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lurker88 05-02-2019 12:04 AM

Alternatives to steam
I'm not an avid gamer and prefer single player. My games were purchased from steam and after playing rise of the tomb raider, I like this game and decided to purchase shadow of the tomb raider where the price is still on the high side.

Still a noob in pc gaming after moving on from ps1, PSE, Wii, ps3. Next I went to check out carousell and find someone selling less than 30 but requires my account and pw. I won't want to know how it is being done but just want to know whether it's safe and whether the game will remain in my account. TIA

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Pyre 05-02-2019 12:33 AM

not safe and not recommended.

if you really want to get a game at low price, wait for steam sale.

lurker88 05-02-2019 12:36 AM

OK. Should heed your advice and wait when the price drops within my comfort level

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