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NuclearElephant 15-08-2019 01:37 AM

Which mobile game have you played for the longest period of time?
Hi all,

Just wondering which mobile game you've all played for the longest period of time!

Mine would have to be Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes or Clash of Clans.

What about you guys? :)

starryz 16-08-2019 11:25 AM

onmyoji i played the longest

JayBeeLwashere 17-08-2019 06:52 PM

Right now is dragalia lost followed by ffrk

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Adt007 19-08-2019 09:03 PM

Raid : Shadow Legends

Been continuously playing for 4 months now everyday w/o fail.

The graphic and gameplay is nice.

Was playing Overhit and Browndust too but give up already.

kiwing 19-08-2019 10:35 PM

Idle Heroes for me, not sure if many have played it.

Orionsat 20-08-2019 01:49 AM

Clash of Clans for about 2 years then quit.

HIT - Heroes of Incredible Tales
For about 3 years or so. Best pvp game IMO. It's dead now, nexon discontinued it.

NuclearElephant 20-08-2019 04:19 AM

AH yes, it's a good game but I'm playing a better version of it right now.

bear00 05-09-2019 02:49 PM

played clash of clans 5 years.
kings raid 2 years.
endless frontier 2 years.
brave frontier 5 years.

bear00 05-09-2019 02:51 PM

just started playing afk arena for about 5 months and been addicted to it since. and its very F2P friendly. havent spend a single cent till date

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