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SyraLeo 13-06-2013 11:34 AM

lol, mine is business admin, practically useless.

impossible to get out of drafting to be an engineer. really regret taking business.

FerreroForte 21-06-2013 08:47 PM


Originally Posted by Stryder78 (Post 76383863)
Hi guys, may i ask if do you know anyone who left ACE and what did the company do to them? Are they banned working with other companies? And what are the legal measures being done with them? Thanks.

i noe aceplp alumni soh tiong koon now working 4 byme as electric engineer. byme is mnc, veri big coy, aceplp client

FerreroForte 21-06-2013 08:50 PM


Originally Posted by SyraLeo (Post 77028883)
lol, mine is business admin, practically useless.

impossible to get out of drafting to be an engineer. really regret taking business.

syraleo, u need egineerig degree. drafting skill v impt, is a stepping stones. as wif all job progress, u need good contact, network, industry knowlege n projects exp. tts how de aceplp programm helps u 2 grow

FerreroForte 21-06-2013 09:19 PM


Originally Posted by kanzie88 (Post 76134179)
The main point of my argument is that the company is one big blood sucking organization ... U can't disagree with me on that... Why do you have to take so much money of these engineers?

dis kind of comments stupid. kanzie88, wat do u noe abt aceplp 2 made such ignorance comments? i noe liquid damage is abt $10k if u break bond wif aceplp. small amt compare to break bond at singapore airline or nie. de ppl who breaks bond deserves it. y dun u ask de ppl who break bond y they wan to does it? y u assume de coy is bad? i dun tink $10k can cover lawyer fee. stupidest comments ive see.

queen12345 11-07-2013 04:49 PM


Originally Posted by kanzie88 (Post 76134179)
The main point of my argument is that the company is one big blood sucking organization ... U can't disagree with me on that... Why do you have to take so much money of these engineers?

i m in the middle of my training now n they just assign me out to my second client. u say liddat not fair to the company oso rite? they pay for our training we no need to pay money. outside the courses very expensive to learn autocad and microstation and bim. unless you are a big screw up then you will get very little pay because of they got pay us a big cut of the amt they charge to the client. the rest of e money go back to help others to train up and take test and certificate. after i finish, i can hv good reputation and certs to work with client and my pay will go up so many times. i talk to one senior b4 and he woz transferred to client becoz of good performance and he earn so much after aceplp's training. if u r willing to work hard then no need to complain becoz good things will come. dun keep blaming company who train u and give u skill and help u earn higher pay next time.

queen12345 11-07-2013 04:52 PM


Originally Posted by kanzie88 (Post 76134282)
Everything unlearn belongs to yourself, and u deserve 99% credit for that cause its your effort but the company is taking 50% of your revenue...I did not devalue the worth of drafting ... I am just stating the facts for people who have ever done it before... Don't just think of all the goodies that entails drafting... Understand whether it suits you... It doesn't suit everybody

now u learn alr after company teach u then u anyhow blame company for taking away ur money. u go outside can get hired for dis amt meh? if can then you apply in the first place for wad? careful got karma. ppl help u cross e bridge, u cross alr want to snap the bridge.

queen12345 11-07-2013 05:01 PM


Originally Posted by kanzie88 (Post 74238685)
I am a civil engineering under grad graduating from NUS with second honours. I went for interview and the boss broke the pay structure down into a rather elaborate plan that attempts to convince you that the company is not making much from you. But essentally what is going to happen is you take back a pay no more than $2000/mth for two years (as in seriously after all the add ons)... 1250 is you base pay, another 300 based on your performance(they literally said if you dun slack, dun TALK to your classmates during worktime you are guaranteed that add-on)(problem is workhours for the first 2 months is literally 9am to 10pm 80% of the time) then they add on 60% of the pay you are going to get from the company they send you out to work. this amount is about 3.5k on average(ie you do the work worth 3.5k in that consulantcy firm) 60% of this amount is not add on simply but rather is offset by the base pay you get, the company cpf contribution, medical benefits they entitle you to). so 60% of 3.5=2100; 2100-1550=550; 550x60%(again they take 40% here, i dunno why)=330 and this 330 will add to your original pay of 1550 so 1880 then plus some other minimal add on and it ends up with $1950.

If you think about it if you are doing the work of 3.5k that means the company is taking 1.5k from you for 2 years which amounts to 36k. if you deduct 8k of course fee from them(the 8k is what they claim their courses are worth that they put you through in the first 2 months of training you get). that means the company is earning 28k from you. the company has about 200 ppl under them so 28x200=5.6 million turnover for company minimum every 2 years. That is not including the transfer fee every time you get employed by the consultancy firms and the firms pay aceplp.

So I have discussed how much they earn from you. while that is a result how much you lose, i I have yet to discuss how much you get to gain from this. Well you get a nice portfolio of projects that you have done and will increase your employability by a lot(or so they claim). Since this is a prediction, it is certainly a huge risk to take for a fresh graduate like me especially if you cant back out half way; you have to commit to 2 years or be liable for 8k of course fees. considering your pay is only 2k and you save 1k a month, you have to work for 16 months(67% of your contract duration of 24 months) so that you dun lose any money.

