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lets share hw our love affair wf Linux started

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Old 18-06-2010, 11:29 PM   #106
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Well, I think I heard of the word "Linux" back in secondary sch with a friend who did some programming in his spare time. Back then, the most well known distribution is Red Hat, so I downloaded and tried it. Well, I was still very young back then.. so didnt really appreciate it much. Didnt do much on it.

But now, it's a different thing. I'm still relatively noob at it, but over these ... 6 years or so that I didnt use Linux, the open source community and technology in general improved quite a lot. I decided to do some programming again and naturally, my previous experience on Linux just made me realize that it's the ONLY RIGHT WAY to do it. And because of my rustiness, I chose Ubuntu as a starting point. Moved on to Arch and Fedora after a few months.

Linux is just so much simpler, just not as user friendly for some distributions and when it comes to obscure hardware, eg. wireless devices, but it's getting better and better, especially with the Internet's explosive growth. Emacs, vi, gcc, with perl, python automatically installed. Powerful package management systems and frontends (apt, yum, pacman, etc) to resolve dependencies and make installing software as easy as typing a few commands. And some of the best software you can get!

For some reason, I think it's a love / hate relationship. If someone has really experienced the power of Linux, he'll probably be stuck with it forever. Open source simply empowers people. The guru can customize all that he wants, beginners can use a more friendly distribution while building up their knowledge. Suitable abstractions to mask complexity (package managers, guis, etc), while giving one the power to go under the hood (it's open source).
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Old 25-08-2010, 02:41 PM   #107
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My father is 70 this year and I helped him install Win7. After a few days the OS screwed up everything. He got mad and saw I was using Linux Mint 8. Was very interested. He did videos and music for church so I installed Ubuntu Studio.

Now he likes his US system. I don't know about those who don't want to switch. But I think it comes if you have an attitude to progress and improve. Even at 70 and if there is a new open source OS out there, even you can make the switch.

Now I dunno if he will return me the OEM Win7 installation DVD. I can sell it for some money.
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Old 27-09-2010, 11:19 PM   #108
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we used linux for our servers in office. hence forced to use Linux. slowly all my PCs at home installed with Linux. more stable and must faster than windows
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Old 14-10-2010, 11:27 AM   #109
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I dreamt of a penguin it talked to me and told me to use Linux and here I am.
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Old 18-02-2011, 08:39 PM   #110
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for me... i heard all the good stuff about ubuntu... how fast it is and easy to use too... plus i was getting sick of vista... couldn't downgrade to winxp... but didn't wanted to spend $$$ to buy win7... so decided to try out ubuntu by burning bootable CD... was so impressed how (fast) it booted from CD... that i decided to install it to try... since it's likely to be even faster...

started off installing ubuntu on 2GB thumbdrive... because (1) i wanted to try it out w/o affecting my existing vista partitions and (2) i have too much junk and couldn't free up partition space for ubuntu... and (3) i had an unused 2GB thumbdrive... which is kinda useless since i have larger thumbdrive already for ordinary use... that time ubuntu 9.10 was the latest... tried installing but hitting problems fitting on 2GB thumbdrive... later tried xubuntu 9.10 and had no problems fitting on the thumbdrive... liked it alot... with the speed... and it meets most of my needs...

when ubuntu 10.04 LTS released... found that xubuntu 10.04 couldn't fit on my 2GB thumbdrive either... but the installer clearly can fit on a single CD!! so i thought there MUST be a way to fit on 2GB thumbdrive... went internet search and found my answer... squashfs and unionfs... and by installing on 8GB thumbdrive first... after squashfs and unionfs to reduce disk usage to less than 2GB... use resize2fs to reduce partition size to 2GB and dd to transport it to the 2GB thumbdrive... and after that i found that ubuntu 10.04 works better than xubuntu - which i experienced some weird bugs that i couldn't find a solution.. and it became my default bootup mode for months...

having my ubuntu on 2GB thumbdrive has another advantage too.. i could easily backup the entire USB image and experiment witih tweaking the OS... if i break anything... all i need to do is to restore entire image...

then one day i decided to clean up garbage on my hard disk to clear up partition space for ubuntu... because i'm so hooked to ubuntu that i wanted to install several things like wine and vmware but i just don't have space on 2GB thumbdrive even with squashfs... so i did it and now i'm using ubuntu 10.04 off my HDD...


