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PetPet 23-10-2020 12:41 PM

Incorrect article about Halide


Halide Mark II is available now. You can pay for it as a one-time purchase for S$44.98 or as a yearly subscription for S$14.98. Halide Mark I owners get to update for free. Finally, there's a free 7-day trial.
Halide Mark I owners are automatically given the membership for 1 year.
They're not given the App for free.

Additionally, the prices are incorrect.
14.98SGD and 44.98SGD are both promotional prices.

Source — https://blog.halide.cam/introducing-...i-30f9f2bceac3

kennyyeo23 23-10-2020 02:48 PM


Unless I'm mistaken, your source mentions quite clearly that Halide Mark I owners get Mark II for free.

"If we want to do right for our most loyal users, there’s really one solution. Anyone who has already paid for Halide 1 gets Mark II for free. We’re also including a year of members’ updates."

Further down and near the bottom...

"This huge update does cost money, but existing Halide users get it for free. New users can either pay once, or join a premium membership for added perks."

As for pricing, I understand that there's promo pricing for other markets and I'm reaching out to them to see if it's the same for us. The prices in the article are what I see on the app right now.

I'll update the article once I hear from them.


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