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Teacher caused my 7-year-old son to write suicide note in class.

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Teacher caused my 7-year-old son to write suicide note in class.

My 7-year-old son was made to think about death-and-dying by his Form Teacher Caris Seow on 18 FEB 2016. He ended up writing a suicide note at his desk in an ongoing lesson of Mathematics. He wrote on a scrap piece of paper his Form Teacher tore from her exercise book.

My 7-year-old son was grieving his grandmother's recent passing and his critically ill grandfather in hospital. After my son wrote that suicide note, 4 weeks later, his grandfather died. He was close to both his grandmother and grandfather.

The Form Teacher gave my 7-year-old son :
(i) time (ongoing Mathematics lesson),
(ii) space (at his desk in the classroom),
(iii) material (scrap paper torn from a Single Line Exercise Book),
(iv) intention (write about dying and death),
- to write a letter on 18 FEB 2016 to his grandfather in hospital right after his grandmother's death,
- causing him to momentarily want to end his life to follow his grandparents in their death,
- the immense sorrow and pain he was made to feel on his own by his Form Teacher's irresponsible action,
- at his desk he penned his suicide note,
- what is MOE's English Language syllabus for Primary 1 Term 1 February 18, 2016? Write a letter? Compose on a topic of death-and-dying?

My son did take steps to execute an attempt to end his life by :
(1) not being his normal self when he pushed his father away, told his father he wants to be alone and was unusually quiet when his father fetch him from school at 2pm;
(2) did not tell or show his parents the letter his Form Teacher told him to write, and did not want us to know about the letter. He was worried when he realized I was emptying his school bag to wash it, and was nervous when he saw me finding the letter, reading the words that was written.

When I wrote to ask about my son's suicide note on 18 FEB 2016, the Principal of Palm View Primary School, Clifford Chua Kok Yong, blame the possibility of my son's suicide on me because I said no counseling for my son.

The Principal framed a mother to have caused her son to commit suicide, when the truth is he only thought of killing himself because of what his Form Teacher did.

THE WEIGHT OF THE TRUTH in their own words - their emails dated 19 FEB, 2 MAR and 7 MAR 2016.

The Principal blatantly lied that my then 7-year-old son had suicidal thoughts because I gave instruction for him not to receive counseling. The truth is - writing a letter about your thoughts and feelings when a loved one dies, is a tool used in Grief Counseling.

In other words, my 7-year-old son received counseling against my instruction given to his Principal and Form Teacher, and under circumstances my son was made to feel at his desk because his Form Teacher told him to write a letter to his critically ill grandfather, he wrote that he wants to die to join his grandparents in afterlife.

After some email correspondence, I filed a Police Report on 30 DEC 2016. But, the ASP of Sengkang Police Post told me that they cannot investigate since my son did not die and I cannot prove if his Form Teacher had uttered words that tells people she wants him to die. Therefore, the Penal Code cannot take effect because my son did not die.

The ASP told me to take this Police Report to MOE for a reply. MOE has their own Disciplinary Committee to investigate wrongdoings of Principals and Teachers. True enough the person in-charge of North 1 Cluster Schools is a Superintendent, William Pushpam.

Unfortunately, William Pushpam said since the police is not investigating, he found nothing wrong with the school. And, prior to my Police Report, he was already biased against my son and I by saying - "In my opinion, the problem actually lies in your perception of what has happened which unfortunately, in most instances, do not tally with the good intent of the school in trying to manage the learning environment, the social-emotional state and behaviour" of my 7-year-old son.

I continued my resolve to seek justice. But, this entire 2017 Primary 2 school year, my son was maliciously, unceasingly attacked, to overturn my Police Report. Labeling him a liar, a badly behaved boy in need of counseling, and conjuring up insanity in him. I have emails to prove my son's innocence. My son is not the cause but the consequence of what his Form Teacher did to him.

Certainly, should my 8-year-old child be a liar, insane or badly misbehaving, my Police Report will be called into question. Yet, every single time, his Principal and Form Teacher are evidently the initiator, the instigator of the cause to which the effects and consequences are born by my 8-year-old child.

All these social and emotional abuses that the Form Teacher and Principal inflict on my son this year 2017, and then, simultaneously and cold-heartedly turn around, pointing their fingers at him, conjuring up insanity on a 8-year-old child. The objective? POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER (PTSD).

Blanket away the CAUSE and leave the visible EFFECT on the victim to scar them for life. The CAUSE left unknown but the EFFECT remains etched forever in the subconsciousness of the victim, an indelible EFFECT that presents itself from time to time to the victim.

All these suffering to overturn my Police Report of 30 DEC 2016 that MOE refused to investigate and continued making an innocent 7/8-year-old victim out to be a perpetrator, the problem.

I wrote to MOE, Head of Civil Service and a group of Ministers since 14 NOV 2016. I received NO RESPONSE.

Until today, the Principal and Form Teacher have not explained why a Primary 1 student in Term 1, 18 FEB 2016, was told to write a letter, when MOE syllabus only set out to teach sentence construction in Term 3 or 4? Why is a 7-year-old child made to think about death and dying alone on his own with a scrap piece of paper with multiple lines, at his desk during an ongoing unemotive Mathematics lesson?

I want answers. So long as Public Funds are used, answers are to be duly committed to me, the legal guardian of my son.

As of now, I have been too afraid for my son to send him back to school since 27 OCT 2017. What am I to do for next school year? Please help.

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I'm sorry about the passing of the grandparents, it must be a very difficult time for you and your family. This must be especially difficult for your son, who has to lose 2 important loved ones at the same time.

I can't comment much on the teacher and principal as we aren't there to know exactly what has happened but I would encourage you and family to instead focus on helping your son now then to focus on what to do to the school as that is secondary.

It is important now to seek help for your child to grief and deal with his emotions, the note is a clear sign that a professional should be roped in..

Grief is a powerful emotion and if not resolved properly, will be converted to anger.

May things turn for the better for you and family.
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school is just a center to learn and expand your knowledge. it does have a lot of influence to your child but you are the master driver of you child's future. what you can do is to talk to him properly since hes 7 , he can express already his feelings unless you and him are not close then it will be a problem.

parents are responsible for their kids until they become mature and right of age. change school if needed. spend more time with him if time permit. at this stage , its not about who is right or wrong , this can be deal later. but rather focus on ur child to bring back to normal
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I find this pretty ridiculous. The teacher had good intentions of asking your son to write down his feelings and thoughts on paper for his grandfather. We as adult, do that sometimes. We may feel better after pouring out your feelings on paper - hence the existence of journals and diaries.

From what little you have explained, the teacher did not instigate your son to think about suicide, in no way did she mention to him about killing himself. It makes me wonder how you taught and spoke to your child about death and dying. What if he mentioned that he wanted to join his grandparents, while you were teaching about what death really is? Does that mean that you instigated him to commit suicide? No. End of story.
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