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Question #1: What is the name of the single, solitary peak that lies far to the east?

a. Mount Doom
b. Widow's Peak
c. The Lonely Mountain
d. The Misty Mountains

Answer is:
Lonely Mountain

Question #2: When Bilbo has a chance to strike Gollum with his sword, he:

a. Kills him
b. Spares him
c. Stuns him
d. Blinds him

Answer is:
Spares him

Question #3: What color is Bilbo’s front door?

a. Red
b. Blue
c. Yellow
d. Green

Answer is:

Question #4: When the Company is ambushed by Wargs, what does Gandalf tell them to do?

a. Run for the hills
b. Hide in the forest
c. Chant a spell of protection
d. Climb the trees

Answer: Climb the trees

Final Question #5: Bilbo can’t ________.

a. Sing
b. Read
c. Swim
d. Juggle

Answer: Swim

Thank you all for your entries.

The winners of two tickets to the movie premiere are:

MonoByte- Question #1
koreanlover- Question #2
Arsinoe- Question #3
wackykid- Question #4
killercmj- Question #5

Winners will be notified by PM.

Next up, we have 10 sets of movie premiums to give away. 10 questions will be posted over 10 weekdays, answer it right and stand a chance to win!

Question #1: Gollum challenges Bilbo to a game of _________.

a. Thrones
b. Chess
c. Riddles
d. Songs

Answer: c. Riddles

Question #2: As he tries to escape the Goblin tunnels, Bilbo accidentally discovers that Gollum’s ring endows the wearer with this special power:

a. Invisibility
b. Super strength
c. Time travel
d. Mind reading

Answer: a. Invisibility

Question #3: Which side of Bilbo’s family is the more adventurous side?

a. The Took side
b. The Baggins side
c. The Bywater side
d. The Oakenshield side

Answer: a. The Took side

Question #4: Who rescues Gandalf & the Company of Dwarves when Orcs & Wargs are on the verge of capturing them?

a. Elrond and his Elf warriors
b. Radagast
c. Giant eagles
d. Galadriel

Answer: c. Giant Eagles

Question #5: How does Bilbo accidentally get Gollum’s attention?
a. He splashes into the water of the lake
b. He throws rocks at the island
c. He yells aloud into the cavern
d. He begins to cry at being lost

Answer: a. He splashes into the water of the lake

Question #6: How does Gollum get around his cave?
a. a. He climbs the walls
b. By boat
c. In a mining cart
d. He swims

Answer: b. By boat

Question #7: What is Bilbo instructed to do if he gets in trouble with the trolls?
a. Yell Thorin’s name
b. Shout a special code word
c. Hoot like an owl
d. Whinny like a horse

Answer: c. Hoot like an owl

Question #8. What color is Bilbo’s journal?
a. Blue
b. Brown
c. Black
d. Gold

Answer: b. Brown

Question #9. The Goblins are terrified of what weapon?
a. The Arkenstone
b. The Foe-hammer
c. Bilbo’s heart
d. Gollum’s ring

Answer: b. The Foe-hammer

AND...The final question to win a set of movie premiums!
Question #10. What is the hidden text on Thorin’s ancient Dwarven map?

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