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Old 12-06-2011, 01:28 AM   #111
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one word. "Work"

strangely i dont use linux at home. instead switched to OSX. haha

Windows is still needed for the games la thou.
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Old 21-06-2011, 05:19 PM   #112
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It really encourages innovation.I just love Linux because it's free.
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Old 23-06-2011, 03:01 PM   #113
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Old 24-06-2011, 11:32 AM   #114
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my love affair with linux started in college, circa year 2000. It was still very manual back then, since we are installing it on underpowered servers. It was all a commandline affair, from installation, to configuration, to installing PostgreSQL and Apache + PHP. I loved linux as a server OS, but never as a desktop. Back then, I felt I am more productive in an NT machine than in a linux one.

Fast forward to 2006, after 2 years in MacOS X and the rest of my days in XP, I landed a job with a company that was so very much into open source. We were encouraged to use Linux although we also had Windows XP licenses for those who can't live without it. I decided to continue my love affair with linux, but this time, on
the desktop. Glad to say I am now more productive in a linux machine than with Mac OS X and any M$ operating systems. I guess it had something to do with knowing your tools intimately than in those other OS.

After my move to Singapore, I had to make do with the windows xp that our company currently installs in our machine. Can't do anything about it as our IT is
so M$ centric. All I can do is bitch and whine about it but at the end of the day, I had to learn to live with it.

<rant> ... windows XP is the house of pain for programmers ... </rant>

Or maybe for programmers who've tasted other development systems.

I cut my teeth in Linux so I'm used to programming tools that can be extended until it can blow up the world. And that is what I miss.

Oh well. No worries, I'm getting my Lenovo Thinkpad T420 next month, and the first priority is to install Linux into it. Ah, what sweet thought!!!!!!!!!
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Old 16-04-2016, 12:27 AM   #115
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Linux in the beginning is the internet's os, er, rather, it is the os that is developed on the internet spearheaded by Linus with perhaps 100s of other very talented (top notch: MIT, UCB etc) developers / builders chipping in, it keep growing until it finally become an ecosystem, today a mutant of that runs in every android (phones, tablets, devices) - if every phone is a system, probably a globally largest installed o/s. it seemed to be also the os which the fastest supercomputers runs on today


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Old 18-07-2017, 03:13 PM   #116
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I got exposed to linux at the tender age of 10 via my dad's tinkering with his home PC...one fine day I found out I couldn't play any games on the computer. But I found it "cool", since it wasn't mainstream.

Fast forward to secondary school; played around with RedHat 4 on the school computers, and a bit of Fedora in poly. The early exposure to linux helped a lot for one of my poly modules where we had to telnet (this was before security concerns forced everyone to use ssh) into a school server (IIRC it was an old Sun server, not sure what model & OS exactly) to write a shell script as aschool assignment. Most of my poly friends did their assignment in school overnight because they had no idea you can dual-boot a nix-based OS on your school laptop and do the assignment at home (the Sun server was only accessible on-campus). So I was the only bright-eyed kid in school on submission day, when everyone else had eyebags.

After graduation, i started to get exposed to linux more and more, due to perhaps the nature of changing jobs quickly (and partially due to the rise of the iPhone).
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Old 20-07-2017, 05:35 PM   #117
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Linux total newbie here and I am not trying to be low-profile. I am very new to linux environment. Started to know about linux in university but never actually took any interest back then. When I started to work with servers and web development, I began to know about linux more and fell in love with it. Stability & security are 2 main things that make me fall in love with Linux. And...it's free!

The fact that I use mac at home helps me in getting familiar with the terminal command in Linux.

One more thing that makes me like Linux is the open-source nature. I would have less worry with licensing issue and there are much more support to the apps on the internet. Although, some of the paid apps from mac do look more beautiful.
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