2FA authentication matters

We now offer 2FA authentication for all forum accounts. Please note that this is an optional precautionary measure, but we do encourage you to enable it for your account safety.
  1. Head to User CP >> Forum Options >> Two-Factor Authentication. A QR code should appear on your screen.
  2. Install and open the Authenticator app to scan the QR code on your screen.
    Note: Login using 2FA is only available on desktop and mobile via browsers. It's not yet activated on the HWZ app, but we'll update in due course to support this as well.

    If you did not complete the set-up, you will be logged out of your account. If you face this issue, please write in to membership@hardwarezone.com.sg.

  3. Planning to reset/change device - how to get back 2FA secret key?
    If you're doing a planned device change, resetting device, etc., head into your User CP options and disable the 2FA first. You can enable it back again after setting up your device, which would then throw up the QR code to re-enable your 2FA.

  4. I want to backup/copy my 2FA secret key
    You can do the above procedure at any point in time to keep tabs of your 2FA secret key somewhere safe.

  5. I forgot to backup my secret key / disable my 2FA - what to do?
    Should one forget the above options and you can't get back in again because you need to set up 2FA, please drop us a note on this here - membership@hardwarezone.com - and our admins will work with the tech team to disable 2FA for your account to help you get back in and thereafter you can re-setup 2FA on your own.

  6. Any way I can get something to help store all these 2FA secret keys?
    Microsoft Authenticator can actually securely backup your 2FA secret keys and can easily restore them back when you're setting up new device and such. Click here for more information.

  7. An additional option that has cloud backup for Android and iOS: Authy
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