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Running pace

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Old 09-02-2019, 06:00 PM   #46
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This post is certainly very encouraging.. i hope to lose 10kg like u and yet enjoy the lifestyle that i have like eating whatever i like.

Slow jogger with pace of 7 for 5km. I lost near to 10kg after almost a year of jogging n gym.

I dun control my diet but also dun indulge into fatty, sweet, junk food. Most of my lunch is out in hawker, I choose what I fancy at that moment while most dinner, mum cooks. Weekend, my family chooses the food to eat, KFC, MC, pizza, etc. I am a weekend, beer drinker.

Happy with my pace, distance, body build, weight, (71-72kg, height 175cm) and still eat as normal.
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Old 12-02-2019, 05:05 PM   #47
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I was trying the run-walk-run (RWR) method yesterday. Earlier I was planning to just do a trail walk on the Kent Ridge-Telok Blangah-Mt Faber loop and find a spot to read a book.

It's nothing fancy (it's no different from interval running) but was introduced by Jeff Galloway to have a more disciplined approach to the walk-breaks. Normally we run till we need to slow down, or walk as long as we feel like. The RWR guides you to fix to a routine of running only during the run phase (regardless how energetic you are even when the run phase is up), and to run when the walk phase is up.

The ratio of run-walk duration varies based on your running pace. The run-walk ratio can be estimated by your 5k running pace and magic mile time. For my 3-5k pace of 4:45-5:15, I chose run:walk ratio of 150s:30s at the start, 120s:30s at 3-8km, 90s:30s at 8-10km, 60s:30s at 10-15km. I chose more frequent breaks as the distance increase as I am not an endurance runner, and I was also carrying a fairly heavy backpack of stuff (book, water, food, phones...)

Regardless the ratio you picked, some important points are:
- no matter how energetic you feel, stop the run when your chosen run time is up (otherwise you will feel tired faster downstream).
- do not walk longer than 30s (else difficult to pick up running pace).
- do not walk at too slow or too fast pace (9-11min/km feels about right).

I think it is worth trying out this method, as it's physically less strenuous and yet doesn't slow down your overall timing, and depending on the ratio and pace you picked, you can end up with faster timings. Another bonus is the constant changes in the heart rate between the run-walk pacing can help to build up your surge capacity.

With the RWR, I managed a similar timing of just over an hour for the hilly terrain as compared running a flat and fairly shaded 10km route. This is a big difference because I was carrying a load, running over hilly terrain, and very hot cloudless day. My achievements were:
- I estimated 20min faster timing than if I ran segments until tired, which is normally 1hr 30min.
- I hardly feel tired at the 5km mark when doing the Mt Faber loop and running the Henderson Bridge on the upslope at 6km mark. I would be panting and hardly running otherwise.
- I still can run at the 9km mark when going up Kent Ridge from Hort Park. Otherwise I would already be walking.
- My heart rate never went above 150 and during the walks went down to 130.
- The joints hardly ache, which I think is much healthier method to run in the long haul.

Give it a try. It's less strenuous for my old bones...
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Old 12-02-2019, 09:55 PM   #48
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To me, everything should do in moderation, to enjoy bits of everything. Even running for hours, if not scenic ones, is not my idea of meaningful time spent either.
Depends on individual opinion on "healthy". As long they live with their own "healthy" food and dun come n bother me on my diet, I am fine with them. These ppl seldom want to ask them out for meal cause they will say can only eat this n that.

This post is certainly very encouraging.. i hope to lose 10kg like u and yet enjoy the lifestyle that i have like eating whatever i like.
Exercise regularly and rightly, weight will go down slowly. Dun always say no time, tired... just do it. I started with 400m (no joke) then slowly increment till now, 5 km easily. Occasionally, I will go for 7-8km as I target 10km by this year.

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Old 13-02-2019, 05:53 PM   #49
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My 2 cents based on my research and personal experience.

Shin area pain. Likely cause is poor running form in particular over striding. Are you heel striking? I had same problem until I changed my running form. There's lots of YouTube videos on how to improve your running form. Need time to change.

Running distance. Suspect it's due to vo2 max capacity or lack of. Need to slowly build up. Suggest using a 'couch to 5k' app. Follow the getting schedule which is 3 times a week.

After decades of inactivity, started running 2-3 years ago. At that time I couldn't even run 100 metres before being breathless. I'm using a 5k to 10k app. Now I can run longer but am still super slow. I'm way older than you guys.
I guess so, likely be running form. I am trying to clock 3 days of running per week since i will be free for the next 1 month odd before work starts. The app looks really good.

Adding static exercise on the days i dont do the runs.

Plus i am eating better these days. Hopefully it last. lol.

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