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Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Recommendations

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Old 06-11-2016, 07:59 AM   #16
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Have you tried Senheisser Momentum wireless or B&O H8 ?
Ideals are PEACEFUL
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Old 06-11-2016, 08:03 AM   #17
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I using cheapo remax

Works well. Can't hear family members talk when i watching movie.

Model is 195, abt 65 bucks only.
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Old 07-11-2016, 11:31 AM   #18
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I own a Jabra move wireless on the recommendation of thewirecutter.

So far its price to performance is quite good but i believe mine has an unusual issue.

That aside, i will mention the pros and cons of the jabra move wirless based on my 3 weeks of using it.

Pros - The price if its on sale is was quite good, (Bought it for around USD 60.00 on amazon)

- The sound quality is good if your not into heavy bass since i noticed that compared to my Sony MDR 7506 and ajays five for android. But all around listening is good, just dont expect a clear bass sound signature.

-Battery actually exceeds the 8 hour mark so thats a bonus

-Controls are decent and there isnt much interference on bluetooth

-For an on-ear headphone, its quite comfortable

Now the cons

- I believe mine is a lemon since the headphone has a weird issue if you switch it off and leave it off for quite sometime, you cant switch it back on until you plug it in for charging which "wakes it up" and it will function normally until you switch it off for a period of time (A couple of hours by my best estimate).

This issue happens periodically since sometimes it will start up, sometimes it wont. I just leave my headphone on standby which negates the problem of waking it up but i dont like to leave it on standby mode for fear that it will drain the battery.

I will try send it to the local jabra service center to see if they can diagnose the problem.
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Old 08-11-2016, 12:39 AM   #19
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Pls check out FREEL bluetooth earphones at https://sg.carousell.com/p/74262209/

It's a local brand, priced much lower than it sounds.
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Old 08-11-2016, 04:13 PM   #20
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I just finished auditing Sony MDR-1000X,Bose QC35, and compared them with my MDR-ZX770BN.

Below are my observations.

Active Noise cancelling, Sony MDR-1000X and QC35 are better in filtering ambient sounds compared to MDR-ZX770BN. Sony MDR-1000X ANC is comparable to QC35.

Music quality. I feel that Sony MDR-1000X is slightly better than
MDR-ZX770BN, I am using a Spotify downloaded high quality stream. I am expecting huge difference on MDR-1000X but it's only marginal to me. QC35 sound quality is the worse among 3 of them.

Comfort, Bose QC35 is the most comfortable among all. I feel that I can wear it for hours without fatigue. Sony MDR-1000X slightly more comfortable than Sony Zx770bn, but don't think I will feel comfortable with MDR-1000X in a long haul flight.

In summary, Bose QC35 for frequent flyers. Sony MDR-1000X for public commuters who wants both good active noise cancellation and music quality.

Sony Zx770bn for those who are on budget and don't mind the poor ambient noise cancellation. But Zx770bn offers decent wireless music quality at the lowest price.
I like the way you reviewed and break-down the pros and cons. Very informative. I'm looking at them as well though the Sony Zx770bn is not in my list. Did you get to test out the Sennheiser PXC550? The most costly of the lot but not sure if it has the best of both Sony and Bose? Might head down to Stereo to audit them this weekend.
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Old 09-11-2016, 06:18 PM   #21
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Sony Zx770bn selling at Sony Store for $249 (before 20% discount).

Just tested it today and comfort level the MDR-1000X is definitely more comfortable.
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Old 11-11-2016, 10:36 AM   #22
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It seems Bose QC35 is not in your shopping list. I will not further emphasise its sound quality but the comfort for the GC35 is great. Worth adding into your list.
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Old 12-11-2016, 05:19 PM   #23
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My review of Jabra Move Wireless:

The first thing that strikes me when I listened to the Jabra Move is its clear treble. The bass level mixes well in quiet environments, but it loses the impact when listening to music tracks with noisy vocal mix or under noisy environment, which is the case for any small-sized on-ear headphones.


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Old 13-11-2016, 09:29 PM   #24
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I'm still using my Jabra Revo Wireless. Bought it around 250 when it was on sale at Ion Epicenter last year.

I think its value for the money. It has touch controls and while it doesn't have active no ice cancellation, it offers some passive noice cancellation/isolation as it is an over-ear can.

After around a year of use, the ear cushions now are peeling off/flaking. Not sure where to find replacements but they are removable. Jabra.com do sell them at US$29.99
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Old 13-11-2016, 09:42 PM   #25
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Is Sony Zx770bn reasonably comfortable?

I'm using HD 598 with amp.

Any idea if the sound quality would be better?
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Old 15-11-2016, 06:47 AM   #26
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Any idea backbeat pro 2 price in sg?
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Old 15-11-2016, 11:36 AM   #27
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I'm using QC35 too...super comfortable..I can wear it for hours without any ear aches I've experienced with other headsets. After a long while, no matter how good the music quality is on other phones, your ears will feel tired and you want to take them off. QC35 puts the world in silent mode. Very happy using them.
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Old 19-11-2016, 09:49 AM   #28
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I'm acoustic engineer in one of audio related company in Malaysia (not SONY ).
I have Sony 1ABT and just bought MDR-zx770bn at lazada Malaysia at RM402 two weeks ago. I tested MDR-1000x before go for MDR-zx770bn.

From my observation with SBC or Aptx,

sounds wormer, more bass, less treble. Total package sounds more comfortable, good for long time period of listening. No ANC. It sounds great when listen at quiet environment, but the sound is totally different when u take bus or flight. The low frequency noise will mask over the bass and u will only hear mid and treble.

Good ANC, the ANC did not create uncomfortable sound. I notice a lot of ANC headphones created uncomfortable sound at mid range where the phase offset did not perform properly. The sound is quite balance, more treble and less bass compare to 1ABT. But it sounds a bit harder compare to 1ABT, this is the only reason stop me from moving to 1000x.

ANC not so great, I can hear a bit of uncomfortable sound at mid frequency. End up I use putty to block the ANC mic port to prevent mid and high frequency pass through the mic, so that only low frequency noise will be processed.
770bn is the worst compare to 1000x and 1ABT, too much of bass and high frequency (has the V shape kind of EQ). Need to manually tune the bass port to reduce the bass and high frequency.
The only item I like 770bn is the price, Audio technica ANC7B,ANC9, Bose QC15 all are above RM850! And without BT feature.

Now I'm using 1ABT at home (quiet environment), MDR-zx770bn for traveling (noisy environment).

Tested BOSE products, but I prefer SONY's sound character.
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Old 19-11-2016, 08:00 PM   #29
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Almost want to buy the SONY MDR-zx770bn but after reading your review
make me give a miss of this headphone despite is on budget ...

Still looking @ a NC headphone ... so any recommendation ?
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Old 21-11-2016, 09:51 PM   #30
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For MDR-ZX770BN, Manage to compare the default audio vs SQ priority mode (volume up + power on), SQ priority mode is significantly better (balance audio), Clearer mid range.
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