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info_guy 09-07-2020 09:25 AM

Looking for suggestions on fitness regime
Hi guys I'm 37 YO male here. Height 172

I have been 78 half of my life after finishing school at 20. Recently 1 Yr back after my son was born, my wife stayed at home so I'm left at our shop alone, so I sat most of e time taking over her duties (I used to be e worker last time :o) ballooned to 85 in 1 Yr.

During lockdown, since I did most of e chores and we ate clean, I slimmed down from 85 to around 81.

Late may I started weight lifting since I had time and read that for guys its better than just pure cardio since can increase testosterone (I may want to add T test with cholesterol, glucose, etc blood check on this in Sept and December later on to check my health progress)

30 may stats
Bmi 27.6
Body fat 27%
Water 50%
Visceral fat 12
Muscle 55.90kg
Protein 19.1%

As of now I'm (8 July)
76.85 - 77.4 (morning & night)
BMI 26.2
Body fat 25.7%
Water 50.9%
Visceral fat 12
Muscle 54.10kg
Protein 19.5%

Thse are all stats from my Xiaomi weighing machine 2nd gen. I ready that it's not very accurate but i figured it's good to at least track progress (I assume) so it's good my body fat went down, but why did my muscle go down by 1 kg when

- I have been weight training for 1 month regularly (early June till now)
- I track my protein consumption, to hit at least 100g - 120g a day from purely food
- I don't drink protein shakes / take whey supplements and I don't think I want to go there.
- I keep my calories at 2000. For a deficit of 500 calories a day after reading online (500gram per week weight reduction)

Or is it normal that however much u train, u are bound to lose a bit of muscles with your Fats?

For e past 1 month I have been doing all YouTube workouts from hasfit (I feel that they have lots of complete workout so that I can follow their rhythm and pace)

Mon (rest)

Tue 40 min total body weight workout + 40 mins back and bicep

Wed 40 min total body weight workout + 40 mins chest and tricep

Thur (rest, but sometimes I do stretching and posture exercise also from hasfit)

Fri same as tuesday

Sat same as wednesday

Sunday 30 mins HIIT workout/kickboxing/tabata without weights + more stretching and sometimes yoga from YouTube.

My weights are usually 5 kg, 7.5kg, 9.5kg (usually hasfit do 3 sets of 12/10/8 reps) I can do heavier for Romanian dumbbells deadlift and some other compound exercise.

I would love comments on how to at least grow muscle and comments on what part of my training and dieting can be improved. I have no plans to go gym though until maybe I have to progress to heavier weights and then barbells.

Aizenhart 09-07-2020 10:27 AM

Body recomposition, would be what you are looking at. Reducing fat while increasing muscle mass.

Watching what you are consuming, together with dedicated consistency on exercising will see you reduce your fat mass and build more muscles over time.

info_guy 09-07-2020 10:40 AM

OK. Thanks. I'm actually trying to wTch as much as YouTube video as possible in this topic too all this while from Greg doucette and etc

Anyone knows what could be e weak link in my exercise or diet?

My diet is actually supplied from those healthy caterings for lunch and dinner. My breakfast is my cheat meal basically whatever I love to eat but I try to hit e 30g protein quote and keep to 800 calories

So usually 3 egg whites +

Chicken / fish porridge
Bak cang
Smoked beef / chicken sandwich with mozarella
Bread with chicken / beef

This + fruits and water keeps me full for my 11am workout. Usually is 40 mins workout + 15 mins water & rest + 40 mins workout

My lunch and dinner is composed of

30-35g of protein (chicken/beef/fish)
400-450 calories
10-12g of healthy fat

I don't snack anymore, nor sugary drinks at all. My Sept blood test should show lower cholesterol and glucose level.

info_guy 10-07-2020 01:00 PM

Oh ya is it better to do 1 body part weight workout first then do total body weight workout?

Or the latter first.

Also I read creatine will help to improve strength temporarily as it increase water in muscles. Is it really safe and needed to progress?

Because I feel that my strength is stuck at max 9.5 for biceps workout. Even then I can't do more than 6 with good form.

So 12 reps with 5kg

10 reps with 7.5kg

6 reps with 9.5kg

But maybe If I do body part workout first followed by total body weight workout, I might be able to do 8.

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