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HardwareZone Forums Content Policy

The HardwareZone Forums are made up of a wide variety of topical sections that are populated by you, the Forum Members. In our forums you may post comments, discuss, learn and connect with people who share your interests. We encourage you to find and participate in the forum topics that interest you.

While not every forum may be your cup of tea, and you may even find some that are unrelatable or which you disagree with, you should not use a forum to attack others. Every forum section strives to create a sense of belonging for their members, so please do not diminish it for those who may not share your views. Please also respect the privacy and wellbeing of others.

Some of our members help to manage our forums as Moderators, and they enforce community rules on our behalf to ensure that our forums remain a safe space for all.

Please abide by the broad set of rules shared below that apply to all forum sections and further forum-specific rules when you participate within them. HardwareZone Forums are what we make of them together, and we ask that you abide by these rules to make our forums a better place for everyone.

Rule 1
Remember that you’re interacting with other humans. HardwareZone Forums is a place for sharing and discussion, not for attacking those who may be marginalized or vulnerable. Everyone is entitled to use our forums without harassment, violence, or cyber-bullying. Members that incite violence or promote hate in any form or manner may be penalised in accordance with our Warning System.

Rule 2
Abide by the respective forum’s community rules. Post and share trustworthy and original content, and do not interfere with or disrupt legitimate discussions on the forums such as by spamming, evading bans, making false reports, misleading or misinforming users, defaming, abusing, annoying, pestering, offending, or insulting other users, or by engaging in fraudulent behaviour.

Rule 3
Respect the privacy of others. Do not harass others or otherwise instigate harassment, including by doxxing, stalking, revealing someone’s confidential information or intimate content, or threatening to do any of these actions.

Rule 4
For the safety of our forum users, do not post content that promotes or encourages self-harm content, or content that endangers public health. Please refer here for more examples.

Rule 5
Do not post or facilitate or encourage the posting of sexual or suggestive content. In particular, any intimate, suggestive or sexually explicit content involving minors is strictly prohibited. Please refer here for more examples.

Rule 6
You do not have to use your real name as your username, but do not pretend to be another person or an entity in a false or misleading or fraudulent manner. Plese refer to this advisory on taking precautions on your personal information.

Rule 7
You may not offer or advertise any goods or services for commercial representation unless you are a forum sponsor and have received our express consent. For forum sponsorship, engagement opportunities and more information, please refer to this advisory.

Rule 8
Keep everything legal. Do not post illegal content, such as content relating to or facilitating vice, organised crime, unlawful gambling, illegal moneylending, cheating, scams, fraud, and extortion. Additionally, do not solicit or facilitate illegal or prohibited transactions such as unlicensed, controlled, or socially or morally reprehensible items. Please refer here for a non-exhaustive list of examples on highly eggregious content that are not allowed on the forums.

Rule 9
Do not do anything that interferes with the normal use of the forum such as spam, send viruses, spyware, malware, or other damaging material to other users, or act in any manner that adversely affects the use of the services by other users. Please refer to our Terms of Service and Member Terms and Conditions for more details.

Rule 10
For any Improper Works spotted on the forums, HardwareZone reserves the right to remove such content and take necessary enforcement actions on the forum account in question.


We enforce our rules in various ways, including but not limited to the following:
  • Asking you to stop
  • Removal of content
  • Removal of privileges or adding restrictions to your account (e.g. Reply Ban)
  • Warning with infraction points
  • Temporary or permanent ban of accounts
Important Forum Advisory Note
This forum is moderated by volunteer moderators who will react only to members' feedback on posts. Moderators are not employees or representatives of HWZ. Forum members and moderators are responsible for their own posts.

Please refer to our Community Guidelines and Standards, Terms of Service and Member T&Cs for more information.