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[GPGT] Yummy Maxwell Mucket Food!!!

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[GPGT] Yummy Maxwell Mucket Food!!!

update @ 27 Dec 2018:

maxwell food centre stall listing with corresponding page numbers & pics as they appear on this thread

china street hainanese curry rice (p.1, 15)
maxwell hakka ytf (p.1, 18)
seafood white beehoon kitchen (p.1)
肥仔面家 (p.1)
夜来香 western grill (p.1)
tian tian wang chendol (p.1)
opeh leaf delights (p.1, 19, 20)
kitchen mafia western food (p.6, 7, 25, 37, 38)
sunto gyoza (p.6, 12)
shanghai dim sum dumplings (p.6, 12)
hoe kee porridge (p.10, 11, 13, 18, 24, 39)
oriental braised duck (p.12)
maxwell hum jin paeng (p.13)
hu ru beverages (p.13)
jin hua fried fish beehoon soup (p.13)
fuzhou fishball & wanton noodles (p.13, 45)
china street ngor hiang fritters (p.13, 35)
75 peanut soup & dumplings (p.13)
zhen zhen porridge (p.14)
china street rickshaw noodles (p.14, 41)
maxwell peanut pancake (p.15)
maxwell rojak, popiak & cockles (p.17)
tian tian chicken rice (p.17, 21, 37)
maxwell teochew porridge (p.18)
no.1 maxwell 美食 (p.18)
marina south delicious food (p.19, 32)
hup kee ngor hiang (p.19, 35)
maxwell ckt, hokkien mee & orh luak (p.20)
muar sugarcane & desserts (p.21)
ah tai chicken rice (p.21, 24)
tong fong fatt chicken rice (p.21)
maxwell hainanese chicken rice (p.21)
heng heng hainanese chicken rice (p.21)
hong xiang hainanese chicken rice (p.21)
somerset delicacies (p.22, 23, 24)
the 50’s coffee (p.25)
sisaket thai food (p.25)
hong fa ban mian fish soup (p.26)
yi jia teochew porridge fish soup (p.26, 40)
鼎鼎红麻辣香锅 (p.29)
fu shun roast meat (p.29, 35, 37)
aspirasi nasi ayam (p.30)
tian cheng food (p.31, 33)
nankin street bkt (p.32)
ri xin ang ku kueh & snacks (p.34)
fuzhou oyster cake (p.34, 41)
joyfeast (p.34)
hock kee biscuit & candy (p.38)
china street rui cheng fish ball noodles (p.40)
chee cheong fun club (p.40)
xing xing ondeh ondeh tapioca cake (p.40)
18 economical delights (p.40)


chloe left today for another work trip so limpeh got some time on my hands nao. recently got some edmwers ask me to sic good maxwell makan. so starting this thread for folks to share our favourite maxwell chow.

most of the pics i’m gonna post are from chloe’s town area hawker food collection for her influencer work. actually maxwell not our fave hawker. our fave in city area is hong lim followed by amoy. our overall fave is old airpork.

but chloe’s collezione got almost 300 pics of hong lim makan, 400 of amoy & almost 1000 of old airpork. me need moar time to sort those out. (even albert comprex makan she got 200 pics). so start with maxwell first since got fewer pics to manage & see how this thread goes.

our fave stall in maxwell is the old china street hai nam kalli png. in biz very many years liao. i always order the 5-spice crispy pork chop, sunny side up & koh lei cai. then ask for massive kalli zhup spamming on the rice.

like that only $3.30. got meat got egg got veg. super good value & uber yummz yummz! they also got lor bak, kalli cheekon, prawn fritters, fried egg, tau pok, meatballs & other stuff.

been eating this since young. my only comprain is sumtimes the pork chop not hot, but not a big issue because is really ho jiak. tiagong frm chloe the boss is relative of an edmwer.

be mindful of long queues during meal times. best is go just b4 meals to avoid crowds. usually open on weekends too but closed on fri. they close early evening usually so dont go too late hor.

sometimes order fried egg instead of sunny side up. price the same.

recently got another hai nam kalli png stall open at maxwell. no relation one. but looks like try to pass off as original ‘cause they also use the china street label. make sure dont go to the wrong one hor.

