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Lai Lai Lai, continue the story to win a Samsung Galaxy Note9. Mai Tu Liao!

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Old 26-08-2018, 05:21 PM   #31
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If one day I woke up with a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 9, I will pinch myself to make sure it is a Note 9 and give it a full charge to test whether there is any issues with battery as I had owned a Note 7 but Samsung took it back due to battery issues and my fear of it exploding and the inconvenience it caused was frustrating. I turned to Apple and never looked back until now.

To my surprise, the Note 9 has no battery issues and it lasted through out the day. I dumped my iPhone 7 Plus immediately.

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Old 26-08-2018, 07:15 PM   #32
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*Well, I probably won't win due to the note 7 reference, but enjoy my story*

If one day I woke up with the brand new Samsung Galaxy Note9, I will... tell him how lucky he is to not have anger management issues and not blow up at the slightest provocation. I will tell him how fortunate he is to be able to get on board a plane without the risk of getting disembarked because of violent tendencies. And that’s all down to him having the brand new water cooling system…


"Wake up note7! We have to get going, come on." Said the Sony EricssonW910i . "We have to be quick before those humans throw us back into the refurbishing centre!"

"What…. Is happening", I said dreamily as I rubbed my 12 megapixel lens.

"Hey, stop dreaming. You were abandoned to rot and become scrap metal. We saved you and we are now on the run. Remember?" The Nokia N95 exclaimed.

"Come on don't be so harsh, I was the best phone of my era, just like you!" I replied.

"No bro, unlike you, I actually survived way longer before Nokia went bust" N95 replied with a sense of pride and nostalgia. "Besides, you were arguably second best to iPhone." W910i chipped in.

"Well, if I had the water cooling that is on the Note 9, I would be cool as cucumber and wouldn't have blown… and come on, if I was even at the competition, I would have won the Hardware Zone tech awards 2017 ahead of the iPhone 7 plus" I thought with my Snapdragon 820 wishfully.

"Sigh… so I heard the next iPhone is coming out in the next few months. How is it like to have your crown as the king of cell phones taken away from you by Apple?" W910i turned and asked N95.

"Hey hold on, what are you smoking?" I said. "Well, no one is smoking but you. The iPhone X is the nicest looking phone with best capability now. Period." W910i snapped.

"Evidently, you have some weird taste. You sure you think the iPhone X with that ugly hairstyle of a notch is nicer looking than my brother, the Note 9? Besides, we all know the iPhone did plastic surgery at Samsung's to get that nice OLED face, and still its way inferior to that of the Note 9, a 6.4 inch 1440p AMOLED infinity display." I mocked.

"And also, the Note 9 has 2 features that are missing on the iPhone X, the headphone jack and the S Pen! Speaking of the S Pen, it now has Bluetooth which allows it to function like a remote" I beamed with pride as I wanted them to acknowledge the note line-up is still more feature packed than the iPhone.

"Speaking of capabilities, my brother Note 9 is born with a snapdragon 845, 8GB of Ram and 512 GB of storage. In terms of multi-tasking, he is almost 2-3 times more than the 3 GB on the iPhone. So much for being smart right? And come on, 512 GB of storage is essential in a storage hungry society we live in. Imagine the amount of Netflix that he can binge on his beautiful screen? And if he wants to share his content, there is always the Samsung DeX to let him plug into any screen for better productivity and the S Pen remote to control his presentation. With such a big and vibrant display, you must think he has a short battery life. But fret not, he has one of the biggest battery on the market, a 4000mah battery. Does the iPhone even break 3k !? I asked in disbelief.

"Anything you say bro, to each his own. For now, we are just old phones waiting to be refurbished" N95 said while looking into the horizon.

I too look up and wondered.

If… if only I am the Note 9, I would be so proud of myself. Proud that I did not succumb to the temptation for that hideous notch hairstyle and to remove my head phone jack. I would also be proud of the fast adaptive charger that comes with me since birth, and the wireless charging that I am capable of. I would love to show off my camera, the window to my soul, a dual lens system that comes with my night vision dual aperture. I would most definitely find myself at the pool often, as I am a pretty good swimmer with that IP 68 dust and water resistant rating.

But in reality, I am just a forgotten Note 7 running away from my fate of being refurbished.

Thinking of the plight of all my fellow Note 7 brothers, I turned on all my network capabilities, WIFI, 4G, Bluetooth, NFC to blast out a message:

I live away from the streets and among scrapped metal, hiding in plain sight, but watching over at the Note 9 in secret, waiting and protecting. I have witnessed their capacity for technology and though we are worlds apart, like us, there's more to them than meets the eye.

I am Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and I send this message to any surviving Note 7 taking refuge among the galaxies.

