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Cowon V5

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Old 19-05-2010, 06:03 PM   #31
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I wondered that since it is running on wince platform, is it possible to add in more video codecs? Once of the things i like about Archos 605 is that i can play FLV files.
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Old 21-05-2010, 09:18 AM   #32
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I got the player already, BTW, Thanks Curo for the info where to get the player.

Battery life is quite impressive. Much better than my Archos 605. Had used it for around 4 hours (Some videos and pictures) and still on 50%.

I mainly use it to watch movies and my manga Jpeg collection.
Viewing angles are very good, except from the top. If you demo the player, you will understand what i mean.

In terms of music, coming from someone who is used to sony thumping bassy quality, i am kinda disappointed. I'm no audiophile, but I am quite disappointed and it seems some music have distortion on my PX100. The album art is also too small for my liking.

Overall I am very happy with this player since the main purpose is to use it for Video and Manga. Would recommend it to anyone looking for Video player with long lasting battery life.
No problem.. Nice things are to be share

i also want 2 thank curo..

just now went to farle at funan, was quoted much higher price;

also the service was very bad.. i was the ONLY customer but they still show a face like i owe them a million bucks.
No problem.. So did you go to sls and buy?

Btw, I think SQ of the player will also be affected if your earphone/headphone is a lousy kind. Its like you buy a sound system that cost thousand of dollars but get a speaker that cost like few dollars, the SQ surly sucks.

When I got my A3, i was using those earphone given provided when you purchase a mobile phone and I can tell you it really sound "Flat". That was when i decide to invest into my UM1. Now, i wun use other earphone unless they are better than my UM1.
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Old 29-05-2010, 11:58 AM   #33
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1.09 FW released.

Support up to two languages in a subtitle in Videos mode.
It is possible to display up to two classes in a subtitle if the SAMI file contains more than two classes.
Improved displaying image quality in Picture Mode.
Displaying image quality on the screen is improved. Optimize decoding setting is deleted and
it is changed to load images with original size.
Fixed the error that Launcher Menu was stopped.
Fixed the error that launcher Menu was stopped when video player and flash player were turned off
abnormally or hold icon area was clicked on the taskbar.
Fixed the error in moving launcher Menu.
Fixed the error that launcher Menu loaded with default when it is reboot after adjusted menu icons.
Fixed the error of down arrow button on the keyboard.
Fixed the error of the button images were displayed abnormally when the "↓" key was pressed in the bigger
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Old 29-05-2010, 12:01 PM   #34
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a very thorough review.
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Old 29-05-2010, 12:10 PM   #35
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I've been using the Cowon V5 for about 2 months now. I'll do a quick review here.

Bought it off Amazon for around 600SGD+ including a 32GB sdhc.

SQ is impressive, I'm using a pair of Westone 3 with UM56.

Flac files sounded great on it. (of course, it better) Note only support for 44khz files and not high res files. MP3s sounded a little more hollow bubt with BBE it can mask that out.

Next loaded my mkvs onto it, note that there is a limit to the files size (4GB) so you have to re-encode/split your movies to fit that 4GB FAT32 limit. A workaround which I did was to reformat my V5 to exFAT which removed that 4GB limit.
Video quality is excellent. Colors are rich enough for portable use.

Now, I hate the flash interface. It's slow. Not responsive at times. It's a resistive screen so any presses on it, it would register. While listening to flac music, the time from one track to the next takes a couple of seconds, so, get used to that.
This is my first Cowon device. Up to now, I still can't get used to the interface, to me it's not intuitive enough. I still have not figured out how to add files to the playlist. (on that note also, how to create playlists)

Also, the casing scratches easily. So keep your keys and coins away from your device

The lack of development for the flash interface also makes me sad. It can be a better device if not for these eye candy visual interfaces. Seriously, at this age, who still uses flash?

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Old 29-05-2010, 01:03 PM   #36
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I wondered that since it is running on wince platform, is it possible to add in more video codecs? Once of the things i like about Archos 605 is that i can play FLV files.
So meaning it can't play FLV files ? Damn , most of my prawns are FLV .

The batt life seems gd but Vulpix's choice of PMP seems better only wif a smaller screen and lesser file formats it could play .

V5 seems tempting but i recently jus gt my Ainol PMP only .


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Old 03-06-2010, 12:30 AM   #37
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I saw the others was talking abt another brand call viliv. Any1 know compare it to v5 which model from this brand is smiliar in spec and which 1 is better?
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Old 30-06-2010, 08:31 PM   #38
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Just wish to share with fellow V5 users that our player can actually play RMVB format.

I found in some youtube page that RMVB is actually supported in older versions and was removed on 1.06.
I had personally downloaded the 1.06 and it actually worked!

3 months ago
don't install latest firware 1.07 it's doen't suported rmvb file. "

I came to the conclusion that probably some of the dll files had a part to play for cowon to block out this format, possibly with licence agreement?
I started experimenting with replacing the DLL from 1.06 with 1.10 one by one to see which are the correct DLL blocking RMVB.

I just found that these are the 2 files.
Once i copy and overwrite from the 1.06 version to 1.10 version under my windows directory in my player, i can play RMVB on my player.

Not sure if there are any side effects, but i am pretty pleased that i have another format being supported on my player.

I'm not sure if this is illegal, or worse, damaging to the player, but i just wanted to share this info with fellow V5 users. Hopefully somewhere in the line, some of you guys who are more expert in this can give us some tips on how to enhance our player further.

If this post is not appropriate, i will delete this immediately.
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Old 01-07-2010, 01:50 PM   #39
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Cowon v5 should be capable of playing rmvb.

It's the stupid licensing fee that cowon isn't willing to pay to realmedia company. Just my speculation.
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Old 14-01-2011, 03:10 AM   #40
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Hi, can Cowon V5 play videos with subtitles (foreign dramas and movies) and japanese anime with subtitles? Which online merchant on Amazon did you guys buy from? Please reply. Thanks.
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Old 08-03-2011, 07:23 AM   #41
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don support rmvb / rm files is really a pity for such a gd product. sianz..
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