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Their meatball must order.
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the famous amoy food centre chee cheong fun hakka ytf recently opened branch at maxwell. one of the best hakka ytf in town area. this one is chloeís fave stall in maxwell.

$4 for 5 ytf pieces plus a bowl of ccf. each pc of ytf generously stuffed with handmade filling of yummy fish meat, pork & carrot bits. really legit stuff manz! that aside, their soup taste sibeh steam manz! think they use a lot of fried fish heads & pork bones to make the soup one. super delish sia!

when i eat i sometimes ask them to tambah extra half bowl of soup after iím done, which they will happily oblige. btw, can also eat with noodles in soup or dry version ($3.80) if dont want ccf.
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$6 big prawn & lala beehoon soup @ seafood beehoon stall. this is quite a new stall there but welly popular already. their soup is the light tasty refreshing kind. prawns are quite big & fresh too. perfect comfort food after a long day at work.

my only comprain is they a bit stingy with their lala. $6 portion got 4 juicy prawns but only 5 lala. but got lotsa veg lah. leemember to put the bak yew pok on the beehoon b4 eating.

chloe & i will usually share one plate for dinner then order other stuff from other stalls. after the lala signatures stall @ chinatown comprex zup lup this is the best lala beehoon in town liao.

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肥仔面家. this is another relatively new stall. went there recently with chloe & stunned by their no horse run bak chor mee. $3 portion give so much bak chor until cannot see the noodles. the lady boss kept scooping the bak chor over the noodles until i had to tell her to stop, enough liao (maybe she see me yandao, haha!)

then still got 3 big meatballs added in too. the super pang bak chor juices mix with the noodles & negi leeks sibeh ho jiak. i added a dollop of their power sambal to give a spicy spin to the taste. the bowl of noodles quite big. enuf for 2 ladies to share. cant imagine the size of their $4 portion siol!

besides the bak chor mee, chloe ordered the $5 laksa with prawns & humz. the laksa is good actually. gravy zhup got enuf oil for the spicy kick & heybi flavour comes thru quite nicely. only problem is they dont hv the chopped up laksa veg to sprinkle on laksa nia. small issue for me.

but what we like is the 3 pcs of big taupok that comes with the laksa. bite into the chunky gravy-soaked taupok feeling is sibeh shiok. quite a bit of humz too (although cant really tell from the pic).

the lady bossí hubby also operates a cai png stall at maxwell. havent tried this though.

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Chloe is your mother ah

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nice...going eat soon...
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Maxwell got jiak their yusheng boh?
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夜来香 western food (formerly margaret drive) is another popular stall at maxwell. customers mostly jiak kantang locals & amdk amdls, lol! chloe will always order the black pepper cheekon chop here. $7.50 but portion welly big. two and half pieces of thigh meat. the cheekon welly well seasoned & black pepper zhup is damn tasty.

for me, i prefer the $7.50 pork chop in bbq sauce. portion is big too. two & half slabs of lean pork with teeny bit of fat. meat seasoning sibeh power. next visit feel like trying their steak.

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maxwell bo jiak tian tian, worlds best chix rice according to tourists
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the best value dessert at maxwell is the $2 red bean chendol @ chendol king. posted this rast night in the jhk kpkb chendol thread.

lady boss welly friendly & generous, always give big mountain of red beans yo! the yellow custard mix that goes with the red beans also welly ho jiak. quite a big bowl for $2. enough for me & chloe to slowly 你一口我一口 share share after our dinner. in fact the actual portion look bigger than the pigchure shown at the stall.

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waaaa sedap ahhhh
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opeh leaf delights is another relatively new stall. didnt expect much from them when we first tried their food and we were quite stunned when they whipped up quite a delish plate of $5 鸳鸯 cai tao kueh. plenty of cai poh (preserved radish) & eggs in their white ctk manz!!

chloe thinks that their white ctk tastes better because their darker version came out slightly overdone. altho nice, methinks their ctk here is still one notch below the more popular ones like bukit merah because they dont make their carrot cake in-house.

btw, only the ctk is good at this stall. their hokkien mee is just ok (no fight with abc mucket yisheng) & chloe thought their orh luak really cmi, haha!
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TS you should try the durian chendol by another stall sell by a uncle wearing spec and cost $2 only.
This chendol you recommend not much "liao" one.
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