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cherple 06-02-2020 01:45 PM

Newbie question regarding Sailing/Powerboating
Okay newbie questions here, hoping for some experienced sailors here for advice, or to clarify some of my doubts.

I've been kayaking for awhile now within Singapore waters and am looking to pick up some other skills such as sailing or power boating, so here are some questions/doubts i hope to clarify:
  1. For sailing, i understand water venture provides sailing courses, and i've seen them sailing in those small crafts which fits about 1-2 person, what kind of sailing licenses are there? Are there specific licenses to get in order to sail in bigger sailboats?
  2. For sailing & power boating, is it possible to do cross countries? And if so what do i need to know? I'm not quite sure where to find all these information.
  3. Same as the first point, but for powerboat, do i need specific licenses to captain a Yacht for approx 20 people? I'm quite confused about the licenses required. And if i wish to sail beyond Singapore waters, what is required?

Hoping someone who knows about all these could answer my questions or give some advice. Just trying to know more before deciding on what to do. Thanks! :)

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