Racism and Discrimination


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All members are advised that Discrimination of Race, Culture, Religion, Ethnicity, Nationality, Blasphemy, Derogatory Terms and Seditious Remarks will not be tolerated on the forums.

This includes the use of written language as well as images that provoke people in the same manner.

Repeated offence by any member will be deemed as an act of purposely violating our Terms of Use and www.hardwarezone.com® reserves the right to ban offenders from using this forums without prior notice.

Here is an excellent article on Culturalism and why it is deterimental to generalize race/culture/nationality/ethencity without analysing and throwing about blunt and unwarranted remarks.

What about Subtle Racism/Discrimination?

Generally speaking, racist posts/taunts where members make offensive remarks by not explicitly typing the offensive words, are not condoned. However, the term 'subtle racism' casts a very wide net/label and could mean to convey anything from someone not agreeing to person's point of view/discussion or being overly sensitive. It is for this same reason that it's called 'subtle'. It has to have context and/or a repetitive stance to tilt it towards being labelled as point of nuisance or even be considered as racism. As such, we will have to assess it on a case-by-case basis to determine the validity of the concern and HWZ reserves the right to make the judgement call.

Our recommendation is to first add users to your Ignore List if you don't disagree with their point before raising this to the moderators.

What kind of 'Subtle Racism/Discrimination' have we taken action?

Certain remarks, phrases and ideologies that are used repeatedly enough, can equate to one doing the same thing as trying to stir trouble/mock/ridicule and encouraging others to adopt similar messaging. We do not condone such messaging (example) and the moderation team will take necessary actions.

Guessing games are one such aspect that we do not condon as we've noted that it has become a way to signal and comment in a manner that is indirectly insinuating certain groups of people, causing distress or casting them in bad light unnecessarily through false assumptions and stereotyping.

Labeling people in an inappropriate manner, derogatorily and discriminatorily are also not allowed.

What are examples of reported 'Subtle Racism/Discrimination' matters that we've rejected?

Casual discussions that are not insensitive and suitable to the discussion at hand. E.g. ==> "User 1: How do you know he agreed with you?", User 2: "He shook his head like a typical Indian would!"
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