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silentears 12-02-2020 03:25 PM

Partial tendon tear in shoulder area (rotatory)
Hi there, anybody got injured in the shoulder (supraspinatus tendon) area before? Can share some exercises to help increase blood flow and self-heal ?

Specialist say no need operation as partial tear is small (less then 1cm)

- i have no idea how i damaged the tendon, either overhead press/ bench
- is what exercises i need to avoid? the pain is activated when i lift my hands up for overhead/bench for now
- i heard that the damaged tendon won't heal by-itself right (due to the nature of the muscle), then how ah? scar tissues will form only?
- how long did the pain last for you?
- any pointers in having better form in the future? or i should stop doing all this overhead/bench all together


szeli 12-02-2020 03:29 PM

can use those kinesio tape to increase blood flow.

ersatz 15-02-2020 12:32 PM

Physio to help regain full range of motion

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