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mummy1234 09-01-2020 06:56 PM

My previous maid found work in Russia on her own devices. Despite the local agency and my efforts to find her a higher paying local employer.

mummy1234 09-01-2020 06:58 PM

There r maids who found work in Europe after working here. Ultimately, they want to find a place to migrate to and bring their family over.

genie. 09-01-2020 09:56 PM

This situation probably occur more with Filipinas. I noticed Filipinos tend to think of themselves as more "Westernized" than other nationalities. They like to consider themselves as more "Americanized". Their ultimate aim is to end up in the US.

The domestic helpers from other nationalities (Indonesia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, etc) tend to be more family oriented and domesticated. They want to go home.

Callow Guy 11-01-2020 04:27 PM

If your maid chio, I will go holiday with her.. expenses i pay.. :o

mummy1234 11-01-2020 07:04 PM

Actually, really between employer and employee to negotiate.

Petslave 12-01-2020 11:19 AM

I think its up to how well your relationship/understanding is with the maid.
If you reject her request, will she bear any grudges ?

If you accept her request, will she become a different person upon her 'holiday'.

and please please do your due diligence and check your liabilities if anything happen during her holiday,

BBCWatcher 14-01-2020 11:41 AM

Would you be willing to set some rules such as these:

Home Leave Alternative Trip

1. She may travel to one third country (if you want to place a limit: within ASEAN, within X Kilometers of Singapore, list of airports...) via a licensed common carrier, with a paid return ticket back to Singapore (or a paid ticket that includes a home country stopover on the way back to Singapore), and with reasonable routing. If this fare is higher than the lowest reasonable fare for home country return travel, then she is responsible for paying the difference. If the fare is lower, then she keeps 75% of the fare savings. Ancillary carrier fees such as baggage (in excess of a minimum of one 20 Kg piece of checked baggage), seat reservations, food, drinks, and Wi-Fi are her responsibility. Other costs are also her responsibility including local ground transportation (such as taxi and local bus service), visa fees, departure taxes (that are not already included in the fare), and gratuities. Fare comparisons will be based on the lowest cost confirmed class of travel.

2. She must buy adequate travel medical insurance before departure from Singapore on her trip involving a visit to a third country. It depends on your agreed definition of "adequate," but prices start under S$20 for a 7 day trip to Thailand, for example.

3. She must make other reasonable efforts to be admissible, which includes (a) holding a confirmed reservation for a hotel or other legal, safe, and sanitary housing that she pays for, and (b) having sufficient funds to support herself during her vacation. (You might further stipulate that she must carry a low cost debit card with a certain minimum balance upon her departure from Singapore, e.g. the Revolut card, in part for safety reasons.)

4. Her third country trip must be fully compatible with ordinary tourist admission, and (as always) she must not violate any laws or regulations.

5. This alternative trip counts the same as a simple home country trip for purposes of calculating leave. No additional, exceptional home country leave will be granted for family emergencies that were known, or reasonably should have been known, at least 12 hours before alternative trip departure.

6. She is not required to accompany any member of the household on any international trip, and her refusal to do so will not be held against her in any way. However, if she voluntarily agrees to accompany one or more members of the household on an international trip, the international trip is part of her official duties and will not be counted as her leave.

Then you'd still have to decide how you'd react and what you'd do if you were to get a phone call that she's somehow in trouble in that third country. Of course getting in trouble is already a possibility within Singapore and within her home country, and presumably you trust her to use her good judgment, otherwise you wouldn't be employing her.

keenklee 16-01-2020 09:12 AM


Originally Posted by Victoria2017 (Post 124480827)
My maid has almost completed her 2-year contract. When discussing about the contract renewal, she asks if I can allow her to divide her 15-day home leave into two parts- during the first part, she will travel to resort like Thailand beach to enjoy a holiday, and during the second parts which is months later, she will return to home country for family reunion. She says her friends’ employers (who are westerners to my knowledge) allow them to do so.
I wonder if such practice is legal or not. Is there any guidelines set by MOM? Appreciate it if anyone can give me some advice

To make it simple.
Home leave is to go home.
Since she is going home at a later period, just include the existing home leave into the next contact i.e. the next contract will have two home leave.

mummy1234 17-01-2020 03:42 PM

Maids here are all the same. They will try their luck to get the easiest job with the highest pay and best benefits.

BBCWatcher 18-01-2020 05:28 PM


Originally Posted by mummy1234 (Post 124649148)
Maids here are all the same. They will try their luck to get the easiest job with the highest pay and best benefits.

Just as you will and should as a medical professional. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that!

jasperbln 20-01-2020 11:11 AM

if she does not commit any crimes during her holiday leave it should be fine

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