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Aftershock PC 15-12-2012 02:13 PM

Thank you for the support and kind words Chevalier. It is much appreciated :)

AFTERSHOCKPC 20-12-2012 03:37 AM


Originally Posted by alex10019 (Post 72317326)
Hi... This deal still available??

Hi Alex,

Yes, this deal is still Available (and has actually been improved with additional Christmas Freebies.)

We've finished revamping our website (new website, titan has been added, new prices, and a huge amount of changes to our service and support (for the better of course) which we will detail here shortly.)

Aftershock PC 20-12-2012 11:07 PM

AFTERSHOCK Christmas Deals
New Chirstmas deals are here! (Plantronics GAMECOM 780 AND TT-ESPORTS Theron bundles are still Avaliable)

We've adjusted all our prices, along with the following:

Free Home Delivery - Not from a courier, but by OUR AFTERSHOCK Specialists! AFTERSHOCK is all about personalized service.

Warranty Plan - On-site service for all existing customers is now avaliable.

Maintainence and service upgrades!- Free system cleaning, thermal repasting for all our users. Mailing list for Driver updates and performance boost tips.

0 DEAD PIXELS - If any AFTERSHOCK system has a dead pixel within the first 30 days, we will simply swap it out for a new one. We are EXTREMELY proud of our TOP grade screens.

Head down to our showroom to not just look at the systems, but actually test them on any of the latest games or apps . The deals are not just limited to these, but more , based on configuration and specifications :)

Aftershock PC 21-12-2012 11:04 AM

plextor m5 pro ssds
Testing out the Plextor M5 PRO 256GB, now avalaible with AFTERSHOCK laptops. Will be doing some interesting Raid 0 setups. here are the scores for a single drive with the 1.02 Firmware.


chaozzzsg 21-12-2012 03:52 PM

I personally recommended anyone who wanna get a gaming laptop to check them out.

Best service ever, and did their best to resolve whatever issue I have!!!! playing FC3 at max setting @ 30-45fps...LOL!!!

Aftershock PC 22-12-2012 01:44 AM

Thanks Chaozzzsg. Its our pleasure:) Enjoy the system! . We're benching some of the raid0 setups with plextor m5 x 2 from our users, and the results have been stunning. Will be posting the benchmarks here :)

xiaozdk 25-12-2012 01:45 AM

A dream come true
When i first embarked on a long and tedious quest to choose my first gaming/multimedia laptop, i was fazed
by the literal sea of options which the computer industry had to offer. Indeed, there were literally hundreds,
or maybe even thousands of options to choose from, from the likes of dell (xps and alienware), toshiba (qosmio),
MSI, Sager and Asus, just to name a few. Pricey tags aside, what really daunted me in the beginning, was the fact
that these machines were not only bulky and thick, but also had dismal battery capacities.

After trawling through countless web pages and forums, i narrowed down my options to either the Sager np9150,
the Alienware m15x, or the MSI ge60 series. After some serious consideration, i pinpointed the sager np9150 as
my most viable option, due to its discreet looks, and reasonable graphics performance.

Just as i was about to place my order on the Mucro Asia website, a post on hardwarezone Singapore caught my eye.
On that particular discussion thread (on sager laptops), a user mentioned a "similar, yet distinctively unique" (not really the exact quote :D, i cant really remember what it exactly said)
local (Singaporean) brand, which marketed themselves as a custom gaming notebook company. The first emotion/thought
which crossed my mind was that of skepticism, followed by a shadow of doubt. After all, how could a newly established,
home grown brand hope to compete against the likes of multinational tech giants such as Dell, Sager and MSI?

The answer: dedicated customer service, and a vast, comprehensive array of laptop customization options.

My first experience with the aftershock staff left me with a pleasant impression overall. The staff (Marcus, Joe and Zen)
are helpful, knowledgeable and eager to help. They gave me valuable advice on the various components of the laptops, and
their own personal opinions and choices. This really helped me (a self professed tech rookie) to make an informed decision.
Compared to mainstream laptop salesmen, these folks are really interested in what they do. Rather than pushing and pressurizing
consumers to purchase their brand in order to maximize profits, these people give their all in passing on sound advice to
customers, and help customers achieve the best price/performance ratio (even if it means recommending a competitor's product)
The passion which unites them in their hobby is the very same passion which drives us gamers; the passion to excel and succeed.

The laptops have superb build quality, and offer a wide array of graphic processing units, from the intermediate nvidia gtx660m, to the
enthusiast level gt680m gtx SLI and the amd 7970 crossfire. Likewise, the cpu (central processing unit), wireless card, ram, storage drives,
disc drive, screens and even the thermal paste, which regulates the core temperatures of the laptop are also customisable, with a wide
array of options.

