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Borderlands 3 story opinion: I see why they originally said no sequel after BL2

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Borderlands 3 story opinion: I see why they originally said no sequel after BL2

I mean we have TPS which wholly sucked compared to BL2 but that was done by 2K Australia so it doesn't entirely count, even if it created the potential to screw the canon storyline.

I think the main problem is that BL2 story (and the game in general) was done too well that it is pretty much impossible to top that. So in the end we get BL3 which is IMO between TPS and BL2 though closer to TPS.

But mainly, the main problem:

- BL1 has a pretty fun story for a simple thing of Vault Hunting. It became a pretty big thing in the end but that just adds to the fun.

- BL2 is like a short story of an event that happened on Pandora. Which became like a civil war but really it's just about 4 vault hunters who appeared in the midst of the war and then fked Jack up. The ending is pretty like BL1 (u fk the company, the company opens the vault, u fk the vault). Yet for such an otherwise short and simple episode, so many things happen - sanctuary getting fked, the bird getting fked, angel getting fked, Jack's companies and acquaintances getting fked, lots of people and things were fked. Things that don't mean anything to an outsider. But that is how a good writer rolls - The ability to make even daily life look interesting.

- BL3 tries to make the story epic by throwing the whole story of the vault in. Emphasizing on "tries". So instead of one vault, u have many vaults and a big one. But end up still not feeling epic. Yet in the process they wasted the canon, since now the background is fixed, known, and used up for the story. They even made Lilith into a protagonist and then made her disappear, ensuring no further development in that direction until if it suddenly reveals "oops I'm back"

- Speaking of which, it feels like the entire BL story teams are just hating each other and trying to screw each other up. I mean I can understand why they would want to as a retaliatory act, after TPS and TftBL. But how about not screwing up the story and trying to patch things up instead. I mean the last 3 games are pretty much all about screwing up the canon and wasting any opportunity it would have provided.

- Speaking of canon, what about the aliens? What was the thing that Zarpadon saw and was the reason for fighting? What did Jack learn from the BL logo? What about that ......? thing that appeared in TPS and warns of a great war coming soon? Well that soon is definitely not within 5 years because that was the time between BL2 and 3. Also because the Great Vault plot has been used up already so wtf is next? Tell us Destroyer in the great vault is just one of many?

- Not to mention they pretty much threw as many characters/entities into the story. BL1 is about one company, BL2 is about 1 company, BL3 is about 3 companies, the bandit population, and the whole vault legend. They even threw as many characters they could find into the story for no good reason - Does Rhys really need to be the Atlas CEO? Did it have to be the Baroness who die? Wtf is the ending about? A lot of character (and company) possibilities have been screwed up for this game

- In fact it feels like they are just trying to fk it and just use up everything just to finish the story with a bang. Which they didn't and still left strings hanging (the .....? guy), but at least they fked it up enough that there won't be a Borderlands 4. Or if they want a BL4 it would have to be reset so hard that everything will be new again, which might be for the better.

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