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***Forum Etiquette***Before You Post Questions***READ BEFORE POSTING***

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Exclamation ***Forum Etiquette***Before You Post Questions***READ BEFORE POSTING***

No swearing.
No name calling.
No flaming.
No advertising.


This is a forum and community. You're here because your real life friends think lifting iron and eating chicken breasts and broccoli for lunch is weird, so you have no choice but to come here to talk iron.


You're here because people here understand why you do what you do. Never forget that. You're here because everyone shares what they know, doesn't matter if you're the sharer or the recipient.

You're expected to treat everyone as equals. The iron game should be one of self-challenge, not comparing and challenging others.

You will talk to each other as though the person is sitting across you in real life, ie. being on the internet doesn't give you any more right to abuse another person.

You will respect each other just as you respect the barbell. That means no challenging of each other's PR and stats and other nonsense.

You will teach if you know, you will shut up and listen if you don't.

You will debate in the interest of furthering knowledge, not to stroke your ego or dick.

Anything else, there's the Nonsense Thread or EDMW.

Thank you.

30 Aug 2011 Update:

Those of you who have stuff to sell, or want to conduct MO, this is what's gonna happen:

From now on, forumers will post in the official HWZ Marketplace when it comes to any of these sale stuff.

All discussion, bumping, etc surrounding Sales and MOs only takes place in Marketplace threads.

In this forum, I'll allow TWO threads, FOR SALE, and MASS ORDER.

The two threads will be updated SALE/MO details and links to relevant threads in Marketplace by forumers who have stuff to sell, or who're organising MOs.

The two threads in this forum are only for notification purpose to point interested parties to the right threads. This will centralise the mess and keep this forum clean.

There will be no bumping of anything in the two threads here. Once forumers here are aware of the SALE/MO going on, they're to take further discussion and activities to the linked threads in Marketplace.

The For Sale / Mass Order thread (stickied): http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/sh...php?p=59139618

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Before you Post Questions. Please READ This!

Thanks to XanderBuilt, original here.

This room needed this sometime ago. Feel free to add your suggestions and I'll update this main post.

EDIT : Thanks guys for your contribution. Updated.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that there are many eager lifters with the need to seek answers to their questions.

We all would like to help each other be better so we'd like to make asking questions easier so that you can get direct answers rather than different solutions from different people which may or may not help you.

Before you ask your question:
1. Did you use Google to search your question first?
2. Did you try the Search function on this site?
3. Did you search for your answer specifically within the various Stickied threads at the top of the Health & Fitness sub-Forum?

If the answer is YES to all those questions, then please help by:

Fitness/Training questions
1. What are your training goals? Be specific.
1a. If you want fat loss, how many kgs of fat do you want to lose?
1b. If you want strength, how many kgs do you want to increase your lifts by, which lifts?
1c. If you want mass, how many kgs of muscle do you want to put on, how many inches on specific body parts do you want to increase (quads, biceps etc).?
2. What does your program look like currently?
3. What was the basis for choosing your program?
4. Body stats - Height, Weight, Body Fat %. If possible, state how you measured your body fat* (Calipers, Weighing Machine, Bio Signature, DEXA Scan, Other device etc)?

* - Photos are optional, but of course if you need critique, please post. Videos for "How's my Form?" are essential, almost mandatory.

Nutrition Questions

1. What is your current diet? Is it different on different days?
2. How many calories are you consuming daily exactly?
3. What is your macro-nutrient split like (protein to carbs to fat)?
4. What supplements are you taking? At what time during the day or night?

Injury/Rehab Questions

1. How did the problem occur?
2. Do you have a history of a similar problem? What is your injury history?
3. What treatment are you receiving for your injury?

1. Did you try looking at videos on You Tube to understand how the exercise is performed and if you're doing it correctly?
2. Did you search other websites dedicated to health, fitness and bodybuilding AS WELL AS here?

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Closed Thread
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