In the end, i settled for an Aftershock XM17, with the following specs:

3rd generation intel ivy bridge core i7-3720QM
CORSAIR VENGENCE 16GB DDR3 1600mhz ram (as an afterthought, though 8gb was reccomended, i decided to go with the 16gb option instead, as means
of future proof my system)
IC Diamond thermal compund CPU+GPU
Hard drive 1 (storing my boot drive) PLEXTOR M5 PRO 256GB SSD
Hard Drive 2 (for mass storage) western digital black scorpio 750GB 7200RPM HDD
17.3 inch FHD Premium Matte LED display (1920x1080), 72% colour gamut
WI-FI Bluetooth: intel wireless N Advanced 6235 + Bluetooth combo card
Windows 7 home premium x64

during the system build phase after i placed my order on the aftershock website, i literally messaged the aftershock team every
single day on their website, badgering them for news on my laptop which was being built. Despite my nagging tendencies, as well as over-eager
streak, the staff at aftershock answered every single one of my questions almost instantaneously, and kept me well informed as to the progress
of building. I especially feel that Marcus deserves special mention here, as he unfailingly attended to every single one of my requests, no
matter how whimsical or insignificant they were, from requesting changes in my order, to ensuring that my favorite programmes would run
smoothly on the laptop.

Having just taken delivery of my laptop on Christmas eve, i have since been playing with it, and enjoying every second on this fantastic machine.

the system, on the plextor m5 pro runs as smooth as butter, with literally no hiccups. boot time is roughly 12-13 seconds on win 7, which makes
it great for both school and home usage. The nvidia 660m GTX scored an average of 2680 on the 3d mark11 benchmark, and runs most games smoothly on
medium-high settings (and of course, ultra for games like cod). Though it may not live up to top end gaming laptops like the
Alienware m17x or aftershock's very own dual-gpu aftershock titan, it is more than enough for a student like me, who plays the occasional
battlefield or call of duty game with friends.

all in all, factoring in the impeccable, near flawless customer service, as well as high quality notebooks which aftershock produces,
this company is indeed worthy of praise, and has earned itself a loyal customer. :)

Demented 28-12-2012 10:02 AM

Collected my XM17 on the 22nd Dec and have been pretty happy with my system ever since. :D

Aftershock PC 28-12-2012 10:37 PM

thank you :)
Thanks for the compliments guys.

On a side note.something long overdue : Plextor 128gb raid 0 setup on one of our user's xm17s.


gigigigi 28-12-2012 10:52 PM

awww... if only you guys already started last year when I was looking for a laptop. Anyway, will give you guys a try when its time to replace my laptop. Wish you all a great success,

Aftershock PC 29-12-2012 10:21 AM

Hi gigigi, thank you for your support! Do let me know if you have any questions or inquiries. will be happy to help :)

Somangel 02-01-2013 08:15 PM

Highly recommended!
I have nothing but praises for Aftershock through my entire buying experience with them. Understand in reading the forums, that there are many existing testimonials to both their service and products,I will present my own recommendations through a summary of them and include any personal accounts where applicable.

1) Great Service (not just good.. but GREAT!)
Aftershock is a local brand that stands upon its awesome service.
From pre-sales (prompt replies to online enquiries, great advice to the needs of the customer at times even at the expense of higher profits), to post- sales (any gaming issues or hardware encounters, they would be there to assist. Just call them and bring your laptop down.), their service is way beyond those that I have seen even from the biggest brands and is a quality I reckon that any Singaporean can finally be proud of.

My personal encounter is nothing short of the above. Had a great chat with Marcus, Joe and Zen through the selection, built and collection process for my X15. I even had after-sales experience first hand (not to say their built quality is bad, just that some inevitable issues do happen. Most imptly is the way they had managed the aftersales service) when I encountered some built and software issues after collection. And I must say, they are over the top!

After bringing in my X15 for some lighting issues on the keyboard, they had promised to look into it immediately and constantly apologising over it (Zen had also promptly called me at New Year's Eve just 5min after I dropped them an email on it on the same day!). They were also willing to change the entire keyboard at no additional cost! Most customers can testify that in purchasing products, the grievances and angst are usually not over the fault of the product but the after-sales experience they had. Aftershock have provide such an amazing experience that had earned themselves many faithful customers.

