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Calculation: Medishield-life encourages rich to rob poor people's life savings.

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Medishield-life: Rich people ROB poor people's life savings in Singapore.

Medishield-life: Rich people ROB poor people's life savings in Singapore.

Rich Singaporeans are competing to claim 2.03786x more than middle class, yet medishield-life is supposed to be pre-funded by all, INCLUDING the poor http://www.asiaone.com/health/role-pre-funding ; why do the poor ironically and paradoxically subsidise the rich in the medishield-life insurance scheme?

According to MOH stats, "Nine per cent of full rider policyholders made claims in 2016, compared to 7 per cent of those without riders"
"According to MOH, the average bill claimed by a full rider policyholder cost S$9,093 in 2016, about 58.5 per cent higher than that of an average IP holder (S$5,738). Patients with riders were more likely to visit private hospitals than those without riders, contributing to a bulk of this differential. "

Since hospitalization claims rate for rider holder is 9% as opposed to 7% for non-rider holders and also 1.585X more for rider holders,
Increase payout value to rider holders= 9/7 X 1.585= 2.03786 times that of average IP holders.

Since private insurers selling IP plans make claims from (and basic premium payments) to MOH wrt medishield-life, it can be said that those with full riders make in excess of 2X claims from the common medishield-life insurance pool.

Pls note that the actual multiple may actually be even higher than 2.03786 times, since MOH own definition of the 'average IP' holder is likely to also include BOTH partial and full rider holders, the latter of whom make up 30% of the IP pool which in itself is constituted by the more wealthy 68% of Singaporeans.

It was also reported that poorer Singaporeans are unable to receive proper public healthcare cancer treatments because even the public transport costs to and from hospital may turn out to be a hindrance in itself.

It is also noted that the MOH is subsidising many wealthy Singaporeans indiscriminately just based on their declared household address and income levels even though by the fact that these Singaporeans can afford not just IP plans or worse, even very expensive full rider add-on plans, remains prima facie evidence that (MOH is squandering state funds to buy votes given that) by their expensive taste for private healthcare and also even zero payment riders, these wealthy folks are indeed very well to do.

In its inception, MOH explained the huge jump in compulsory medishield-life premiums over the old optional medishield plans by using 'prefunding' (with the option of future premium discounts and refunds) as the reason why basic medishield-life premiums for the young increased so much. Yet, short of doing IP plan insurance companies a business favour and helping them mediate amongst themselves an agreement to cease the sale of loss making full rider for medishield-life IP plans (and coincidentally reducing the population of (double value claims) full rider holders in the process), MOH is doing precious little independently to lead in reducing the raw deal that medishield-life especially gives to the poor ('prefunding') and the SQUANDERING OF STATE FUNDS, aka increase in GST. Perhaps, for a start, all basic medishield-life subsidies to anybody with an IP rider should be REMOVED with immediate effect and those with IPs, 1year later. Only those on BASIC medishield-life compulsory insurance (and no other hospitalization insurance plans) can qualify for medishield-life premium subsidies of any form.

Ultimately, no medishield-life nor associated integrated plans should be valid at any private hospital because those Singaporeans who wish to have private insurance coverage are like those who buy/ invest property in foreign jurisdictions: they still have to serve NS in Singapore. But if they have robbers or terrorist inside their FOREIGN properties, they will call the police of that foreign country in which their home is burgled; the Singapore police force cannot help them with anything that happens on foreign soil. Likewise, all medishield-life related insurance policies shall ONLY apply in PUBLIC hospitals. Those who want private healthcare, they have to buy SEPARATE insurance coverage and only AFTER they have paid up their annual basic medishield-life premiums because medishield-life should be a PUBLIC hospitals only based healthcare insurance policy.

In short, medishield-life funds is being excessively squandered on private healthcare use, its current structure is a raw deal for poorer Singaporeans and a big extravagance of government funds with the consequence that GST has to be unnecessarily raised for all. Ultimately, the poor are suffering excessively under this PAP poorly conceived and wastefully executed public healthcare insurance plan.

