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Maxnero 15-09-2018 07:33 PM

PC MAG : says 4 Models of iPhone XS
Hi Guys

I just read PC Mag article which says that there are 4 different models of iPhone XS /XS Max / XR, made by Apple.

True enough I just visited Apple SG website which states that the Models (A2101 for XS MAX and A2097 for XS) for SG market do not support CDMA.

Jut wondering if this means that the Gigabit LTE modem (also touted as 4X4 MIMO) for this model is the same touted Intel XMM7560 but tweaked for our local market (not to support CDMA) or another modem make altogether.

I requested for a call from Apple. They called but refused to clarify anything except to say that Apple always ensure that consumers get the best products.

Sigh, I wonder why Apple wants to give consumers so many puzzles to solve and not be open about it.

I just hope it is common modem installed but tweaked for different bands for different markets.

What’s your view ?

*adiBOY 15-09-2018 09:32 PM

Even if you have the fastest modem, Apple will still lock it and support only what local telco can.

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