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Signatures must conform to the following guidelines.
Deluxe Member
  1. Max of 1000 characters including BBcode
  2. Max of 500 characters excluding BBcode
  3. Unlimited lines
  4. All BBcode allowed except PHP/HTML BBcode
    To view the list of all BBcodes, please refer here.
  5. Max of 4 images allowed
  6. Total signature size should not exceed 500x100px
  7. Smilies allowed
  8. No HTML allowed
    If you wish to insert links and images, please use BBcode instead.

Basic Member

  1. Max of 200 characters including BBcode
  2. Max of 100 characters excluding BBcode
  3. Max of 3 lines
  4. All BBcode not allowed
  5. No image allowed
  6. Smilies allowed
  7. No HTML allowed

Applicable to All

  1. Signature must not be of any commercial/advertising nature.
  2. Signature must not link to or promote any external forum/community site.
  3. Only links that lead to non-commercial site(s) are allowed.
  4. Any member caught circumventing the restrictions by any means will have their signatures removed without warning.
    Subsequent circumventions will result in an access ban.
  5.® reserves the right to censor any signature without prior notice at its own discretion.
  6.® reserves the right to change the signature guidelines without prior notice at its own discretion.
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