seen the changes in JAE COP throughout the years and I would say that the biggest drop/increase I've seen would be 2 points. If it is a course you really want, try for it no matter what.

The strategy in ranking your choices would be:
First 4 choices: Put in the courses you really want and it doesn't matter if it meets the cut off or not (preferably within 2 points)
Middle 4 choices: Put in the courses you like AND you are sure that your points has a very high chance to go in (your points are at least 1 point better)
Last 4 choices: Put in the courses that you are ok with AND you are sure that your points 100% is able to go into (your points are at least 3 points better, this is usually for safety net)

I really hope this helps and wish you all the luck in getting the course you like!

Eve_LHL 17-01-2020 09:20 AM

Hello Eve here, I am the one who started this thread. I would like to list out common questions many asked at JAE 2020 course counselling. This mainly applys to SP but it may also answer some questions for other polys too.

1. Qn: What is the difference between Aerospace Electronics(S90) vs Aeronautical Engineering(S88)
Ans: Aerospace Electronics(S90) belongs to the School of Electrical & Electronic engineering where they focus on understanding the instrumentals inside the plane such as what does the controls inside the cockpit do (more recommended if you are pursuing pilot). Aeronautical Engineering(S88) belongs to the School of Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering where they focus on understanding the exterior of the place such as the model of the plane and the engine of the plane.

2. Qn: What is the difference between Computer Engineering(S53) and School of Computing (which includes S30, S32, S54 & S69)
Ans: Computer Engineering(S53) is under the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering where they learn not only the software(coding) but also the hardware(electronic components). In Computer Engineering(S53) you are able to build a mechanism and input your code into micro-controllers(like arduino) and make things like robots. They would also learn software but just not as much as the School of Computing would. The School of Computing focus 100% on software and no hardware.

3. Qn: Is CCA a must in Polytechnic?
Ans: You don't have to join any CCA if you want to but its highly recommended for students to have at least 1 CCA. CCA would help a lot in University applications where there is an interview and also in Scholarship application. We would suggest everyone to focus on studies first then if you can cope with it then you join a CCA. CCA builds up most parts of a Poly student's portfolio and it is the advantage that Poly students has against JC students.

4. Qn: Is there self-learning in SP?
Ans: We would have some self-learning modules where we do not have a lecture but we have to read up on the materials provided by our lecturers online before we come into class for tutorial. In tutorial it will mainly be answering some questions we would have while learning and also do tutorial questions provided by the lecturer.

5. Qn: Is there open-book tests/exams in SP?
Ans: If it is an exam, most likely it will not be open-book while some modules may allow cheat-sheet of 2 pages(1 piece of A4 size paper). There are some tests/in-course assessments where it is fully open book but do not put high hopes on this as it is still very rare. Most of the tests & exams are 0% open-book/cheat-sheet.

6. Qn: Is it true that you have more freedom in Polytechnic compared to the structured timetables in Secondary School?
Ans: All of us would still have a timetable that is generated by the school and we are to follow that timetable. Our classrooms are always different depending on the module and you are to find and move to the next class no matter how far they are. We have 15mins grace period for attendance taking, for example if your class starts at 9am, you have until 9:15am to key in your attendance before you are considered late (this applys to SP). I would say that you do have more freedom but its also a lot more responsibility and you need more initiative to survive in Poly.

7. Qn: Is it true that the teachers in Poly are strict and do not chase the students for homework?
Ans: This is true for most of the lecturers in SP. You may still find some lecturers who are really nice and give you their phone number or chase you for homework, but I would say most of the lecturers will have the "give me your assignment by deadline or its 0 marks for you" attitude. It is not that they are strict, its just that this rule is applied to all the lecturers in SP that have to follow to make sure that it is fair to all the students. The lecturers would expect you to give them your assignment and if for example its by 6pm means that they will not accept any work at 6:01pm. Sometimes it is not collected in class so you would need to go to their office to personally give to them. We don't have a Q&A session at the end of the lesson as our lecturers also need to rush to the next class so you will need to call their office phone or email them to book an appointment with them if you need to ask any questions.

8. Qn: Do we have a fixed classroom?
Ans: Every class do not have a fixed classrooms. There are fixed classrooms for specific courses (as in that classroom is only used for that specific course) but there isn't a classroom where you can just put your things in safely. You will need to carry around all your belongings everywhere you go and this includes during lunch.

There were a lot more questions that I have answered during JAE 2020 but those other questions will be easily answered when you enter Polytechnic, learn as you go.

Idme231 08-02-2020 10:07 PM

Am a final year Technical Engineer Diploma student. Studying AT Engineering with Business at the same time. I have looked thru the SP engineering with business and they are almost the same with my course. Have decided to take SP DEEE or NYP ME&R previously but didnt cause SP revamped the system.

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