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Rules & Regulations ~ (Updated 11th May 2014 -No cross posting of same info across multiple threads)

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Exclamation Rules & Regulations ~ (Updated 11th May 2014 -No cross posting of same info across multiple threads)

1) Strictly no Buy/Sell/Mass Order threads to be posted here and that included selling of CNY cookies/goodies by home bakers which are prohibited by AVA. Buy/Sell/Mass Order threads are to be posted at the Marketplace or they will be deleted. For commercial sales, kindly contact the HWZ Administrators.

2) Please stick to food related postings: I am fine with some off topic replies but not these:
  • Posting smileys only - No or just smilies post please. Use some effort to write something constructive for your replies.
  • Greeting post - Because if every members were to start greeting each others, it will snowballed to many OT posts.
  • One word post - Save words like Bookmarked etc... to yourself, the others don't need to know about it.
  • Masquerading OT post with minor food discussion - Post maybe edited or deleted.
  • OT post/reply that get replied to - Please know when to stop else the whole series of replies including the original OT post will be deleted.
  • Bumping post – If you have nothing to contribute, do not bump up the thread with posts like “Upz for more promotions”, “camping here for pictures” etc…
  • Cross posting – I know you would like to share the news or promotion but please do not post the same info across multiple threads. Duplicated post will be deleted on sight.

3) Posting of picture(s):
  • For those sharing pictures here, please include some texts in your post, for example: “Makan at so and so stall/restaurant”. This way when someone replies to your post, he/she can just remove the pictures and leave the texts behind in the quote.
  • If you are posting a series of picture posts, a minimum of four pictures per post is required if you have more than four pictures; otherwise it will be treated as spamming.

4) Replying to post with picture(s):
  • When replying to a post that consist of picture(s), avoid including the picture(s) in the quoted reply to save screen space and having to view the same set of pictures multiple times.
  • If you must reference to a particular picture, just quote that one picture only. But if the picture is already on the same page, then avoid quoting it at all. Do spare a thought for those mobile users with limited screen space.

5) If you spotted an Off Topic (OT) / Sales post, use the Report Post button and do not contribute to the OT by posting why moderators are not doing anything. Moderators can't be monitoring each and every post in every thread 24hrs a day nor do they have the time to do so. Please help us by using the Report Post (exclamation mark in triangle) button located at the lower left hand corner of the post.

6) For Blog and Website Owners, if you do not contribute any information (pictures or reviews) to this section but redirect traffic to your own sites, your thread(s) and/or post(s) will be deleted. Do not try to circumvent the rules by masquerading your commercial sales post, because the moderators do check and will delete it on sight.

For persistent cases, Infraction points will be awarded and if a member accumulated enough points, he/she will be automatically banned.

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Old 05-09-2011, 03:18 PM   #2
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Please read before organizing or participating in any of the outing.

The first person in the list will assume the organizer role, any person(s) wishing to join the outing, please indicate your interest in this thread and PM (Private Message) your contact number to him/her.

  • For member bringing their own guest(s), you will be responsible for your own guest's attendance and to update the organizer of any changes in advance.
  • For member not attending the event but registering on behalf for their own guest(s), no matter how mysterious the guest might be, you are required to inform the organizer of your guest's name and contact number.
  • Kindly keep yourself updated on the status or changes to the outing on the first page of the current Buffetlicious! thread or the last page of Makan Sessions 2014.

TBC (To Be Confirmed) Participant
If you are under TBC (To Be Confirmed) status, please have the basic courtesy to confirm your attendance at least one day (24hrs) in advance so others will have a chance to participate. If the restaurant requires a minimum number of diners to enjoy a discount, for example: 1 dines for free with 3 paying customers, you may be requested to find a replacement or else it will not be fair to the other 3 persons who are going.

Those who confirmed first will be given the priority over those under TBC (To Be Confirmed) status.

Change of Headcount
Inform the organizer on the total number of adult/child coming. Should there be any changes in the headcount attending, member shall inform organizer, subjected to availability of slots as well as any penalties if restaurant requires certain minimum numbers for discounts.

Lastly, enjoy your meals and do take some photographs to share.

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Old 31-12-2011, 07:03 PM   #3
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Posts: 63,215
Warning and Infraction List

I am usually very lenient with minor issues and I gave ample hints or warning PMs before I handed out the infractions. But it is getting bored to keep sending out private messages (PMs) to members so now if I see something not right, I will edit your post to include the below quoted message.

Mod Edit: Do not quote the pictures in reply. Read the Rules and Regulations and check how many times you have made it to the Warning and Infraction List.
When you received a Warning Infraction, that means you have already used up your 3 chances and if you continue to do it again, on the 4th violation, you will be handed an Infraction which may resulted in a ban if you have accumulated enough bonus points.

pacetone - P30/03/2012
jq75 - 02/04/2012
padre - 02/04/2012 and 24/05/2012
Nichi - 03/04/2012
pker88 - 07/04/2012
pew - 07/04/2012
liverpool73 - 07/04/2012
shawnlhl - 12/04/2012
ccssgm - 12/04/2012, 27/04/2012 and 11/10/2013. Warning Infraction given on 06/06/2012.
ccostagmont - 14/04/2012
Sacrelicious - 14/04/2012
RSKeisuke - 24/04/2012 and 04/05/2012
ahboy72 - 01/05/2012
etzy89 - 03/05/2012
johorkaki - 11/05/2012
h530251 - 14/05/2012
knightshaz - 19/05/2012
Nakedtoes - 24/05/2012
OKCATYEON - 11/06/2012
JamesTan. - 19/10/2012 and 24/10/2012
kkevinn6 - 26/10/2012 and 14/12/2013
Dividends Warrior - 03/11/2012
holidayforever - 03/11/2012
Swordsman - 04/11/2012 and 09/12/2012. Warning Infraction given on 25/12/2012. Infraction given on 01/05/2013 for ignoring the ample warnings. New violation: 07/10/2013 & 23/12/2013
netcon96 - 11/12/2013
makeyourcaloriescount - 24/12/2013
decade - 1) 17/03/2014
FerreroForte - 1) 13/03/2014
paul02 - 1) 08/04/2014
nexusRAGER - 1) 01/05/2014
power789 - 1) 15/05/2014
swatchie - 1) 05/06/2014
spyder79 - 1) 05/06/2014
kendoarts - 1) 06/06/2014
booest - 1) 07/06/2014
b|uebe|| - 1) 09/06/2014
Amaterasu - 1) 10/06/2014
mONK_87 - 1) 16/06/2014

Black - First Violation
Green - Second Violation
Orange - Warning issued
Red - Infraction issued
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