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seianko 25-07-2014 04:09 PM

sounds like people who are praising this company might be clone accounts of the boss

anyway notch my biz. I have said my piece that u can learn by joining a proper construction firm

Iron_Maiden 30-09-2014 10:17 AM

I came across this company before. Their office is in short street beside the soya bean shop. Their office got double storey. Upstair is for printing the drawing and some drafter doing drawing. I happen to go there to print the drawing and ask the drafter how is the company. They give me the bad remarks. Ten other days I went there and the lady boss don't allow me to go up.

sudoku87 02-02-2015 03:32 PM

Anyone got sued from ACEPLP? PM me for solution

tata89 26-03-2015 05:30 PM


Originally Posted by sudoku87 (Post 91736261)
Anyone got sued from ACEPLP? PM me for solution

How? Help pls

Iron_Maiden 09-04-2015 04:10 PM

I met my ex colleague who work for this company. He just left the company without proper resignation letter. They did sent the letter to him but he ignore

meetchenchen 14-04-2015 11:13 AM

Trainee cad engineer is ********. When you are client side, you depend on yourself or your aceplp colleagues if there is. Sometimes the client will teach you sth that you do not know if they find that you are good. This also can help them.

meetchenchen 14-04-2015 11:31 AM


Originally Posted by AhGongGong (Post 63480873)
Hi didi29

I am a diploma holder, may be you are better educated than me! but I am a man of integrity and know how to thanks other who treat me well. The company pay me full salary every month even during training, gave me free training that worth almost $10,000, gave me no cliam medical bonuses, sent me to attend external training that cost them S$2,500 and coach me on the job when ever I encounter difficulty.
I believe that you did enjoyted similar treatment but now, you turn arround and talk cock, said that the company ill treated you. Are you a human being? If you are more educated then me, you must be an educated barbarian.

LMFAO, HAHAHA....:s12:

The person who talks cock and sings song is you. In Aceplp, the course is just an introduction. You pick up yourself if you are diligent. However the fellow does not care how much you pick up. When you are sent out,you are professional. Some clients are terrible. When you are sent back to aceplp, they close door on you as if you have done sth wrong. They insult you. When you stay at aceplp for 3 months because they cannot send you because of ns, they are unhappy towards you. Duraisamy mocks me. I send email to him. I do not know that the trainer email cannot be deleted by trainer himself. Later this fellow habours unhappiness towards you and closes door towards you. He makes you stressed because of the contract terms.

meetchenchen 15-04-2015 08:44 AM

欢迎大家接受这丰富的培训课程。你们将学到一些新软件。例如是Microsoft word,Microstation,Aeco Sim,Revit和Autocad。你们可以在真实环境学习。虽然是26个月培训,但是值得咯。

meetchenchen 15-04-2015 08:56 AM


Originally Posted by AhGongGong (Post 63481846)
Since you did not deny that you have gone thru the training as I did, received full salary during training, spent company money attending costly external trianing, why are you still talking cock now?
You have confessed that you to have attitude problem, I propose that you should go to IMH for treatment. Maybe you have depression or autism. Early treatment will certainly help you to recover and live a normal life.

LOL....HAHAHA :s12:

Ah gonggong 你才去imh治疗。你他妈的尼玛抄妈的

meetchenchen 15-04-2015 09:00 AM


Originally Posted by AhGongGong (Post 63472840)
I do not agree. You must have breached the 2 years contract that you signed when you were desperately looking for a job and then quit the traineeship after taking free training and full salary. This is a form of cheating and MOM will not intervene when the company that you have cheated go after you. Otherwise MOM will become part of the syndicate because of YOU!

You think MOM is as stupid as YOU?

同意和赞justice light。就是这样过分。

meetchenchen 15-04-2015 11:16 AM


Originally Posted by newmanhyde (Post 67298770)
only 7 annual leave
no ows for the 2 year whole contract
video cam in office to spy on you.
use gps system to track sales ppl
ot pay rate is standard which is less than 1.5 your hourly rate
saturday 1/2 day
use wda funding so that they pay peanuts for your training.(if like that i can train myself with wda better)
only focus on the construction industry.(u know nothing about elec,marine,oilngas drafting standard)
have to clock in morning clock in/out lunch time clock out evening(am i in factory?)
in house training must sign additional contract to bind you
put you in useless attachment where u learn nothing during ojt . (see u lucky or not)

there is more , now cant remember the contract

those who think this company is good is either ppl who r retrench, housewife or FT. cause u will see a lot here.


extremerap 03-06-2015 09:34 PM

Thank You
Thank you, everyone, for this informative thread. I received an interview invitation and read this entire thread to decide whether or not I should attend.

I think we should all listen to AhGongGong and join AcePLP! FerreroForte also supported the company well and was very easy to understand, especially with his brilliant writing skills which he must have acquired from the exceptional training provided.


Edit: By the way, I have just joined hardwarezone for commenting here. This is my first post, but it's definitely a legit account! (:

edwardz587 07-07-2015 04:21 PM


i am interested to join this aceplp. would like to know more abiut this company.
Would they provide MC fee, hostipal fee, 13 months pay, alot of OT and etc?
From your experiences what are the advantage and disadvantage beside can learn new skills, know alot company, low pay, little annual leave? thanks in advance

meetchenchen 24-07-2015 06:31 AM


Originally Posted by edwardz587 (Post 95014766)

i am interested to join this aceplp. would like to know more abiut this company.
Would they provide MC fee, hostipal fee, 13 months pay, alot of OT and etc?
From your experiences what are the advantage and disadvantage beside can learn new skills, know alot company, low pay, little annual leave? thanks in advance

病假自己支付。但是生病需要用polyclinic为证。我快要申请performance bonus了。最多3倍

meetchenchen 25-07-2015 04:19 AM

那些读电的那么短学civil and structural不能。不然为什么大学理工学院有civil and structual的专业?

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