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Live with it. We voted for it
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Thats y i chose to fug off from sg
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who ask you to buy rider?
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Leechers all over singapore headed by a big time leecher....

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it really hard for old ppl to pay for the rider.. really ex even u get the cheapest rider

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Leechers all over singapore headed by a big time leecher....

Sinkies still don't wanna wake up to this plus d sech debacle.

Wat can u do? Llst lor
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Posted here for record because this is the main thread on this topic:

You donít seem to understand that there are 3 pools of funds and that MediShield life is not commingled with the other 2.

The private insurers are obligated to help to process the MediShield life part of it for a simplified claims process.
I suspect that the 3 pools u have determined refer to the basic medishield-life fund, the integrated plan fund and lastly the rider fund.

As I have previously mentioned in this thread, this thread is only of SECONDARY importance to the first, which is at https://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/e...#post117893855 which would give you a good background picture to the problem at hand.

Undeniably, medishield-life basic is the foundational fund upon which the subsequent 2 funds are built up upon.

Every claim is first covered by medishield-life and then topped up by the other 2 funds, even though it may be calculated in the reverse because MOH asked the private insurers to process the claim paperwork and forward to MOH it's share of the bill, but by calculations, medishield-life is still the cornerstone upon which everything else is built.

Thus if downstream the patient is given inducement to consume more either by virtue of higher incentive reward payments based upon the number of days spent in hospital or the blank cheque payment benefit offered by rider plans, then excessive medishield-life claims will be the automatic outcome since by design, medishield-life claims payout is the FIRST line of defense and all other private schemes were only invented to cover what medishield-life was not designed to cover.

Thus basic things like number of days stayed in hospital, laboratory tests ordered, complexity of surgery done (just add the davinci surgical machine system to any surgery and u probably add a few thousand dollars more to the operation costs https://www.kansascity.com/news/busi...161819773.html (and by medishield-life claims, a higher surgery costs)). Thus, whilst medical service/ treatment level can be controlled in public hospitals, it is difficult to prevent over servicing in private hospitals (it was reported in newspapers that a small breast lump surgery which normally costs $5000 was billed as $70,000 just for the doctor's fee alone at https://www.straitstimes.com/politic...e-to-pay-5-per ) maybe the doctor unnecessarily deployed the robotic system to assist or maybe the operation involved unnecessary procedures (investigative or otherwise) resulting in the final bill becoming very very high. Point is that since medishield-life pays based upon treatments rendered or procedures performed, there is really nothing to stop specialist from inventing work, prescribe the most expensive and profitable medications, to investigate this and that 'just to be safe' or to over treat patients because he has been given a BLANK CHEQUE. Also symptoms can easily catastrophised and any small discomfort fully investigated in hospital, which is probably why for those with riders against those without, , "Nine per cent of full rider policyholders made claims in 2016, compared to 7 per cent of those without riders" https://www.todayonline.com/singapor...ull-riders-moh

Some rich patients are also very demanding or may demand full investigations because they have executive work positions: they may want every laboratory investigation to be done just for a light fever: all these investigations will be first claimed from medishield-life and thereafter topped up vz their private integrated plans and riders.

Same applies for cough and cold consultations at GP. Usually, the best treatment is the number of days of MC given. The infection is viral and the treatment is bed rest. But GPs like to pile on lots of antibiotics and symptomatic treatments which often ends up unconsumed, some say only makes the condition worse. So medical people can be very creative to inflate a bill to a size much larger than it ordinarily is.

DaVinci Surgical Machine System:


The actual URL for this post is at: https://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/e...#post118163782
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Ask me anything (AMA)/
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Nowadays no money pay medical just crowdfund and ask for donations
Who needs insurance?
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Who did these poor people vote for back in 2015?
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Nowadays no money pay medical just crowdfund and ask for donations
Who needs insurance?
Undeserving people need insurance because sure people in comments section will ask, " what have u done for society", 'why no savings' , 'did u smoke cigarettes?'. And middle or upper class need insurance if crowd funding unsuccessful because they may want to stay in a higher class (more comfortable) ward.
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