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2.0 & 2.1 speaker discussion thread IV [consolidated]

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Old 19-06-2019, 08:58 AM   #1336
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Anyone using svs subwoofer like sb1000/2000 for 2.1 desktop system setup?
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Old 19-06-2019, 09:47 AM   #1337
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Will like to know the feedback if anyone is using this setup?

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Old 20-06-2019, 06:07 PM   #1338
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Anyone using svs subwoofer like sb1000/2000 for 2.1 desktop system setup?
There is a user here LiLAsN, he using SB3000 maybe you could asked him about his opinion
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Old 20-06-2019, 06:20 PM   #1339
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Will like to know the feedback if anyone is using this setup?

I currently using a2+ wireless for my pc
Sound wise not bad best to go audition it see if you like it
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Old 21-06-2019, 09:50 PM   #1340
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Anyone using svs subwoofer like sb1000/2000 for 2.1 desktop system setup?
- If you are thinking of using either one, it's fine. I prefer the SB2000 because it can reach the proper 20Hz which you want to hear. The SB1000 goes as low as 24Hz only. But once you have the SB2000, take note, you can use it for even Home Theatre setups because it is capable of reaching below 20Hz.
- But both subwoofer has a high enough crossover point that even poor PC speakers can be compensated.
- So let's say the Logitech speakers have a frequency range of 200Hz to 20,000Hz. The subwoofer can easily handle the audio for anything from 210Hz and below. You can do the Bass Management under Bass Redirection via either your motherboard's Audio software or a dedicated Amp's software to set the crossover point between the Speakers and the subwoofer taking over any audio below that frequency.
- LFE for subwoofer which you can adjust at the back of the subwoofer should be set to 120Hz.

You can easily use the PC's line output port or headphone jack and connect it using a Y cable. Meaning a cable that splits from AUX 3.5mm Male to 2 RCA Male Stereo Audio Cable Line like the one seen on the picture I attached below. Please get a better cable than this if you can. But this is basically how it will look and will still work fine.

- So if you want a completely dedicated 2.1 system, you have to run the Stereo line out straight to your active speakers and then connect the Sub/Centre line-out port and connect it to the LFE port on the subwoofer using the Y cable again. This is the best approach as you are getting a true LFE channel + crossover as opposed to the sub only receiving crossover sound only.
And through trial and error, the subwoofer output will either be the red or the white cable. Only 1 needs to be connected to the LFE port. So use Windows to determine if you are getting the centre channel being output to the sub or the Subwoofer channel.
- If you want to use Passive speakers, you will need to get an Amplifier like the Creative SB X7 where they have a dedicated 2 x Passive Speaker Out (L/R). The 'red and black' and the 'white and black' post where you connect bare wires to it and do the same on the back of your speakers. Quite straightforward. I'll attach the picture below the Y-cable.

Once this is done, you need to tune your speakers so that it will be at the same level of loudness as the subwoofer which you can also control its volume at the back of the subwoofer. Then, you MUST use the Windows volume to change volumes. Do not adjust the volumes on both speakers since they are tuned to sound flat together. Flat is good. Meaning there is just the right amount of bass and still hear all sounds from the speakers without one overpowering the other.

Also, in the Playback Speaker settings on Windows, pick the one that gives all the necessary speakers. So if you need to choose 5.1, so be it. The next section lets you enable and disable each other like the rears and centre channel. Which affectively makes it a 2.1 channel output.

Make sure you have an audio software for where you are using the motherboard's Line out to help downmix any 5.1 or above channels to 2.1.

Or if you use Media Player Classic via the K-Lite Codec Pack like me, and go into Options -> Internal Filters -> Audio Switcher -> tick Enable Custom Channel Mapping -> Tick Front right, front left and Low Frequency.

And you are done. Any 5.1 channel and above will be downmixed to 2.1 so you won't be missing any audio for the rear and centre channels.

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Old 22-06-2019, 01:22 AM   #1341
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Alternate than Promedia 2.1 would be Aego M 3.
For games and move, best to have a subwoofer so low frequency
effects like rumble can be felt.

Bookshelf speaker are good for music, they can handle games/movies
but not as good like 2.1.
There is very little development for PC speaker so the choices
for good 2.1 speaker are very limited:

Logitech Z623/Z625
Klispch Promedia 2.1
Aego M 3 2.1

There are Swan and etc. but the above are common choices.
Aego M can only be brought at Adelphi Audio basic #02-12.
It is not sold in retail shops like Challenger and etc.

So some many not know that here in SG there is actually Aego M.

Just a suggestion , the older version Aego M selling $279 at sim lim City Electronics Emporium. got a slight discount @ $260
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Old 22-06-2019, 06:27 AM   #1342
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Will like to know the feedback if anyone is using this setup?

Depend on usage, if for music 2.0 speaker are ideal.
For games and movies recommend to get 2.1, LFE like rumble
and etc. can be felt.
Everyone have their own opinion, no one is right/wrong.
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Old 29-06-2019, 01:07 PM   #1343
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Some housekeeping
The new thread is here:

Use the Search Button and Read the Stickies!

My home theatre gear and my blog:

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