So while i really like the idea of being trained with essential skills and broadens my network, I dun like how the company takes so much of my pay and bonds me to 2 years with them(usually when you are bonded with a company, the company will pay you a nice hefty sum which you dun get here as well) in a life that is not guaranteed a bed of roses.

but e company oso need to survive rite? they train us then we become more skill, but they oso need to have a bit of profit to exist so can help next batch of trainees wad. u tell me which compnay wanna train u and pay 4 ur education n say any time u free to go? a bit like u r livin in another world. even u go on civil svc oso they make u sign bond. u go teaching studies in nie oso got bond becoz they r trg u to hv teaching skill n qualification. unless u think company is ur father own one then everything can free la... and then u come n go as u wish.

actualy i tink e bond sometimes oso is gd coz like that time my class gt one trainee fren wanted to give up becoz he tink is 2 tiring... but he cannot give up becoz got bond to aceplp, then he continue. now he doing very well in client company and he told me now client impress with him... nxt time maybe get job from client and higher pay.

queen12345 12-07-2013 11:13 AM


Originally Posted by Afirex (Post 65870316)
Anymore info on this job?

they will ask u 2 sit 4 iq test... n autocad practical n theory test... n then interview u. when i go 4 e interview e last time, my test fail like-a-boss... haha. lucky they still take me in... coz i rlly like doing engineering design but uni nvl teach us e cad skill properly. now i finish my basic trg in coy n i assign to my 2nd proj alr loh... so much to learn n learn frm everywhere. i tink some ppl juz no balls to be humble n learn... ppl giv opp to learn then take it lah. next time can earn bigg money when become proper engineer w good cad skill. i tot it woz suitable for me coz i wanna become engineer nxt time... :D

starwinkin 17-07-2013 02:33 PM

why is there so much hate? I tot the t&c are explained clearly enough before signing the contract?? O.O In my point of view, I would say this is a great stepping stone for fresh grads, frankly speaking, getting a position in this industry wif 0 yrs of experience is very difficult..even for 2nd upper honours...

Santeora 22-07-2013 11:40 PM


Originally Posted by AhGongGong (Post 63484222)

Why regret? The way you wrote I guess you must be one of the CAD trainee like me.

You must have enjoyed the free training worth almost $10,000 and full salary during the initial 3 months intenssive CAD training like what I have gone thru.

Please do not talk cock after taken all the above for free!


didi29 was right You are A Childish douche as a 'Diploma' Holder, your attitude is worst than Primrary 1 kid trying to troll his friends, Quit bragging how succesful you are, moron. calling people stupid, doesnt make you any better, you sounded more like a fool that knows nothing about socializing by having a thrashy words like 'talk cock' even theres no 'talking cock' from a persoon that is giving his viewpoint. . You really need a proffesional help for your utterly terrible EQ, son. I hope you dont breed, or at least stop breathing, thatll be great.

SyraLeo 25-07-2013 10:21 AM

but aceplp doesnt take in people without engr degree ?

cause if they do, and they train them in Autocad, then what kind of engineering skills are taught?

im not learning anything new in my current job, and the drafting required is so basic, anything new i learn isnt put to use either.

want to switch but i dont want to go to Aceplp, i already know my basics well, no point signing 2 yrs away for the "training".

waniska 19-12-2013 03:46 AM

May i know...
The working hours per day & working days per week?

greythorne 30-01-2014 05:36 PM

Wow those who claim AcePLP good must be the same person from the management team or being directed by them to say positive things. Most of the seniors who completed, some of whom I met said negative things. BTW do you know the talent dept said the LD is nothing but when I asked the HR about the damages I was told I must pay $16.55k!

greythorne 30-01-2014 05:44 PM

It's only after signing the contract that they introduce rules that make your life miserable

BigMan123 24-02-2014 09:29 AM

this is how this coy work.
1) train u for 2 mths. they claim the training worth $5k but to me it only worth ard $1k at most because such courses are very cheap and easily available.
2) attach u to other companies for 2 years. the price those companies will pay to aceplp usually range from 3k to 5k a mth. aceplp will then give u ard 40-60% of wad they get from them to YOU as salary. Basically, u r getting only 1-2k for doing a 3-5k job for 27 months(i will explain why 27 not 24). In this sense, even recruitment agencies are better then them. At least they don leech so much.
3) the contract u sign with them acts the same way as using a 100kg plated doublelock to cuff your leg so that you cant run away from the company for 27 months. If u try to buy a key to uncuff your leg, you need to fork out 16k sgd. If u dont, they will engage their lawyer to sue u until u faint.
4) its 27 mths, not 24, because u need to give 3 mths notice period to quit after your 2 years bond. If u don't give the notice period, they can sue you and dont give u the performance bonus. Its very low anyway.
5) in order to get the performance bonus, you must show them your cpf to prove you r not working 4 their clients for a few mths den they will decide if they will give u the very low performance bonus. joker?

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