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Braless at home..

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Old 31-10-2018, 06:21 PM   #1
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Braless at home..

If your young daughter opts for being braless at home and your wife dont give a damn... should you as a Daddy voice out?
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Old 31-10-2018, 06:25 PM   #2
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Or as a mummy. To what extent is unacceptable even though you yourself goes braless at home... double standards to scold your daughters?
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Old 31-10-2018, 06:34 PM   #3
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If your young daughter opts for being braless at home and your wife dont give a damn... should you as a Daddy voice out?
what you gonna say when your daughter say her mother your wife can why she cannot...

My friend ever told me he had an ex gf always only wear bra and panties at home even when her dad's around...imagine that!
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Old 06-11-2018, 06:24 PM   #4
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Of course. I will say mai beh kan la. If want go nude. Braless where got song? On a serious note i do have a friend who told me she and her sister walk around topless at home since young. Their dad see since young.
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Old 07-11-2018, 01:16 AM   #5
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I don't think the correct way is to tell the girl going braless is wrong.

But it should be more of creating a home where the girl understands and respects where the boundaries are and at the same time how she can trust her own judgement when to and not to wear a bra.

Not wearing a bra doesn't mean she has "slutty" intentions but rather that she trusts the people in the home enough to feel comfortable.

Lets says if the concern is because she has a male sibling and your concern is that the brother is rather bothered or distracted by her bralessness.

Either you tell the brother to control himself, and understand that after all she is his sister and understand what a female body is and that he should respect it.

For the girl, as long she feels comfy it is ok. But if lets say you are uncomfortable her remaining braless if there is a male guest. Maybe you should voice out with the mom your concerns.

Again, I don't think the concerns should focus more about her body and that she is cheapening herself. But more of that some guest do have different belief systems and may view your bralessness differently than the family does.

I am not promoting nudity. But in some European families, they usually make it a non-issue for the family to see each other naked. They just see it as everybody's body is just like it is, and that there shouldn't be inappropriate thoughts when seeing a family member naked. I believe this actually forms a closer family bonding and openness that would lead to easier communications within the family.
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Old 07-11-2018, 09:38 PM   #6
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A big can of worms potentially... but as we progress in terms of mentality..i guess. It all boils down to basic human rights... to wear a bra or not..
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Old 09-11-2018, 01:13 AM   #7
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Why are u restricting your girls going braless at home?
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Old 10-11-2018, 03:42 PM   #8
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I used to always wear bra at home...

Then after dating for 3yrs ... Less so... Only when there are male guests (other than bf) around.

I do recall an incident in jc, where my cca was mainly gals - with 1 guy (but I think he dropped out of the cca). We were having like a discussion... Something along the line of sharing similarities when one of the gals burst out "who also never wear bra at home"... Rest of us a bit stunned haha... We went "only you..."

Nowadays, own home also don't wear bra, but at least wore clothes la.

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Old 11-11-2018, 12:40 PM   #9
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Well. Guess to each his/ her own... ultimately must be comfortable...
Parents must be careful not to exhibit double standards...
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Old 11-11-2018, 10:56 PM   #10
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Cheah! Sometimes I walk nakedless at home too

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Old 12-11-2018, 10:04 AM   #11
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Me too!
Look at me! Look at me! :}
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Old 16-11-2018, 10:16 AM   #12
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I always walking around like dat - curtain close ofcos
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Old 24-11-2018, 12:01 PM   #13
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I always half naked at home
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Old 27-12-2018, 12:14 PM   #14
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Just completed my ask-arounds... yup. Apparently going braless is super common at homes... No big deal... heard feedback that even Malays dont mind... well...
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Old 28-12-2018, 09:56 AM   #15
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Don't wear bra and let it grow. No wonder all sinkies small boobs coz their father make then weak at home.

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