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Chances of signing on with asthma

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because i really want to be an aircrew spec, i want to do HADR, SAR, SAL. I want to save and help people, i want to fly and be a soldier. It's adventurous and meaningful. Most units trained to kill, but an ACS is trained to save.
To be honest, the actual ACS jobs are very different from what you imagine. ACS is not easy to get in and the training not easy for asthmatics to get through. Why I know? Coz I trained with them. The rate of passing is also very slim, a bit like pilot selection but of course, less stringent. You need to go through Jungle survival and also Heli-Evac training, where you need to be blindfolded on a simulated up-side down heli that drop into a 5m pool, then swim out....you might not even pass medical assessment, I recommend donít waste time.
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I (19F) got diagnosed with moderate asthma last year, and i had bronchitis when im 17. the problem is my specialist dont even know even if i had asthma before that but not discovered or developed after bronchitis.

Another main problem is i really want to sign on and be an Aircrew with the Air Force, if not, Navy i guess(?)

But with my health like this, im really losing hope, especially with the fact that one of the trigger is exercise-induce as well. I had a check and my current pes status is B4.

Currently, i tries to run a few times a week, do push up and stuffs and is under controlled. But as you know, its a whole new complete level if im inside. Training is tough and i might not cope. As time goes by, my lungs would get weaker if my lungs is not strong enough.

(For those who have asthma and is serving the nation, may i know how long did you guys take to improve your lung condition from your initial asthma range and what do you guys did to improve it? Eg, how long does it take for you guys to improve your lungs condition from moderate/severe to mild/borderline?

Also, is getting diagnosed at 18/19 consider as childhood or adult asthma? If adult, what is the chances of recovery?)

Anyone, please give any advice or stories to share please??? :< anyone from Medical Corps or has any knowledge? please help...
Do you yourself know what sure what is the required PES status for Aircrew?

I tried looking at SAF website and I don't see a required PES status for Aircrew: https://www.mindef.gov.sg/oms/rsaf/c...icers/acs.html

Don't give up hope!
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