2) Good product built
I must admit that I have my doubts initially towards a custom gaming rig that has almost "no known brand name" especially when I have been eyeing Alienware for the longest of time. However, this changed when I went to the shop/showroom to witness myself the products available there. The quality is nothing short of those you can imagine getting from big brands. And seeing the commitment of the aftershock team in building the rig gives you assurances that quality control is top notch. I would strongly recommend anyone who have doubts on the built to go to the shop/showroom for a look. It may or may not convince you, but I must point out that pictures do not do the rigs justice. Visiting the shop is also a pleasant experience for me, as I encountered no pressure nor obligation forced upon me by the Aftershock team.

For those who like aesthetics, the current shell may be "plain" at sight. But Aftershock has already established some alternative shells for the X11 and is looking into these alternative shells already for the X15. Thus it is only a matter of time when the designs will be updated. Having said that, it does not mean that the current shell is weak aesthetically. I actually like the simplicity of it as it does not attract too much attention. Loving the rubberized feel as well. Cant really imagine if I am to make a presentation to my clients with an Alienware if I am ever force to give a presentation on my gaming laptop.

3) Amazing product gaming capabilities @ affordable prices
Even though I gotten myself a X15 which is truly a gaming beast (all my games are running finally in the highest settings!!), I was blown away actually when I saw their X11. For an 11" laptop to run pretty recent games requiring pretty high requirements is truly amazing.
Just go to the shop/showroom to have a look.. When I saw several gamers playing at the LAN shop area, I was imagining big desktop rigs for the gaming machines.. Boy was I pleasantly surprise when I found all of them were X11s hooked up to external monitors! And the gameplay was smooth like crisp.. With the X11 being that powerful, the bigger rigs will truly be even more powerful (of course variation comes also with the items chosen for the customization). For such gaming prowess, the pricing is certainly much more affordable than big brands. I can guarantee that with the same built they are offering, bigger brands are commanding 10-20% more on the price.

4) Refreshable parts
Prior to setting into my order for the X15, I had contacted Marcus a few times in HWZ asking about possibility of upgrading parts in the future. I was thinking mostly of the graphics card given that they are quickly overtaken by higher gaming demands. Marcus gave assurances that these parts are certainly upgradable and if it permits, even the entire motherboard and screen can be swapped. Thus I did not just gotten myself a customized gaming laptop, but one that offers renewability over the long run at affordable prices. I am certainly looking forward to swap a display that is touch screen to enhance my experience with windows 8 (hope to hear more of it soon Marcus!)

Disclaimer: I would just like to say that I am completely not affiliated to Aftershock nor do I gain any benefits from them for providing recommendations. Like most forumers, I gotten to know them largely from praises and recommendations in the forum as well as their facebook page.
The actual game changer that made me settled with Aftershock is my personal experience I had throughout the entire pre-sales to post-sales process. On this note, I would also like to express my personal thanks to Marcus, Joe and Zen for such a pleasant experience (oh thanks for the mouse too! My gf is loving it!). You guys are certainly amazing. Kudos to all of you! You have certainly gained another satisfied and faithful customer!

austy 07-01-2013 12:13 PM

Hi there,

By the look of the positive feedbacks given I do feel that AfterShock indeed a good place to have your customizied laptop build. But I do have concerns of its history, given that it only been setup just nine months. What can we see it's future in the coming years? At SLS we seen a lot of dealers in and out from there. Did ppl who reviewed it notice this? I do not wanna get a 5K Titan upgraded to 3 years warranty and only to find out that this company is no longer around in the next 2 years (touchwood). And now we are talking about laptops, not desktops. That would really give me a "After Shock".

I am not trying to give negative review on them, but I do have my concerns. Maybe AfterShock could give us a forecast of their future plans or something like that.


spinning_quirK 09-01-2013 02:33 PM


Originally Posted by austy (Post 72977358)
Hi there,

By the look of the positive feedbacks given I do feel that AfterShock indeed a good place to have your customizied laptop build. But I do have concerns of its history, given that it only been setup just nine months. What can we see it's future in the coming years?

If more satisfied customers pass the name cards around, there shouldn't be a problem.


At SLS we seen a lot of dealers in and out from there. Did ppl who reviewed it notice this?
SLS rental is daylight robbery (that's why level 1 shops rob you in return).


I do not wanna get a 5K Titan upgraded to 3 years warranty and only to find out that this company is no longer around in the next 2 years (touchwood).
Valid concern, of course.


Maybe AfterShock could give us a forecast of their future plans or something like that.
Might not want to divulge too much info for nearest competitors to capitalise upon.

James Tang 10-01-2013 06:59 AM


Originally Posted by spinning_quirK (Post 73037887)

Might not want to divulge too much info for nearest competitors to capitalise upon.

Yeah, some competitors might use the info to counter their strategy. This is a no-no for any businesses.

@austy: Your concerns are definitely valid

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