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crazyjero 01-07-2020 02:22 PM

Replacing faulty LED on Logitech G Pro keyboard
Hello, would anybody know what LED does the Logitech G Pro keyboard uses? A few of the LEDs are faulty and I'm looking to replace them. TIA :)

m0n0n0ke 01-07-2020 04:47 PM

i just change my g512 from kiara due to led faulty

CXXXXXXD 01-07-2020 04:51 PM


Originally Posted by m0n0n0ke (Post 128138485)
i just change my g512 from kiara due to led faulty

I just my G512 from Ban Leong lol.

Northernray 01-07-2020 04:58 PM

RMA the keyboard if under warranty. Logitech mechanical keyboard using RomerG switches are using SMD LED at the center of the switch, different from Cherry MX with the LED at the upper edge of the switch.

crazyjero 01-07-2020 04:59 PM

Hmm, my warranty is over, so I'll need to diy myself. >.<

That said, the service center only opens on weekdays (office hours) - a bit hard to slip away from work to bring it all the way there.

Would anyone know which SMD led type to get for this darn keyboard...I'm get annoyed whenever I see 'off-color' on various keys, sigh.

That said, are faulty LEDs apparent in most or in not all RGB keyboards? - They breakdown over time?

Northernray 01-07-2020 06:20 PM

I didn't check the exact model of the LED when I fixed 4 keys on my son's G810. I remembered the LED is square type about 4mm x 4mm sit right at the center beneath the RomerG switch.

LED be it single or tri-colour will degrade over time. However, Logitech's SMD LEDs fail rate seem on the higher side compare to other mechanical keyboard using SMD LEDs. There are 2 types of SMD tri-colour LEDs, 1 is common anode and the other common cathode. Not sure which one unless desolder one of them and test it with MM.

crazyjero 01-07-2020 10:53 PM

Thanks @Northernray! Appreciate the response. Cheers!

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