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HTC Care Service Centre

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Old 10-12-2007, 01:05 AM   #16
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Lousy Dopod Service

I also had a very similar experience at SIS center. Initially say 2-3 days. never call back. Then say parts take 2-3 weeks to arrive. still never call back. After I called say havent arrive, take another 2-3 weeks!

Worst Service u can get from a mobile phone ompany!!! Looks like the company fly by night and is not interested in having repeat customers!
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Old 13-12-2007, 08:15 PM   #17
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hi guyz so is the keppal htc service center better than SIS ??
i had a bad experience from sis as well i scare it may repeat again from keppal HTC care.
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Old 08-01-2008, 08:20 AM   #18
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hi guyz so is the keppal htc service center better than SIS ??
i had a bad experience from sis as well i scare it may repeat again from keppal HTC care.
Would like to know bout this too....heard similar bad encounter regarding dopod RMA service. Coz me thinking of getting the HTC touch dual.

Service so bad one wonders if the encounters are true at all coz such really bad services from handphone company are almost unheard of.........
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Old 15-01-2008, 09:54 PM   #19
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May i know do i need to bring any warranty cards or do they have it on their data like nokia has it ? i need to repair my htc the camera got prob
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Old 21-01-2008, 05:42 PM   #20
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Got my HTC Touch just last Friday........ and I've been having problem with the alignment... Every 1-2 hrs gotta re-align again everyday!!!

Brought it to the Keppel Bay center just now and was told I got the option of (i) repair at no charge, or (ii) one-to-one exchange at SIS Building.

Called up SIS, and they told me no stock... gotta wait 3 weeks. If not go back to the shop I bought the phone from, for a one-to-one exchange. I called the shop up and they said "NO SUCH THING!"... Wtf.... Give me all kind of wrong information.

Really regret getting it.... Should have just stick to Sony Ericsson.
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Old 03-02-2008, 03:47 PM   #21
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I am using a DopXXX D810. All users of this model will know that at the brim of the casing, the paint will drop off eventually no matter how careful you are. After 8 months, i finally contacted DopoXX and the service personnel told me to go to the service centre to get the casing replaced. I cannot stand it anymore as alot of my colleagues or business partners also cannot stand the sight of this UGLY phone. I send an email to double check as I do not wish to go down on a wasteful trip after hearing so much complain on their product and service. Remember, we paid so much on the phone and this type of service is really deplorable. The email came back asking me to send photos, to send warranty info, etc and this lasted for more than a month! Finally, they say, after 6 months, casing cannot change! So, users of DopoXX, if you have to change your casing due to inferior paint work of this company, please do so within 6 months! It is a total waste of my time! This happen in the month of Oct 2007.


Oh yes, before I forget, I did call up to check on the casing and they told me above S$100 and NO STOCKS and no idea when it will come. I called the Harborfront office. They told me to leave down my contact and name. So far, no one call me. Service at its best?

On 1 Feb '08, I send the D810 for repair at SiS as my phone gives problem now, alot of problems but to cut the story short, this is what happens. I went to the service centre at SiS for the first time and witness 1st hand experience of a DopoXXX customer shouting at the service personnel at the counter complaining he come so many times and the same problem still exist! A total waste of time.

This time round, I decided to change the casing which will cost me about S$80 now. On 2 Feb morning, someone from SiS called me and tell me to go down to SiS to sign a form saying my DopoXX internal keypad corroded and ACCUSE me that I have "allowed" the phone to touch water or water seep in. So, have to go down all the way to sign a form and they will clean the parts and if it does not work, I will have to pay for all charges even when it is under warranty. I told her off and told her I am not going to sign any form since the phone has never touch water. I did remember I also read a thread in ST Forum for a DopoXX customer who have similiar problem. I also know I am wasting time talking to this lady who cannot decide, etc and insisted I go down and sign the form. http://comment.straitstimes.com/showthread.php?t=7879 FOR MORE EXPERIENCES OF USERS...

I have decided on a few things;

1.) I will never buy a HTXX/DopXX phone again as it is of inferior quality and deplorable support demanding high prices.
2.) I will not put this case to rest and will not waste time talking to them. I will be bringing up this issue to CASE and will eventually write in to forum to warn current and future potential user of this brand of phone.
3.) I am trying to get their mgmt attention in Taiwan.

