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Please Read: Mass Order Forums Guidelines

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Please Read: Mass Order Forums Guidelines

Mass Order Forums Guidelines:
  • All general guidelines stated in the Sticky thread in the main forum to be observed at all time together with the rules stated here.
  • All threads in this forum will not be moderated. All buyers need to be cautious on making pre-payments.
  • No parallel imported items allowed for goods that are available under local distributorship.
    - Kindly email us for clarification if you have any products that could be available via local distributorship.
  • Your thread may be suspended/removed by any administrator, at any time during the process of Mass Order transaction if we receive negative remarks/feedback that warrants such an action. Accounts that are suspended or removed will not be allowed to post new MO threads with immediate effect.
  • Each Mass Order creation can only be initiated by a Deluxe Member (DMCard Member) and the following particulars are to be sent to Hardware Zone Pte Ltd for safekeeping to ensure transparency and to minimize the possibility of fraudulent transactions:-
    - Digital Copy of your NRIC. (which has to be 100% similar to your membership profile)
    Send your NRIC (Singapore Pink or Blue) via Email to: marketplace@hardwarezone.com

    IMPORTANT: MO Organiser open for Singapore Citizen or Permanent Residents with valid local mailing address only

    * Please ensure your user profile have the necessary details (such as NRIC, D.O.B, Full Name, Address) identical to your digital NRIC for successful activation.
    At any point if the profile is found to be different from your NRIC, the rights to post in this forum may be retracted without prior notification.
  • Even with the safekeeping of the Thread starter’s NRIC, users who participate in the Mass Order forums are advised to be vigilant and be cautious in all their transactions, as there is no foolproof way of ensuring the reliability of each individual.
  • Maximum of 3 simultaneous Mass Order threads per Deluxe Member (DMCard Member) allowed at any time.

Mass Order Organisers carrying Tech Products should exercise added caution with regards to the product they sell. Should we receive reports that your thread carries products that are available under local distributorship, we reserve the right to remove the threads without warning if you are uncontactable via Private Messaging.
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Useful FAQs

Question 1: How do I start creating my sales thread in the forum?

Step 1: For existing Deluxe Members, simply scan in the front and back of your NRIC and email to marketplace@hardwarezone.com with the following title “Mass Order Forum Record” and provide us with your MemberID and Contact Number. Kindly ensure all the relevant particulars in your NRIC are reflected in your user profile at the same time.
Sign-up here if you are not an existing Deluxe Member.

Step 2: A sticky thread will be created in the Mass Order Forum containing the list of Deluxe members who have submitted their NRIC to Hardware Zone Pte Ltd.

Step 3: If you name appears in the Mass Order Forum sticky thread, you are eligible to create a new Mass Order Thread in the MO forum with immediate effect (Subject to all general rules and regulation for the Marketplace forums).

Question 2: Do I need to be a Deluxe Member (DMCard) in order to reply/participate in the thread?

Answer: No, both Basic & Deluxe Members are allowed to reply in any Mass Order thread created.

Question 3: By limiting the MO threads creation to Deluxe members only, how will the security concerns being taken care of?

Answer: We have added the Digital NRIC copy as an additional security requirement, all personal details entered within your user profile will be tallied against the submitted digital NRIC copy.

Question 3: I'm interested to organiser Mass Order and will register as a Deluxe Member, while I understand the new terms protect the buyers in general are there any benefits for seller too upon subscribing?

Answer: One of the key benefit that Mass Order sellers will be able to enjoy including the expanded 1000 Private Message (PM) Box capacity after upgrading their membership to Deluxe status. With 1000 PM capacity you will NOT be likely to encounter situation where potential buyers missing out on your Mass Order due to inability to reach you.
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MO Forums Terms and Conditions addition

1. Registration and approval from HardwareZone is required before a Deluxe member is allowed to start a thread on MO Forum. Registration and approval procedures are provided in the FAQs.

2. All copies of NRIC scanned to HardwareZone will be maintained by HardwareZone until the Deluxe member's subscription expires. If you do not renew your Deluxe membership before expiry, you will need to submit a copy of your NRIC again should wish to create a MO Forum thread subsequently.

3.Approved Mass Order members are not allowed to conduct any MO within HardwareZone Forums including all sub forums or via PM but only in the official Mass Order forum for accountability.

4. Approved Mass Order members must not attempt to link MOs from outside of HardwareZone using their signatures nor post links in their threads.

5. If a forum member choose to participate in an unregistered MO outside this sub forum, he/she shall be solely responsible for any monetary losses as a result of a MO gone bad. HardwareZone shall not be liable for any personal disputes unless a police report has been made.

6. HardwareZone shall not be liable for any monetary losses arising from an MO scam. Forum members are advised to deal only with registered members whose particulars are held by HardwareZone in the event of such incidents with a criminal intent.

7. Touting of MO business is discouraged. While it is for the common good that an item be priced cheap, it is unethical to steal customers from an existing MO, repeat offenders shall be infracted/banned.

8. MO pricing policies are between MO starter and the MO participants. While prices may not be the best around, we would like forum members not to give discouraging comments and start any flame wars.

9. Parallel imported items that are available under local distributorship and warranty are discouraged to prevent disrupting the local supply chain.

10. Mass Order members are allowed to conduct a maximum of 3 MOs at a time. Any MO or Interest Check threads exceeding the limit shall be closed.

11. Mass Order items are subjected to the same rules and regulations of common trade.
(For example, no sale of tobacco or alcohol to minors under age of 18, no sale of adult themed items)

12. Do NOT link your MO outside of HWZ (ie: To blogshops, auctions and generally sites pertaining to sales outside the MO to gather sales)
Either keep your MO in or out of HWZ altogether.
Offenders who spam their external websites in signatures will have them removed without warning and escalated if repeated.

We are fully aware of blogshops, small businesses conducting trade here and choose to allow some level of tolerance.
But if someone stirs up some issues now and then and get everyone else involved, we'll have to enforce forum-wide action which will affect everyone. So if everyone can just get along in peace, play by the rules here, it would be a nicer experience...

Please note that applications take up to 7 days to process, and we appreciate your patience on this matter.
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Closed Thread
Important Forum Advisory Note
This forum is moderated by volunteer moderators who will react only to members' feedback on posts. Moderators are not employees or representatives of HWZ. Forum members and moderators are responsible for their own posts.

Please refer to our Terms of Service for more information.

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