We are here. We are waiting.


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Old 26-08-2018, 08:10 PM   #33
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I want the huge battery capacity!!!

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Old 26-08-2018, 08:36 PM   #34
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If one day I woke up with a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note9, I will...

- Stream my HK dramas all day long in clear HD format. If I don't have any data, I shall watch them which are already pre-loaded in my phone, with the 128GB of space + additional 512GB, I think can fit in 3x20 eps of dramas!

- Set TWICE related themes and wallpapers, create jingles and notification tones related to them

- Stream as many songs as I can, or preload them using Spotify, download my entire Kpop playlist with that large amount of space

- Play PUBG or Maplestory M all day long, I hear the 4,000mAh battery's pretty good

- Take #ootd shots by myself using the S-Pen with bluetooth, no need any person help me take

- PCW using the HWZ app all day because I can


Anyway I won't win, the people above me have much more imagination
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Old 27-08-2018, 02:55 AM   #35
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"If one day I woke up with a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note9, I will……"

Shout "Bixby stop my alarm clock"

5:30am time for work.

Wait... Why did I shout Bixby?

This is a diary of something weird which had happened to me yesterday.

Thereafter, I slowly opened eyes.

Watched some videos on the 6.4" super amoled infinity display and slowly crawled out of bed.
"oh yeah. Huh? Where's that irritating notch? "

Time to bath.
I login to my edmw account to pcw while I shower.
Hardcore? I just want to reach honorary member fast as I heard can unlock*secret privileges

Don't worry. The phone is ip68 certified. It's water resistant.
And I thought it's ip67 only

Time to go work.
I laid my note 9 on the table as i changed into work attire.
I plucked Out the Bluetooth enabled S pen and use it as a wireless controller to play some jazz music while changing.
I definitely couldn't do this with other phones

"wait.. what other phones...??"

I made my way into the kitchen

Hey morning Bixby, can make me a cup of milo?

"here's what I found on the web"

I forgot my wife's name is not call Bixby.

But I forgot my wife 's name can only remember Bixby.

I can't find my wife either, not sure Where's she this early hr.

Maybe she went to work ahead of me.

For now, Bixby is my wife.

"Hey bixby read me the news"

It read out the news. Hmm she's way better than my wife!

Suddenly heard my phone beeped. It says my S pen is missing.
I opened Google maps and saw it is still at my house.
Must have forgotten I left it in my home clothes. I found it in the left pocket of my shorts which I'd just changed.

How careless...

I reached the mrt station. Saw an advertisement but it's in some foreign language


Took out my note 9 to translate the words
"Have a nice day" it says, as I pointed my note 9 to translate the korean words real time


The train arrived. Suddenly thought of something and I scribbled some notes on the large note 9 screen.
It's to remind myself to buy a shaver after work

How handy...

Reached office. Turned on my pc and tidied up my power point to finalise my presentation.
I transferred the power point into the 512gb phone.

Hmm.. by right I have to sync via some troublesome program to do this. No?

Boss came and asked me to go for meeting
Inside the meeting room. I jotted down some notes onto my note 9 offscreen while they are speaking.

My turn to present.
I plugged in the usb c to hdmi dongle into my phone to project onto the big screen as The slides are all inside my phone.

So so useful so far.

Lunch time.
I decided to lunch in as I am still not familiar with my new workplace.
My sg boss had sent me overseas to liaise with the korea coy headquarters
But my korean colleagues ask me to accompany them for lunch. They can play host.


Lunch was great. I took some photos of my bbq chicken rice. The photos are amazingly sharp!
I could even see the pores on the chicken skin when I zoom in!


But strangely though, this reminded me of my wife.
I recorded some quick video about myself in 4k resolution and sent it to her, to update her about my day.

Her name is... Iris

.... I think

I can't remember well.

Took some selfie with my colleagues.
This is done easily since the note 9's S pen
can be used as a controller to snap photos
My left arm is my selfie stick.

I use to struggle with this task, but not today.

Back in office.
Connected the dongle from my phone to the pc
In order to project some files onto the pc screen to work on
While the phone charges itself wirelesly on the Samsung Dex station.

So much more productive.

Wait... Why did I say so much more?

Knockoff time!
I made my way into the metro station to take the train back.
My phone beeped and reminded me to buy a shaver.

Almost forgotten.

I used the Note 9 to locate for the nearest supermarket near my current location.
Also jot down notes about work tomorrow using the S pen.


Did some grocery shopping and booked uber using Bixby. This task can be done easily with Bixby now.
I Paid the fare with Samsung Pay. All done without the need to fumble for notes and coins.

Reached my place.

