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Need help with routine!

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Old 13-10-2019, 11:32 AM   #1
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Need help with routine!

Hey guys, ive been working out for about 3years bodyweight training now, only recently decided to go gym to bulk up, and im not sure if my routine is too much or too little volume? I have overdeveloped triceps/ chest and front delts, and underdeveloped side and rear delts and biceps, thus the emphasis on these body parts in this routine. Im trying my best to put on mass/definition on my side delts and biceps.

Squats 5x5
RDL 5x5
Leg press x Hamstring curl 3/4x12

Lateral raises 4x15
Rear delt flyes 4x15
1A cable raise 4x 15

Incline curls 4 x 12
Hammer curls X EzB Reverse C 4 x 12

BB BP 4x10
Skull crusher 4x 10

Weighted Pushups 4x12
LC press x Rope pushdowns 4x12
Machine chest flyes 4x 12

Weighted PU 5 x 10
Bentover BB row 4x12
Incline Bicep curl 3x12
Preacher curls 3x12
Ez barbell curls 3x12
X spider curls

OHP 5 x 10
Lat raise Giant superset 10 reps 4 -10kg 3 sets
Rear Delt machine x Face pulls 5 x 15
Arnolds 3 x 10
1A Cable lat raise 3x 15
Upright Rows 3 x 15

Weighted CU 5 x 10
Hammer curls 3 x 12
DB Preacher curl 3 x 12
Incline curl 3 x 12
Ez bar C x waiter's curl 3x 12

Weighted Dips 5 x 10
Seated DB Ext x kickbacks 3 x 12
Skull crushers x Rope pushdowns 4 x 12

Your opinions and help would be greatly appreciated.
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Old 14-10-2019, 09:05 AM   #2
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Your routine only 2 back exercises in a week?
I would personally swap out some isolating movements on your fri/sat and add in more back exercises like Chin up , Seated rows, pull-ups, etc. Hit legs twice a week is also a good idea, I would mix in on fri/sat based on your routine
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Old 14-10-2019, 08:27 PM   #3
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There is actually back exercises on my fridays, weighted chin ups. My back is actually quite over developed, especially my lats, making my arms and shoulders look small. Thus the focus on arms and delts. Do you think that the volume is enough for them?
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Old 15-10-2019, 08:41 AM   #4
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I suggest get a tape and measure your arms, then carry on the routine for 1 month see if any changes afterwards. Volume is enough, depending on your recovery / how you feel, you can add or deduct across the weeks
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