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bloodwater 27-03-2017 02:39 AM

Digital TV / Smart TV | Samsung & Philips
Gonna change my decade old TV to accommodate for Digital TV which I think needs either an external antenna or the TV to be Digital Ready.

When a TV is digital ready, does it mean that no external antenna is needed?

I was shopping around at Mustafa for TV and two caught my eye, Philips 55PUT6801 @ SGD$999 while the other, Samsung ua55ku6000 @ SGD$1299.

This is what I know.

55PUT6801 @ SGD$999

2016 Model, 2017 refresh has ambilight at both side.
Andorid TV (5.1) with 8Gb storage, quad-core.
Build in WiFi, Controller uses bluetooth instead of IR and has keyboard behind.

Samsung ua55ku6000 @ SGD$1299

2017 Model?
Tizen OS with solid smartphone app (smart view.
3Gb Storage.

Any input for both TV?

Saw the leaflet for the IT Expo 2017 show happening this weekend, the smaller version of Samsung, ua50ku6000 is going for SGD$1072 with free Samsung Sound bar, Mustafa is going for SGD$1099 with no free gift.

Whereas the same model, Samsung UA55ku6000 is going at SGD$1382 but free 32" LED TV at the show. Any idea if it is at least a full HD digital TV?

Philips 49" Ultra HD4K Smart LED TV going for SGD$798 with free SmartHub
:s11: Why Smart TV liao still give Smart hub???
Not sure is it 2017 model with Ambilight and if it is has HDR though.

mrsun18 27-03-2017 07:32 PM

For your digital ready tv to receive digital tv programmes, you need one of the followings:

  • an external antenna to capture the off-air signals
  • connect the antenna cable from the SCV wall plate (if you have) to your tv. You need a tv that comes with a tuner in DVB-C format , which is different from that of the off-air digital signal. Both the tvs you have in mind do not have this C tuner.
  • subscribe to pay-tv. The programmes will be available through the STB.

For more detailed features on the tvs you are interested in, check out the specs and user manuals from the respective tv websites.

marsbarsz 25-06-2018 01:52 AM

Bumps this. Does anyone have inputs on this 2 TV?

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