Did a quick video chat with my wife who is in sg

Forgot to ask her what's her name.

You gotta be kidding me.

Time to shower.
Left my phone charging, only brought the s pen with me to the shower room.

Played some music using the s pen as a controller. Couldn't have done this with other phones...

Hmm.... indulgent

Phone is almost full from the fast charging.
4000 mah battery huh? No sweat.

I watched some YouTube videos, took down some notes and WhatsApp my friends via the true multitasking while watching videos on split screen.

This is nice... I've never done this before

Felt sleepy. Time for bed.
I docked my note 9 on the wireless charging station and used the S pen as a controller to play some soothing music.
The new S pen is very handy so far


"Bixby, wake me up at 530am and post the photos I've taken today on my Facebook."

"Ok I've set the alarm at 530am and uploaded your photos taken today on your Facebook."

Strange I don't miss my wife at all. Lol

The alarm woke me up.
I opened my eyes and found that im at my house in sg.

I climbed out of bed and saw my iPhone X.

Where's note 9?

Suddenly reminded..* My wife name is not Iris It's Siri

Never mind. She's not my wife.

Im not married.

Im a BBFA resigned to fate.

I don't have a note 9 either.

It was just a dream.

To dream of something which I do not have but am familiar with.


Maybe the dream is telling me it's time to upgrade to the new powerful Samsung galaxy note 9.

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If one day I woke up with a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note9, I will replace my old computer with DeX, my physical notebook with S pen+S note and stop carrying power bank and thumbdrive because the Note9 4,000mAh battery and 512GB plus up to 1TB expandable storage is so huge that it won't be necessary.

Moreover, with it's 10nm processor and 8GB RAM, Note9 will be able to do everything faster in a total package!

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Old 27-08-2018, 11:30 AM   #37
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Ello~ contest ends 14 Sep! Show us your creativity and start writing~

wait, is this contest over?

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If i woke up with the note9, i will laugh at my current s9+ because it doesnt have an s-pen

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If one day I woke up with a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note9, I will know my phone is more power than yours.
More power, more battery life, more HD videos, more memory, more vivid colours, more processing power, more of everything, more of life.
Get more out of SG note9. Get SG note9.

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If one day I woke up with a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note9, I will slap and question myself "isn't this the super powerful Note?!". After realising this isn't a rude awakening, I hold up the Note9 in joy as I have been waiting for a "right phone" to change and this powerful Note appears to be one!

I quickly pop in my SIM card and was amazed by its blazingly-fast LTE network speed, when I am downloading my apps on the Note9! I used to be selective in downloading apps so as to not encounter the "low in storage" warning, but now with the Note9's 512GB internal storage, those worries are no longer to be worried!

To me, a good phone with a good design is one key thing I choose a phone and the Note9 definitely wins my heart with its elegant design. The curved 6.4" Quad HD+ Infinity Display is so massive and immersive that I started to binge watch Netflix shows on the phone for hours, Netflix Marathon they say!

After a day of binge watch, time check 12am, it's already a start of brand new day and time for the Note9 and myself to recharge. Actually, the Note9 still have some battery juices left but still, I placed the Note9 on the fast charge wireless pad and off I go to my dreamland.

#myphoneismorepowerthanyours #part1
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Good news! Here are the full list of prizes for this contest:

Grand prize :
1 x Galaxy Note9 128GB, worth $1,398

Others :
2 x Samsung Galaxy Tab A (8.0"), worth $398 each
3 x Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro
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I will... Trade in for a 512gb note 9 8gb ram because the giveaway phone only 128gb :/ #myphoneismorepowerthanyours

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If one day I woke up with a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note9, I will take a selfie and video with its bright 8MP f/1.7 front camera with autofocus, send a greeting message to my chat group, cheering them up on a Monday blues, showing off my animated side with AR Emoji.


Picture source: https://www.samsung.com/sg/smartphon...-note9/camera/

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I will... just logon straight to fortnite and play with my bros, play until hand pain 4000mah battery still wont run out. With the ultrafast yet cool processor, no lag no sweat.

At night go out paktor at romantic place, no stragers around to help also can take nice pics with the powerful camera and handy spen "remote".

Why do i bother telling you all these you ask. Well, because #myphonemorepowerthanyours
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If one day I woke up with a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note9, I will…… test the inifinite display for the max resolution video and follow by going out to get myself a 256GB microsd card! 512Gb + 256GB, i think i am the champs of champs, and i will start putting plenty of my backlog anime , drama, movies into and start watching on this device non-stop to test the battery life to the max ability, and all is good, i will put up my current iphone 7 for sales in market place, this note 9 shall serve not only my video player, music player, but also my camera as the main. #myphonemorepowerthanyours
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