Good luck if you have already purchased one and Very Good Luck to you that you have seen this thread before going to buy one.

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Old 09-02-2008, 02:33 PM   #22
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StuDopid Asia Pacific support centre called me and asked for my repair number from SiS. After that, disappears for the next 3-4 days even though I send emails to them. NO SOUND, NO PICTURE, something that alot of DoPxx users are aware and swear not to buy this brand of stupid phone again. Will take appropriate actions.
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Old 16-02-2008, 09:56 AM   #23
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So far, be it the service centre or the Asia Support Centre of Dopud, when they promise to call back, they never did! I have to call so far more than 5-7 times to them and they never ever give any good response and push the responsibilities to each other. Yesterday, I called the Leng Kee service centre 3-4 times and finally someone picks up. I want to cut the story short. Basically, the report find out that the DoPUD battery leaks and spoils the motherboard and causes corrosion. They WILL NOT repair and you will be expected to pay about close to S$400 to get it repair even under warranty. The casing serious peeling, you will also have to pay about S$80 even under warranty. Even if it is using ORIGINAL DopoX and it leaks during warranty period (obviously it is of poor inferior quality) you will have to pay for all charges. THE WARRANTY OF DOPOX IS OBVIOUSLY NOT HAVING IT AT ALL.

This is the only warranty portion, the service really sucks big time. I can easily find friends who uses DOPOXxx and they will comment their experience with this company as very negative.

When you ask the service centre of any phone number or contact person, manager to talk to. THEY WILL REFUSE AND PROTECT THEMSELVES. YOU WILL GET NOTHING OUT OF IT!

The service centre at Leng Kee told me that if the phone is not collected at x period of time, they will thrash it away!!! What a way to tell customer. I have all the names of these people and the time I called them, etc.

It is pointless to talk to all these trash, as the phone is purchased from SingTel, I will be writing to SingTel top person in-charge of the mobile phone and service department of why they have partnered with such a mobile phone manufacturer that does not give service in line with the SingTel corporate image. The letter will be cc to the local HTCCCxx office here as well as the head office in Taiwan.

To all fellow friends, this is my personnel experience with this phone mfg company. I have used mobile phones of various brands for the last 20 over years, this is the first time I ever see a company with such deplorable service level. They will accuse you of not taking care of the phone and will use all the warranty clauses found in the phone warranty booklet to protect themselves. PLUS, their original battery leak that spoils the phone board, they will not warrant. For current users, please open your cover everyday to check. This is the quality you will expect from this Taiwanese company.

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Old 16-02-2008, 10:23 AM   #24
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Check this out.


Check out this auction picture of another seller of the phone. Look at the paint peeling off. This is a common problem for this brand of phone. Good quality?
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Old 16-02-2008, 10:39 AM   #25
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depend on how the user uses it. could be rough handling. u have something against PDA phones?
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Old 17-02-2008, 10:10 AM   #26
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The service centre at Leng Kee told me that if the phone is not collected at x period of time, they will thrash it away!!!
is this realy true? what if they didn't contact the customer at all, or due to some "unknown" reason, can't contact the customer?

i'm not sure abt batt leak but think it may be due to contineous moisture esp if u leave from a very cold environment to a warm environment... end up a chance for them push it to customer faults.
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Old 02-03-2008, 09:22 AM   #27
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Not a single call back from Service Centre

Till today, 2 March 2009. Not a single call from the service centre and I just leave my phone with warranty there and they will not repair it. If you call the service hotline of Dopud Asia, they will say no telephone to call for Harborfront office and Leng kee side will also not bother.

Good luck to all. This is the worst phone mfg I have ever met in my life!
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Old 02-03-2008, 09:23 AM   #28
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depend on how the user uses it. could be rough handling. u have something against PDA phones?
Rough handling? Do a search and you will find all users will have this paint peeling off problem. Me against PDA phone? What a funny question.

You must be working in Dopud.
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Old 21-04-2008, 01:06 PM   #29
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I was so close to buying...until i came upon this....


I think i'll pass...thank you very very much !!

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Old 10-05-2008, 01:49 PM   #30
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there is not a single good comment on the service centre...

refer to here
I have got a HTC Touch and will be visiting the service centre soon... scared
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